Sonos Move Won’t Connect to Wifi; Fixed!

If you’re a Sonos Move user, you may have experienced trouble connecting it to your WiFi network at some point.

So, why your sonos move won’t connect to wifi?

Perhaps your router isn’t plugged in properly, your Move may not be connected to the right wifi, or you have just installed a new router, or your Sonos move needs a factory reset. Replugging the router, connecting the right wifi, and resetting the sonos can fix it.

Well, there is more to know. Read this guide to know more about how to fix your Sonos move wifi connection.

Sonos Move Not ConnectingTo Wifi: 4 Reasons and Solutions

It gets very frustrating when your sound system creates issues like kef lsx keeps blinking orange, or your sonos move is not connecting to wifi.

sonos move not connecting to wifi

Here are 4 most common reasons why sonos move won’t connect to wifi and their solutions. 

Router is not plugged in properlyReconnect the router
Not connected to the right wifi networkConnect to the right wifi network
Installation of a new routerProperly connect to the new wifi network 
The sonos device needs a resetReset your sonos move

Now, we are gonna discuss all the reasons and solutions in detail.

Reason 1: The Router Is Not  Plugged Properly 

If the router has not been plugged properly, you may encounter trouble connecting your Sonos Move to WIFI.


  • To fix any issues with your Wi-Fi connection with Sonos move, try unplugging your router from the power source and then plugging it back in. 
  • Wait for a minute or two to allow the router to restart. Once the router is running again, ensure that your device has reconnected to the right Wi-Fi network. 
  • Now you need to check your Sonos app again. 

The connection issue should be resolved.

Reason 2: Not Connected to the Right Wifi Network 

If the device has not been connected to the right wifi network, you may encounter connection issues. It applies to whether you are connecting your sonos to TV, tab, personal computer or phone.

Not Connected to the Right Wifi Network


To ensure that your Sonos Move device is properly connected to the right wifi, follow these steps. Just like you do when connecting your Vizio soundbar to wifi.

  • First of all, start by opening the Wi-Fi settings on your phone, tab or PC.
  • Then Verify to make sure that your device and Sonos Move are connected to the same network. 
  • Ensure that the device accidentally has not been connected to any guest network. Because that may interfere with the wifi connection to Sonos Move. 

Thus any potential connection issues with your Sonos system should be resolved.

Reason 3: Installation of a New Router

So, another reason for the connection issue may be if you have recently changed your Wi-Fi network’s name or password. Or you have replaced your router.

If you install a new router or change your router’s settings, this connection issue arises. However, you can use the Sonos app to reconnect your system to your Wi-Fi network or new router.


For Connecting your Sonos Move to a New Wifi Network, follow this process.

Step 1: As you launch the Sonos S2 app, you might get a message saying it is not able to connect. This means there is an issue with your connection to the Sonos system. 

Step 2: You can also attempt going to your app’s Settings and search notifications that say Sonos as well as your device needs to be on the same network. If you see this notification, tap on them to address the issue. 

Step 3:In case the Sonos move and your device are on distinct Wi-Fi networks, you are gonna receive a notification. It will ask you to connect the Sonos device to the new network. So then, you need to tap the “Update Network” button.

Step 4: The app will then remind you to turn on all of your Sonos devices. As you proceed, click on the Find System button.

Step 5: The app will search for Sonos devices nearby. If you have multiple Sonos devices, choose the one closest to the router. You can choose any Sonos device using the app and it will display its serial number. 

Step 6: Once you have selected a device, click on the “Select” button and wait for the app to connect to the device. Then, click on “Continue” and wait for the device to emit a chime sound confirming that it’s connected to your phone.

Step 7: After that, you need to check if the LED light of the speaker is flashing white and green. If it is, go to the speaker and press the “Join” button. For newer Sonos speakers, the “Join” button has an infinity symbol, but for older models, you can use the play/pause or mute buttons.

Step 8: Then the speaker will ask you to enter the Wi-Fi password for a new network after a few seconds. Enter the password as instructed and choose “Connect,” option. Wait for a few seconds for it to connect. 

Step 9: When it is connected, the app will inform you of the new network. Press “Done.”

The connected speaker will then take some time to migrate any other Sonos devices onto the new network. If you notice that a device is still on the old network, restart it, and it should appear on the app.

Reason 4: Sonos Move Needs a Reset

When your sonos move device is in need of a factory reset, the wifi connection creates error. Or sometimes sonos even stops working.


Here is how to Reset your Sonos Move;

how to Reset your Sonos Move

Step 1: First, remove Move from its charging base.To turn off the Sonos Move, press and hold the power button on the back of the device for at least 5 seconds until you hear a sound and see the light on the top turn off.

Step 2: Now to reset your Sonos Move, press and hold the Join (the button with infinity sign) button first. After that, click the power option. If the device won’t turn on because of a dead battery, place it on the charging base while holding down the Join button.

Step 3: Keep holding down the Join button until you see the light on top of the Sonos Move start flashing both orange and white.

Step 4: Once the reset process is complete, the light on top will flash green, which means that your Sonos Move is now ready to be set up.

Now your device’s wifi connection issue should be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why does my Sonos Move not work?

Your Sonos Move may not work if it is not connected to the Sonos cloud server. And its status is still waiting to be registered. To resolve, you are gonna have to refresh the connection of  the Move. And also ensure that it’s properly registered on the Sonos cloud server.

Why is Sonos Move offline?

If your Sonos Move speaker is either turned off or in sleep mode,will appear as “Offline”. If it is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, or in Bluetooth mode, it won’t be visible in the Sonos S1 app either. 

Why is my Sonos unstable?

Your sonos becomes unstable due to Wireless interference. This happens when multiple wireless devices try to use the same Wi-Fi frequency at the same time. You can solve this problem quickly by either changing the channel of your Wi-Fi network or by moving your Sonos away from the source of the interference.

Wrapping Up

Hope we have resolved your question of why your sonos move won’t connect to wifi. Now you know the common reasons for Wi-Fi connection issues, and step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot them. 

By following these steps and seeking help when needed, users can get their Sonos Move connected to Wi-Fi and enjoy high-quality sound without interruptions.

Enjoy your day!