Vizio sound bar flashing white lights: a complete guide for you in 2023

Vizio’s sound bar is among the top choices of users when choosing a soundbar. When you listen to the music on a soundbar, you enjoy it much more. An increase in bass action alleviates the sound up a notch, enhancing the vocals. Having seamless sound in a room is one of the biggest benefits of soundbars.

Vizio’s soundbar is one of the best available on the market, and most people love it. Nevertheless, you may experience some difficulties understanding it. What is the purpose of Vizio soundbar flashing white lights?

It is possible for this to occur for many reasons. It is hard to determine whether the problem is caused by hardware or software. The majority of people believe that such issues are caused by technical difficulties. In some cases, it may be true; there are always a few remedies you can try. We will explain why the lights are flashing white in this article.

Why do Vizio sound bar lights flash White Lights?

Vizio’s lights flash up and down for a few reasons, although this can happen with any soundbar. Each soundbar is unique, and each has its own set of functions. However, the Vizio soundbar is not affected by software or hardware issues when such an issue arises. Let’s see what the problem is:

1. The soundbar is not properly connected

There are some external issues that cause the Vizio sound bar to flash White Lights so frequently. White lights will flash if you have a loose socket where the plug doesn’t fit well.

In some cases, this indicates that the soundbar is continually turning on and off. After unplugging the soundbar, you can plug it in again. The accumulation of power is another possibility in such situations.

In such cases, unplug the soundbar and leave the socket open for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can plug the AC supply into the soundbar and press the power button for a few seconds. This trick should solve the problem in most cases.

2. Disruption of settings

A common cause of light flashing is when something goes wrong with the settings.

There is a possibility that the user has pressed a button without knowing, which could cause the light to flash continuously.

Before all the flashing begins, you can reset a few options in the settings. To find out why your light is flashing, check each setting option one at a time instead of changing them all at once.

The real culprit will be found. However, if you don’t, reset the entire soundbar, and you will be able to sort the issue.

3. Setting the LED light

If your soundbar comes with an LED light setting, there should be a page in the manual explaining how it works.

The flashlight option is available on many soundbars, making it seem fantastic when you are listening to music.

The LED lights in some people’s rooms are left on to create a relaxing atmosphere. With LED lights, however, you can do so much more, including enabling the flash effect. Hopefully, you can find out why the light is flashing by reading the manual.

How to stop lights from flashing in a Vizio soundbar?

Many people are irritated by the lights flashing White Light like crazy. In the soundbar, there are only a few buttons with different functions.

A Vizio soundbar may act strangely when two buttons are pressed simultaneously. You must simultaneously press the Bluetooth button and input if the lights are flashing white lights repeatedly. When the light flashes four times, it will eventually stop.


The sound quality from Vizio sound bars is unparalleled. The music has the best sound quality, and its beat will dazzle you.

Occasionally, minor issues need to be addressed. People wonder why their Vizio sound bar lights flashing White Lights. We have a few suggestions about why this could be happening. Call the help center or a professional if you cannot resolve the issue.