SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

Today in the Samsung HW-T650 soundbar review, our discussion will include details about features, design, connectivity, hardware, and many more. Keep up with us and know more about your favorite product.

Samsung is one of the companies to consistently put a lot of attention into its soundbar lineup and matches LG’s massive push into the growing market. It is the same story with Samsung, which releases yearly soundbar updates but has created separate series to make it easier for consumers to differentiate their products.

In the T series, Samsung offers the biggest soundbar in the affordable price range, while Samsung’s Q series includes its premium lineup and a few compact models in the S series.

Three soundbars with subwoofers are part of the T series, the T450, the T550, and the T650. The T650 is the largest of the three and the only one with a 3.1 channel configuration with an integrated center channel.

Features such as those included in the HW-T650 are not out of the ordinary. We’ve seen similar features in many other units.

Soundbars that want to keep things simple but also offer the user some flexibility usually have these features. It will be interesting to see how well the soundbar performs. Here we go with our analysis.

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SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar


  • 3D SURROUND SOUND – Sound that wraps around you The captivating experience of DTS Virtual X turns your living room into a theater Powerful 3D surround sound comes to life by recreating sound that makes you feel like you’re inside the scene
  • BUILT-IN CENTER SPEAKER – Center channel for clear dialogue Never miss a word Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel speaker

Here is what we will discuss in detail:

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Features
  •  Connectivity
  • Hardware and sound
  • Extra features
  • Pros and cons


 Even though it is the tallest of the three Samsung soundbars in the T series, the Samsung HW-T650 maintains a relatively compact footprint. The T650 measures 38.6 x 2.3 x 3.6 inches (980 x 58.0 x 90.0 mm) and weighs 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg). It can be mounted under a 55-inch TV.

The quality of the service we received here was outstanding overall. 

Despite not featuring high-quality materials, the HW-T650 will undoubtedly satisfy most users. A brushed surface is present on the top face of the unit. The primary material is plastic. We find a set of buttons on the back of the top face of the device.

 The size and colour of the buttons are very subtle, whereas the chamfered top front corner of this device is a characteristic of many Samsung soundbars that gives it a more stylish and unique look.

Rather than the usual circular holes found on metallic grilles, this model has an exciting design with a full-frontal grille that wraps down slightly. Since you can’t remove this one, you don’t have the option to do so.

In addition to the full-function display, Samsung has also installed a metallic grille behind the screen. This grille is on the far right-hand side of the phone. 

It is more convenient to use these displays, as LED lights are often hard to remember all the combinations they can make. Due to its small screen size, not many characters can fit in it, which means that for you to see the entirety of what is displayed, you will have to scroll.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

All the connection ports are hidden behind two big insets on the back of the unit. You cannot use IR repeaters at all, so you have to ensure that the size of the main bar will not obstruct the IR sensor on your TV. You can never be sure of the soundbar’s profile since it’s relatively low.

 A few holes are visible at the bottom of the device, possibly for cooling. The device also has holes to lock the wall brackets if it is going to be mounted on the wall.

Added to the simplicity of the design of the T650 is a subwoofer. Due to the driver being on the side, this speaker can be unnoticed in any room since it has a simple cubic design and rounded corners.

 With dimensions of 8.1 x 13.9 x 11.9 inches (205.0 x 353.0 x 303.2 mm) and 13.7 lbs (6.2 kg), the subwoofer can easily install even in rooms with limited space.

In contrast to the main bar, the subwoofer cabinet is made of wood, with a big airport on the upper back and a power connector and pairing button on the bottom. 

The button set is effortless and suited to casual users who do not want to hassle with time-consuming calibrations.

As a final note, we can say the HW-T650 is an attractive soundbar, and Samsung has put a lot of effort into its build quality. Samsung’s products may not be the best globally, but they maintain a certain level of quality.



Immersive sound experience

Enjoy optimal sound quality for a superior audio experience. For a more immersive home theater experience, the Soundbar T650 provides 3D sound technology, which includes a center channel.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

You’re wrapped in sound

Immerse yourself in the immersive audio and video experience that transforms your living room into a theater. You can recreate the sounds of the scene and feel as if you’re inside it with powerful 3D surround sound.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

Multi-connection via Bluetooth

Switch seamlessly between two smart devices when connected.

For optimized sound on your favorite content

When you watch something, the soundbar automatically adjusts the sound setting for optimal entertainment enjoyment. Soundbar T650’s clear sound enhances both loud sporting events and quiet dramas.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

One remote controls a world of sound

It only takes one remote. The Samsung TV remote lets you control key Soundbar functions such as volume and power – right from your TV.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know

Optimized sound for gaming

You can boost your gaming experience with the soundbar connected to your console. Offer directional sound while optimizing sound quality.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review: Everything You Need To Know


Our next focus will be on the unit’s connections. The soundbars in this price range offer more or less the same standard design with a few slight variations depending on the brand, which may satisfy those who love simplicity but may not cope with those who demand more features and need a lot of connectivity. All connections have been evenly split between the two deep inlays at the back of the unit.

There is one HDMI port, one input, and one output on the left, along with a circular power connector. Right above the USB port is the Digital Optical input and an inset for the USB port. That’s it.

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are unavailable through the HDMI output, as it only supports ARC. Streaming services have been using Dolby Digital Plus for some time now, so at least it can play it. In addition, the laptop does not have analog output, although this isn’t a significant concern thanks to the HDMI ports, which are the primary input nowadays anyway.

Since the soundbar lacks Wi-Fi functionality, it only offers Bluetooth connectivity. 

It is impossible to confirm which version of Bluetooth is supported by the unit since Samsung neither lists it in the manual nor in their specs sheet. As long as we noticed no connection problems while using it, it was good enough, no matter the version.

Audio and hardware

A dedicated center channel is included in the central unit of the T650. The driver is located in a cabinet front-firing in a subwoofer, and a base port is at the rear. The final result is as follows:

  1. Sound range (frequency response)

In addition to offering a broad sound palette, Samsung’s T650 reproduces adjacent frequency ranges accurately. 

Sound elements can be distinct while still blending well together. Each treble and mid-range element in your favorite treble-heavy track is showcased clearly.

However, the subwoofer can only go so low. The bass extension is decent, going down to 47Hz. 

While the earth might begin splitting open in the climactic action scene of your favorite film, you won’t feel a rumble. There is a neutral quality to the sound produced by the T650: Not too bassy nor too shrill.

2. Surround sound and sound stage

Samsung’s T650 soundbar, which has a 40-inch screen and 3.1 channels, does an excellent job of filling a room with sound. Side channels expand the sound stage beyond what a soundbar can offer.

 As a result, the sound is focused and appears to come from pinpoints on the sound stage, thanks to the dedicated center channel. In addition to enhancing dialogue, this center channel also helps with loud balance effects in explosive action scenes.

Putting the subwoofer in a corner behind you gives the central unit’s remote surround sound simulation some welcome depth.

3. Peaks of volume and distortions

There is no discernible distortion at average volume, keeping the sound clear and clean. Bass and treble elements tend to be compressed and distorted at peak volume. However, most content types barely exhibit this effect.

4. Audio formats supported

Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, and Dolby Digital are all supported on the Samsung T650. Since Dolby Atmos lacks height channels, it cannot support it. The formats can downmix to stereo, emulating surround sound convincingly.

5. Equalizer and presets for audio

Despite the lack of room correction, the Samsung T650 boasts a valuable set of features, including:

  • An adjustment system for the subwoofer, bass, and treble
  • Night mode
  • Enhancing dialogue (Smart-Sound)

An equalizer is not present. Instead, the soundbar has five presets (Game, DTS Virtual-X, Smart-Sound, Surround, and Standard).

Extra features

The T650 doesn’t have many extra functions or features so that we won’t list them all here, but a few deserve mention. However, let’s first find out what kind of audio it can play back.

By that, we mean the HW-T650 supports LPCM 2 channels, Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Audio. Due to the lack of surround speakers, there must be a downmix for Dolby Digital and DTS. 

We will explore DTS Virtual: X later in this section, which is typical of soundbars in this category if you want more immersion.

The HW-T650 appears to offer a fairly standard selection of sound modes, which is standard for every soundbar worth its salt.

 The various audio types include Standard, which outputs the original mix; surround, which gives a broader sound field than Standard. Game, which provides stereoscopic sound for gameplay immersion, Smart Sound, which determines the optimal sound field about the video content, and DTS Virtual.

 There is a program called X that attempts to simulate surround sound without the presence of speakers.

Despite the absence of a Dialogue or Night mode, the soundbar offers a dynamic range control mode known as Dynamic Range Control (DRC). Dolby Digital tracks can adjust for dynamic range. When the DRC is on, loud sounds are reduced.

 However, use it wisely, as distorted sounds may result.

With the T650, Bluetooth capabilities are also available, and there’s a lot of flexibility. Streaming audio is possible from any mobile device over a Bluetooth connection. The soundbar also supports simultaneous connections to up to two devices via Bluetooth. You can also connect the device to your TV via Bluetooth if your TV can support such a connection if you don’t want to deal with cables.

 Make sure you don’t connect a mobile device and your TV at the same time. At most, two Bluetooth devices are connected at once.

Using the USB connection, you can playback sounds from an external storage device, and yes, it has more functionality than other similar soundbars we’ve seen recently. This one’s USB port is situated in an awkward place. It’s rather frustrating to find that Samsung places this in a slot that is almost impossible to reach, especially if you’ve placed the soundbar on a furniture piece, which means having to raise the unit every time the connection is needed. 

The options here are vast, but things are generally more accessible if the monitor is mounted on the wall. To save you frustration, we recommend using a USB extension cable.

It can support MP3, WMA, AAC, and OGG for low-quality files, but you can also play FLAC, AIFF, and WAV files up to 192kHz, which is an impressive feature for a low-cost unit.

There is an option to purchase the Wireless Surround Sound Kit (SWA-8500S) if you are a big fan of surround sound and not satisfied with the sound performance of the included DTS Virtual: X. Thanks to its low price tag, the kit is an excellent option if you think that the HW-T650 lacks this capability and if you have extra space.

The device also has an automatic power-on/off feature. A unit’s Bluetooth function will determine if it is on or off automatically. As soon as a Bluetooth signal is detected, the device will turn on, while if there is no signal for some time, it will automatically shut off.

What we like and don’t like


  • Solid construction
  • Detail and definition in the sound reproduction
  • The sound is loud, clear, and distortion-free at high volume
  • Here are some helpful equalizer presets
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • A good performance on stage
  • The center channel provides good separation
  • A wide variety of sound modes
  • Treble and bass adjustments.


  • No Wi-Fi or companion app

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar review FAQs

How do I reset my Samsung T650 soundbar?

Should spend At least five seconds holding down the Up button on the remote control. The soundbar displays the ID SET message for a moment, and then it disappears.

Which sound mode is best for the Samsung soundbar?

Gamers can enjoy 3D directional audio with the Game Pro model, or optimize their listening experience by choosing between Adaptive Sound and Game Pro modes.

How do I get the best Sound from my Samsung soundbar?

Navigate to Settings by pressing the Home button on the remote. To choose the sound mode, click Sound. Decide which option appeals to you.

What are the different sound modes on the Samsung soundbar?

Furthermore, four new sound modes this year include Standard, Surround, Game Pro, and Adaptive Sound. Audio is delivered in Standard and Surround modes according to their encoding. Standard mode delivers the audio as encoded, during Surround mode upmixes it for best audio enjoyment.

Are Samsung soundbars worth it?

Excellent sound quality. Samsung soundbars tend to offer a good sound profile that is neutral, well-balanced, and works well in all settings. There are some soundbars with wireless subwoofers that provide some extra bass. There are many ways to connect.

How do I adjust my Samsung soundbar?

Select the Sound Output option on your Samsung TV from the Settings menu. Select this soundbar, and then select Close. The soundbar’s volume can now be adjusted using your TV remote. As well as turning on and off the TV, the soundbar should do the same.

Is there an app for the Samsung soundbar?

Using your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, you can control your Samsung Sound Bar.

SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar Review:

  • SAMSUNG HW-T650 Soundbar


In this Samsung HW-T650 soundbar review, we have covered every aspect of this product, including its design, Sound, audio, and features. Using this website allows you to access all the needed information about your favorite soundbar Any soundbar with the same features as the HW-T650 will find it extremely hard to stand out in such a crowded market. Regardless of how it performs, it is an excellent soundbar that comes with everything that makes using it simple and easy.
Due to its simplicity and ease of use, the HW-T650 is easy to set up and begin using in just a few minutes.
Although it may not be the best sound quality you’ve ever heard from your TV, the sound quality is outstanding considering the price.
The lovely design combined with the excellent build quality and the possibility of adding surround wireless speakers makes this a good value for money product.