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Do your Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down, Is this a problem, and if so, what should you do about it?

When you own a Vizio soundbar, you might encounter the annoying problem of lights flickering. And when this problem occurs, it usually means your system is not working. So what does the flashing light on the Vizio soundbar mean?

The flashing lights on a Vizio sound bar might be caused by a number of things, including incorrect settings, audio sources, or incorrect use.

We will look at the most common causes of these problems and how to fix them based on the flashing lights and their behavior.

Vizio soundbar lights flash up and down randomly. Why?

If something is wrong with your Vizio sound bar, it flashes as a warning. This is an indication that you have an issue that needs attention. Here are some possible issues:

  1. Bluetooth connection error
  2. There is a problem with the audio input signal
  3. A corrupted or bad setting
  4. A sound bar that is in demo mode in a store.

Vizio soundbar lights flickering: how do I fix it?

Here are some quick fixes you can try to resolve the lights flickering issue on your Vizio soundbar:

Your soundbar’s Bluetooth connection needs to be repaired

You will be notified if your soundbar detects an error in the Bluetooth connection. The error may be caused by a mismatched device or some other problem that interferes with the connection.

It is necessary to press and hold the Bluetooth button for about five seconds in order to resolve the issue.

 A flashing light will indicate that the sound bar is in pairing mode.

It stops flashing once connected to a device.

If any settings have been changed previously, remove them.

Your Vizio soundbar’s white lights are blinking? Your settings may be incorrect. A recent change in your system settings is likely to cause the problem.

Try turning off the soundbar first and then turning it back on again to solve the problem. The system will be restarted, which may correct some faulty parameters. It may be necessary to manually change the settings if this method does not work.

Change the settings you made last time. Check all the settings, fix any problems you find, and try again if it still doesn’t work.

Reset the audio input settings

Vizio Soundbar LEDs

Depending on which input source is selected, the indicator lights will light up. Image: Vizio

The input LED section of your Vizio soundbar may be blinking because of an audio input error. This occurs when the input parameters change for some reason.

Therefore, the sound bar cycles through all inputs to find where the sound source is connected, causing the entry lights section to flash.

This problem can be resolved by resetting the input parameters. Press and hold the “Enter” and “Volume Up” buttons simultaneously for approximately five seconds.

For the soundbar, choose an audio source.

Exit store demo mode

Your Vizio soundbar may also flash because it is in demo mode, which disables most functions for use in stores.

As a result, if your sound bar is stuck in demo mode, it may react by flashing its lights.

Fortunately, you can easily exit the mode by using your remote control or mobile app’s menu settings. If none of these options are available, you can use the hard buttons to exit the mode.

During this process, press and hold the Bluetooth and Input buttons simultaneously for about five seconds. Repeat the process if the LED lights only blink once – if they blink four times, stop.

Reset the soundbar

Are your soundbar’s lights still flashing? You can then try resetting the system. You can reset any Vizio soundbar by following this guide.

The soundbar will be reset to factory settings, and after resetting will remove all settings and preferences.

Press and hold the Volume down and Bluetooth buttons at the same time to reset your Vizio soundbar. Release them after about five seconds.

Resetting will stop the flashing of the indicator lights. Once the soundbar has been restarted, the process is complete.


You can try some of the solutions above if the Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down. There is a guarantee that these methods will solve most of your system’s problems.

Please contact Vizio customer service if the problem persists.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Vizio soundbar blinking up and down?

There could be a wrong setting, a loose connection, or a system error causing your Vizio soundbar to blink up and down. Your soundbar may also be in demo mode, which is more likely if only the volume buttons work. Sometimes, however, the device may be in pairing mode.

What do the lights mean on my Vizio soundbar?

The blinking lights on Vizio soundbars can happen for a number of reasons. The most common cause is incorrect settings, which result in a malfunctioning system. Issues with audio sources or operating the soundbar in the wrong mode could also cause the flashing lights.

How do I reset Vizio soundbar?

Your VIZIO soundbar will be reset to its original factory settings if you perform a factory reset. All 12 LEDs will flash three times after pressing and holding the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons at the same time for five seconds.

How do I fix my Vizio soundbar problem?

You can power on your Sound Bar by unplugging the power cord, holding down the power button for 5 seconds, then reconnecting the power cable and turning it on.

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