Why is my Vizio soundbar not connecting to Bluetooth?

Nowadays, people prefer low-profile sound bars like the Vizio to a full-range sound system. However, there are a few issues you can face with the Vizio soundbar that is not difficult to fix.

Among the issues is Bluetooth pairing not working on the Vizio soundbar. The possibility of multiple devices not pairing with Bluetooth arises frequently in life.

How to fix the Bluetooth pairing issue on the Vizio soundbar in easy steps.

Despite what some people may think, it is not a big deal. Before you can implement any solutions, you must first identify the problem with your sound bar.

Some beginners have trouble pairing the Vizio soundbar with their TV via Bluetooth, especially with the sound bar. Sometimes, it’s a technical issue, but sometimes it’s a user error.

This article will guide you through the process of resolving these issues if you are unsure. Let’s get started now!

  • Both devices should be restarted

There may be an issue with pairing when Vizio sound bar or source device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device) is experiencing a temporary error.

Attempt to pair the Vizio soundbar with the source device again by restarting the devices.

  • pairing with smartphone

Check the list of already paired devices on your phone if you are trying to pair your Vizio soundbar with a smartphone. A mobile device can sometimes reach its limit and no more devices can be added. If you already have some devices paired, remove them and then attempt to pair your Vizio soundbar.

  • Try switching to a different device

Switching your soundbar with a specific device, such as your TV, may help you get it to work. If you are experiencing any issues with your soundbar, connect it with your phone. It means you will have to repair or reset the previous device if it is connected to another device.

  • How to Pair with PC

Using Bluetooth with Vizio may sometimes require you to download and install specific drivers. When pairing with a PC, it is important to make sure the PC can connect. Google is a good resource for finding drivers. Typically, you won’t encounter this issue when pairing Vizio Sound Bars.

The Right Method of Pairing Bluetooth Devices

Problems with Bluetooth pairing can also be caused by using the wrong pairing method. We have revised the right pairing method, so you may be doing it the right way.

The process is similar in almost all Vizio soundbars.

  • Hold down the Bluetooth button for about 5 seconds on your Vizio sound bar or remote
  • Make sure the LED indicator on the front panel of the soundbar is flashing up and down.
  • LEDs flashing on your Vizio sound bar indicate pairing mode. When paired, it will stop.
  • On your source device, like a smartphone, look for your specific Vizio soundbar.
  • Pair the Vizio sound bar with it by clicking on it,
  • If the soundbar does not play the audio from the source device, you may need to try again.


Here is all the information you need. This guide should help you pair your Vizio soundbar with any other Bluetooth device.