Why does my zvox soundbar keep turning off? Resolved For Clear Dialouge updated 2023

It is common for soundbars to turn off when they cannot detect audio signals. It can be caused by a faulty cable, loose connections, or a low-volume setting. We are here to sort out this topic; why does my zvox soundbar keep turning off? The soundbar will start counting down to turn off if a weak audio signal comes into it.

There is an ‘Auto Standby’ feature on all ZVOX speakers that automatically turns off the soundbar after 20 minutes of receiving no audio signal. When there is a weak audio signal on some televisions, the soundbar may turn off in the middle of a program.

Here are the steps you need to follow to stop this issue if you encounter it.

You should not reduce the volume if you connect your soundbar to your TV via a 3.5 mm cable.

  • Power consumption: In power-saving mode, soundbars are logged in. Whenever the soundbar does not receive an input signal or is not used within 15 minutes, it will stop working; The device will be turned off. As this feature ensures less power consumption, it cannot be alerted.
  • Low volume level: The sound bar may be unable to detect the source of the signal if the volume is too low or if the input signal is too low.
  • Weak connection: A loose connection may cause your soundbar to shut down.
  • No AUX input: The soundbar will shut off if no input button is pressed for 8 hours when using an AUX input.
  • Faulty cable: An optical cable might be defective, resulting in the soundbar not connecting.
  • Set-top box: Soundbars connected to disc players or set-top boxes may enter sleep mode if the sound is low. To solve this issue, increase the volume as much as you can.
  •  Defective soundbar: There may be a technical problem with your soundbar, or it may have worn out over time. You may want to contact a technician if none of the remedies work.

Fixing a Zvox soundbar that randomly shuts off

Soundbars that randomly shut off can be fixed by turning up the volume and ensuring all cords are securely attached.

Fixing the problem: steps to follow

  • Turn off your energy-saving mode if your soundbar doesn’t receive a signal after fifteen minutes or more. You can use this feature to reduce the power consumption of your device.
  • Your soundbar will turn off if the signal volume is too low when connected to a set-top box. The soundbar volume should be adjusted by setting the set-top box volume to maximum.
  • If your soundbar is connected to any audio out connection or TV headphones, try setting the audio result to external from the sound settings of your TV. Try increasing your TV’s sound level if you cannot locate this function.
  • Press the power button after 15 minutes of inactivity to wake up your soundbar.
  • Your soundbar may suffer from something more severe if none of the above solutions work for you. Getting help from a technician may be a good idea.

What can I do to prevent my soundbar from turning off automatically?

In Stand-by mode, the sound bar automatically shuts off after 15 minutes without an input signal.  Sound bars can be woken up in the following ways:

  • Press the power button if the speaker went into standby mode because of inactivity for a specified period. 
  • The sound bar could be brought back to life by simply pressing its power button if it went into standby mode due to a power surge or power cut.
  • Please try increasing the sound bar’s volume if the red light does not blink and the orange/white optical light is solid. You can also switch sources and return to the original if this doesn’t work. The problem should now be resolved.

ZVOX Sound Bar Remote Learning Procedure


If your soundbar suddenly turns off, there could be several reasons. One of which is that the soundbar isn’t plugged in correctly, and the second thing is if you’re having problems with your zvox soundbar is to check for a loose connection. If that’s not it, it’s time to open up your soundbar and look under it. If you find something under there that needs to be fixed, then go ahead and fix it.

The above section provides many options to solve this problem; why does my zvox soundbar keep turning off? It is possible that your soundbar has some defects or is internally damaged if none of the solutions resolve your issue permanently. You might want to consider contacting a technician to fix the problem for you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my ZVOX sound bar?

ZVOX Audio

Hold the Input button for about 15 seconds, and the display will read “rst.” Release the button, and the speaker will reboot.

How do you reset a ZVOX AV157?

Reset AV155 and AV157

Hold down the ZVOX remote’s OTHER SETTINGS (PS) button for five seconds until you see “PS 0” flash on the screen. Select PS-15 with the volume UP and DOWN arrow buttons on the remote once “PS 0” begins flashing on display.

What is the code for ZVOX soundbar?

When the Power key flashes red twice, press and hold the OK and Menu buttons. 2. Let go of those buttons and type “23913” 3.

Why does my LG soundbar keep turning itself off?

The unit will automatically turn off if it has not been connected to an external device for 20 minutes and is unused. The team will turn off when the AUTO POWER ON/OFF function is turned off.

How do I adjust my ZVOX soundbar?

The ZVOX speaker is turned on by pressing the POWER button on its remote control. It should be possible to hear the TV sound through the ZVOX speaker. The ZVOX speaker’s remote control has volume buttons that you can use to adjust the volume. Now you’re done!

How good is Zvox?

Review by a top critic

In addition to improving the clarity of speech in movies, the Zvox 155 dampens the overlapped music and sound effects of modern film, especially the bass – all while maintaining excellent sound quality – from the audio output of my TV and DVD/Blu-ray players.

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