Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review: An ultimate guide

The Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar review tells you that it is an excellent choice if you desire the most powerful sound from a soundbar.

Rather than a full-blown speaker system, a soundbar is an attractive alternative. You get better sound than the built-in audio on a TV, and it’s much easier to use and set up.

 However, soundbars cannot recreate a fully immersive surround or directional sound field like speakers mounted around a listening area.

Is it possible? That’s what Sennheiser’s Ambeo Soundbar aims to do. While it resembles an immersive multi-speaker system, the speaker does not portray a real immersive experience, which is the claim of this high-end behemoth; I never sensed I was listening to a multi-speaker system.

Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar review

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Review


  • Fully immersive 5.1.4 channel 3D high-quality sound experience with deep 30Hz bass without the need for an additional subwoofer, thanks to Sennheiser’s bespoke AMBEO audio technology
  • Delivers 3D surround sound adjusted to the characteristics of your living room via advanced room calibration and the latest virtualization soundbar technology developed with Fraunhofer.

This unique, state-of-the-art device combines the power of a multi-speaker home cinema system with the simplicity of a single device.



  • AMBEO off, on (Lite, Standard, Boost): Neutral, Movie, Music, Sports, Music, Sports, Movie, Neutral.
  • There are 5.1.4 channels.
  • The woofers are 4″ long-throw sandwich cones; the tweeters are 5″ and are aluminium dome tweeters. There are two 2″ full-range drivers (top-firing).
  • Speakers totalled 13
  • It responds to frequencies of 30 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB)

Amazing features

A 3D sound that is truly immersive

 The feeling is impossible to ignore.

AMBEO Soundbar’s 13 high-quality drivers deliver 5.1 surround sound and extremely deep 30Hz bass with no need for a subwoofer. 

This 3D sound system has been calibrated, so it will be specific to your living room and surrounds you with studio-grade sound for a truly immersive experience.


An all-in-one package

The AMBEO Soundbar delivers an immersive sound experience in style. The brushed aluminum exterior and minimalist detailing offer an ideal solution for those who wish to combine design and performance in one beautiful bar. 

A Soundbar has never before been able to reproduce a subwoofer’s deep bass.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review: An ultimate guide

We don’t compromise on quality.

AMBEO Soundbar features 3D sound technology in addition to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and MPEG-H compatibility. 

There’s also built-in support for the latest HDMI standards – each and Dolby Vision -, as well as Bluetooth and Chromecast so that you can stream your favourite content seamlessly.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review: An ultimate guide

Control without interruption

You can customize acoustic settings and adapt sound according to your tastes with the Smart Control App. The AMBEO Soundbar works seamlessly with iOS and Android smartphones.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review: An ultimate guide
Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review: An ultimate guide

An audio experience that rivals any studio

This engine is designed to produce natural highs and lows, as well as a more detailed dimension and nuance than you’ve ever seen before. With the AMBEO Soundbar, you can customize your listening experience to meet your preferences with a built-in equalizer and three different AMBEO 3D modes.

Virtualization powers 3D audio

By integrating with your living room and reflective surfaces, the AMBEO Soundbar delivers a 3D sound experience that blends with the acoustics of your surroundings. 

By combining 13 independent drivers with AMBEO technology, you are put right at the center of the action and recreate a surround sound installation.

Sound quality

Following calibration, we head straight for our collection of Atmos-enabled 4K Blu-rays. Sennheiser’s performance is immediately noticeable during the bombing run scene in Unbroken. 

Bomber squadrons communicate clearly and directly as they approach their targets while the sound of a Liberator cruises through the room.

 Exactly the calm before the storm, delivered by Sennheiser with insight, atmosphere, and subtlety.

The Sennheiser raises the ante by firing precise machine gun fire as enemy fighters emerge from the clouds. The Ambeo offers a powerful, room-filling zoom when an enemy plane approaches and attempts to strafe the bomber. Unlike most one-box devices, the dynamics are amazing, as well as the scale and spaciousness.

The dialogue in the opening scene of Alien: Covenant is reproduced extraordinarily naturally, full-bodied.

The bassier frequencies in Guy Pearce’s voice fill out his dialogue, forming a beautiful baritone. Unlike some soundbars with subwoofers, this model delivers substantial bass and seamlessly integrates it into the soundbar. Sennheiser’s seamless, natural tone and texture are what sets it apart from most rivals.

Here is a description of our product

With its 13 high-end drivers, the AMBEO soundbar delivers 5.1.4 sound with 30Hz bass, delivering a truly immersive sound experience without the need for additional subwoofers. Thanks to advanced room calibration, it delivers studio-quality sound adjusted to your living room parameters for an extraordinary 3D experience.

 Featuring even higher and lower and greater nuance than you ever imagined possible from your home audio soundbar, this is a studio-grade theater audio experience. 

Using the built-in equalizer on the AMBEO Soundbar, you can customize the output according to your preferences and choose from three bespoke modes using 3D technology.

 As a result of the 13 independent drivers and AMBEO technology, a surround sound installation is replicated at home, and you become part of the action.

 AMBEO Soundbar delivers wireless sound in style, all in one. The brushed aluminum exterior and minimalistic detailing make it a viable option if you seek to design and perform in one beautiful bar for your home system.

 Soundbars are the first to be able to produce deep bass that only an external subwoofer can reproduce. Using the Soundbar’s Upmix Technology, stereo or 5.1 audio can be transformed into 3D audio, along with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and MPEG-H compatibility.

 There is also built-in support for HDMI ARC, Dolby Vision, 4K pass-through, and Bluetooth, so you can easily connect to your favorite TV sound system. 

The Smart Control App ensures seamless control of your speakers, allowing you to tailor your acoustic settings to match your taste. AMBEO Soundbar is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones, meaning the whole experience is seamless.

Setup instructions

The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar is a little confusing for those who have never set up a soundbar, but it’s not too difficult. It is how the process works:

  1. Put the soundbar in an area where the upward-firing speakers have an unobstructed view of the ceiling.
  2. The speaker’s power cord must be plugged into the back of the device and then into the wall.
  3. Soundbars can be connected to any audio source (cable box, TV, etc.). In the case of a dumb TV, connect the HDMI cable to the appropriate port.
  4. On Android and iOS, you can download the Sennheiser Smart Control app.
  5. To manage cords coming down from the back, use the included cable tie.
  6. A soundbar needs to be calibrated.
  • Position the measurement microphone where your head would be and place it where you will be sitting
  • Use the soundbar’s front-facing port to connect the microphone.
  • Connect your soundbar to the app and turn it on
  • Use the app to calibrate your room, preferably while you’re not near the soundbar.

7. You can add Chromecast functionality to your Google Home by adding the soundbar to your account.

A series of sweeps will be played when the soundbar is calibrating to assist it with mapping out the room. Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbars can use this approach to determine how to adapt their performance and realize the best way to use the surrounding space to create 3D surround sound.

 The larger the area of the room so that the effect works properly, the better. If feasible, try to keep the soundbar as close to the wall as possible for the best results.

Having the ability to control your soundbar from your phone adds that extra layer of setup, but it’s worth it in the long run.

 The 3D sound effects can be equalized, edited, or swapped on the fly. There is a remote for the Ambeo Soundbar, but using the app is more enjoyable.

Do you think that you should buy the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar?


You should be able to tell just from reading all of that this is no ordinary soundbar. It is truly something special. There is no doubt that the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar is by far the most superior option on the market if you are looking to spend $2,500 on a home theater system. 

Its performance is unmatched by any other soundbar in its class, making it the most future-proof option on the market today. A strong return is guaranteed with this investment.


A calibration microphone is included with the Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar, so I can’t set it up properly. With rubber feet to keep it stable, there is a 26-inch rod with a microphone attached to the end. 

The long wire attached to it can be connected to an input on the soundbar’s front and placed at your listening position. After you press AMBEO, let the calibration process begin (by waiting, you will see a countdown appear on the OLED).

 About a dozen frequency sweeps are conducted on the soundbar, and the results are then analyzed. The entire process takes just a few minutes and is straightforward.

The location of the soundbar in my room is not ideal (Sennheiser recommends placing it equidistant from the sidewalls and the ceiling). I still achieved exceptional results in my room, with an archway to the right and a large extension to the left. 

Calibrating the soundbar can be done via the remote (or a button on top), or the Sennheiser Smart Control application provides a more detailed option. There is a toggle in the app that lets you run calibration with an additional sub.

What we like and don’t like


  • I have never heard a single speaker sound better than the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar.
  • A virtual surround system that is more realistic than any other at any price.
  • Connectivity options include HDMI eARC and Wi-Fi on the Soundbar.
  • The receiver and speakers are similar in cost and performance to the receiver and speakers, but there are no boxes in your living room.
  • A sound that is rich and natural
  • Detail-oriented and dynamic
  • An impressive surround effect


  • Despite being expensive, the Sennheiser Ambeo does not have a subwoofer
  • If you spend more on a sub, the sound will be more dynamic. Music can sound a bit harsh at times
  • It is large
  • A little too fussy with positioning
  • The system overheats and shuts down

Frequently asked question

Is Sennheiser ambeo good for music?

Atmos sounds great with Sennheiser’s AMBEO soundbar, but it is also more expensive than most other options. As a leading audio specialist, Sennheiser makes only one soundbar, the AMBEO Soundbar.

Does the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar need a subwoofer?

Despite being excellent for listening to anything, Sennheiser’s Ambeo Soundbar can benefit from a dedicated subwoofer since it has a wide sound field.

What makes the Ambeo Soundbar so special?

The most effective use of MPEG-H will require hardware that is capable of handling the surround sound effect. 

As far as this capability is concerned, that is why Sennheiser’s Ambeo is so unique: it can grow with you as you do. The Soundbar is not a sound system, but a surround sound system.

How do I calibrate my ambeo Soundbar?

You calibrate the unit by holding the Ambeo button on the remote or the top of the unit at ear level while holding the microphone at ear height.

 Based on reflections in the room, the Soundbar plays sweeping tones that allow the DSP to calibrate the sound based on sounds it picks up.

How do I pair my Sennheiser soundbar?

Connecting a Bluetooth device to the AMBEO Soundbar

Bluetooth must be enabled on the device you are using. 2 seconds after pressing the multi-function button, press SOURCE. It pulses blue to indicate that it is on. Pairing mode is on for the Soundbar.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review

  • Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar


The Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar review was discussed in detail, and the article was intended to help you understand the product in detail. We addressed all aspects of this product to help you make an informed decision.
You know that the home cinema experience has become increasingly important over the past year. In addition, cinema and movie releases are currently in an uncertain future, so getting as close as possible to a theatrical experience is vital. 
Now we can fully immerse ourselves in sound thanks to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio. Easily and precisely, the Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar delivers an impressive Atmos presentation.
It’s more expensive than some other options and being up to $1,000 more expensive (approximately $2000). Despite its excellent sound, the AMBEO does not require further speakers or a subwoofer, all of which require additional outlets, cables, and space. 
Multi-speaker setups still provide the best sound stage. However, Sennheiser AMBEO soundbars are the best all-in-one Atmos solutions out there.