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There are now a number of excellent soundbars on the market from Vizio. Your home system will liven up with its sleek design and many awesome features. Although these soundbars are excellent, they are prone to problems such as intermittent sound cuts. We’ll explain why Vizio sound bar cuts out in this article and how you can fix it.

Vizio Soundbar Cutting Out?

The Vizio brand is also known for providing high-quality technological products. Cost-effective soundbars are well known to them when it comes to soundbars.

Vizio soundbars have many benefits, but they also have some drawbacks, such as overheating sometimes, especially with older models.

Overheating is likely to cause cutting out of sounds if you own an old version of Vizio.

Vizio firmware and the input connection also play a role in this, so make sure you check both of them.

Reasons why your soundbar is cutting out?

You can lose audio on your sound bar for a variety of reasons, such as Bluetooth interference, outdated software, worn-out hardware, incorrect wire gauges, or improper connections.

However, as I always say, there is a solution for everything.

When your old sound bar is broken and useless, you can easily get a new one. There is always a solution, so be optimistic.

Bluetooth/wireless compatibility conflict

We all want the great cable-free experience that most modern sound bars offer, so most of them come with Bluetooth connectivity.

There was a time when Bluetooth connectivity had tons of problems and wasn’t as prevalent as it is today.

Nevertheless, it remains just another “technology” and there will always be problems. Although Bluetooth keeps getting better each year, its range is still limited. Not only that, but most of your home devices are Bluetooth-enabled.

In theory, all smart devices do this.

I’m talking about the fact that all of your devices compete against one another, which puts a strain on Bluetooth, causing your sound bar to lose connection. The loss of connection causes the sound to cut out or be interrupted. So yeah, Bluetooth interference does exist.

There are a number of ways in which sound bars can be connected to audio sources today. They also contain HDMI, coaxial, and 3.5mm audio ports in addition to other ports.

You can solve this problem by turning off Bluetooth if you run into it often.

Software needs to be updated

You may be experiencing sound interruptions on your sound bar due to outdated software as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Soundbars today offer a lot of features and are well built. In order for all speakers to work properly, the software must process the data for all speakers.

As a result, outdated software will struggle to process enough data for your sound bar, which is what results in “conflict” that cuts out your sound bar’s sound.

Components that are outdated or ineffective

My earlier statement about everything having a solution must be retracted by getting to this specific section.

There doesn’t seem to be one for aging or death.

As your sound bar ages, its parts will deteriorate more rapidly. The sound bar’s most susceptible components are those that are most likely to deteriorate over time.

Considering that age cannot be fixed, the only option is to replace the parts. However, I strongly suggest that just the sound bar be replaced.

Cable connection problem

In addition to wireless connectivity, a wired connection also played a role in cutting out the soundbar.

Check your soundbar’s cable connection if it is connected via wires. Poorly connected cables will result in a bad-sounding or interrupted sound.

If you are using an HDMI cable or an aux cable, make sure both ends are working properly and are placed correctly.

Cables with thin wires should be avoided since they lead to poor power and that is bad for sound. Poor quality cables should also be avoided.

Restart the device and reset it

Vizio soundbars that are not getting overheated or dirty should be restarted and reset altogether if they are not getting overheated. 

There is a possibility that restarting the soundbar won’t result in any significant improvement; therefore, resetting the soundbar along with the restart is necessary. 

The soundbar can be reset in several ways

  • Press and hold the Input and Bluetooth buttons for 6 to 7 seconds. Your soundbar will restart automatically after you press these buttons together. 
  • Try pressing the Input and Volume Down buttons for 5 to 6 seconds if the combination of Input and Bluetooth buttons does not work.
  • Lastly, you can press and hold the Input and Volume Up buttons on your soundbar if the above two methods don’t work.

How to fix this problem

1. You need to update your soundbar

Your soundbar may also get cut off due to an outdated software bug. To find out if your soundbar’s software is up-to-date, go to the Vizio support page and type your device’s model number.

 By typing your Soundbar’s model number, you can check if there are any firmware updates. Updating the software can help you fix the cutting-out problem. 

2. You can try another source device

It is still cutting off every 15 to 20 minutes after following all the steps we provided above; try changing the source device connected to the soundbar. 

To test if the problem also occurs with your smartphone or laptop, connect your soundbar to your television and see if the problem persists. 

3. Try Changing the Cables

You can also change the cable that connects your soundbar to the television if there is no problem with the source device.

It is possible that the cutting-out issue is occurring because of a damaged cable, so it is not a problem to check it once, even though there are wireless Vizio Soundbars. 

4. Vizio Support

If none of these options work for you, then you should contact Vizio support service. They can either recommend a better solution or, replace your soundbar if necessary. 


There can be different reasons for your Vizio soundbar cuts out and different solutions depending on the model. 

You can resolve the cutting-out issue you face in your home if you try the techniques listed above in this article. 

Frequently asked questions

Why does my Vizio soundbar keep cutting out?

It’s because your Vizio soundbar isn’t turned on that it keeps cutting out. There is also the possibility that you have set it to the wrong audio input and output. Perhaps it’s not your soundbar but your TV that’s the problem. A firmware update or hard reset may be required for your device.

Why does the sound on my sound bar keep cutting out?

There are several reasons why your soundbar may cut out audio. The problem could be caused by Bluetooth interference, old worn-out components, inadequate wire gauges, outdated software, or even a poorly connected cable.

How do I fix my Vizio sound bar problem?

You can try powering up your sound bar by unplugging the power cord from the Sound Bar, holding down the power button on the Sound Bar for five seconds, and reconnecting the power cable.

What causes audio to cut in and out?

The underlying cause can vary from equipment to network configuration if the problem occurs on one phone. If the problem occurs on multiple phones, the problem is probably network-related.

Why does my HDMI ARC keep cutting out?

Troubleshooting HDMI ARC in a nutshell

Unplug the HDMI cables and reconnect them. Make sure all devices are powered off, unplugged from the wall, plugged back in, then turned back on. You need to turn on HDMI-CEC. Your TV’s sound settings need to be changed.

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