An expert’s guide to Vizio soundbar equalizer settings 2023

Vizio soundbars allow you to adjust the audio settings for better sound quality. You can adapt some Vizio soundbar equalizer settings to get the audio to fit your taste.

Music, movies, and your taste in sound can influence your choice. Some people prefer bass-heavy sounds, while others prefer crystal clear sounds with little or no bass.

You will find some tips here that will help you improve the sound quality of your Vizio soundbar.

What are equalizer settings?

The equalizer controls your treble and bass levels. According to your preferences or your media requirements, you can use these settings to enhance sound. If you adjust the equalizer settings, your soundbar will play perfectly for optimal sound.

An expert's guide to Vizio soundbar equalizer settings 2023

Today’s soundbars have equalizer settings you can adjust.

 Several mobile applications available on our phones can help us determine the best levels for our space. If you like, you can adjust the settings by ear since sound is sometimes a matter of taste. Using your user manual will assist you in quickly and easily equalizing your Soundbar.

Equalizer Settings on Vizio soundbar

The Vizio Soundbar is a great way to enjoy your favorite media. The equalizer settings allow you to customize the sound to your preferences, whether it be a movie, music, or sports. Use the preset EQ mode to optimize the sound for different content.

The equalizer settings are accessed by pressing the EQ button on the remote control and then choosing a preset or setting a custom setting. You can also use these settings to adjust specific sounds, such as dialogue and music.

Equalizer Settings step by step

A few preset modes are available in the graphic Equalizer, and you can adjust them.

To create a custom mode.

Here are the steps to select a preset audio mode:

1. Use the remote to select MENU. A menu will appear on the screen.

2. To highlight Audio and Video, use the remote’s Arrow buttons

Click OK. You will see the AUDIO menu.

3. Press OK after highlighting Equalizer with the Arrow buttons.

A screen with equalizer settings and Audio Mode appears.

4. Click the Left Arrow button and Right Arrow button to select a sound

mode. The equalizer bars adjust accordingly.

5. Use your remote to select EXIT.

Here are some tips to improve and equalize your soundbar settings

  • Soundbar Dimensions

Get a large soundbar if you haven’t already done so. You should be able to produce a room-filling, bass-rich sound from it. Here are the steps you can follow if you already own a soundbar.

  • Turn OFF TV’s Speakers

If your Vizio soundbar is playing audio, you do not need TV speakers. As you are already using surround sound, you will not enjoy it if the TV is also playing audio.

  • A surround sound system

Even though soundbars cannot produce authentic surround sound, this feature significantly improves audio quality. However, it may not appeal to everyone.

 Can turn on the effect, and if it causes worse audio, you can turn it off. However, the majority of people prefer the surround sound effect and keep it on all the time.

  • The best input option

RCA or Aux cables may seem like an obvious solution, but these cables are obsolete and cannot deliver excellent audio. It is better to use HDMI, Optical, or Bluetooth.

  • Equalization of sound

Should also adjust Equalizer settings to adjust bass and treble. Equalizers help you fine-tune the sound to meet your preferences. The treble can be increased to enhance dialogue clarity. You can increase the bass when you need heavy sound, especially music. When watching television dramas or other programs where it’s essential to hear dialogue clearly, it’s best to keep the treble volume high. User manuals for your Soundbar will tell you how to adjust the Equalizer.


We tried to give an informed idea about Vizio soundbar equalizer settings to get a better quality sound; try our audio team’s recommendations above to get the most out of your Vizio soundbar. You can be sure that these settings will bring you the best sound quality from your Vizio soundbar. Subwoofers, sound equalizers, and even surround sound can achieve quality sound.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best sound from my Vizio soundbar?

Mute or turn off your television’s internal speakers to let the Soundbar’s quality shine through. Relay audio signals to your Soundbar using HDMI (ARC) or other high-quality cables. If possible, to optimize your Soundbar for your specific audio source, adjust your equalizer settings.

What is TruVolume Vizio sound bar?

SRS TruVolume eliminates annoying fluctuations in volume during television broadcasts by providing an advanced, intelligent volume control solution. SRS created TruVolume, which uses psychoacoustics to measure, analyze, and control volume levels.

What is a dialogue on the Vizio soundbar?

There is a preset dialogue function. You can adjust the treble: subwoofer and bass. There are also three additional presets on the Equalizer. The same problem occurred with the dialogue.