Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features

This Samsung HW-T550 soundbar review covers all its exciting features and instructions for installation and buying guide. Wireless subwoofer, Dolby Audio support, and various sound enhancements come with the soundbar.

It’s like getting spectacular visuals without great audio with a fully-equipped television. This Samsung Soundbar will enhance the sound quality of a TV set with substandard built-in speakers.

There is a wide range of connectivity options with the Samsung HW-T550 2.1ch Soundbar. This crisp and clear audio can hear in addition to loud shrieks and silent whispers. In addition, anyone interested in listening to a variety of music should look into a soundbar.

Samsung’s HW-T550 is a decent soundbar in every way. There is a good balance between the sound profile and the bass. At this price point, I think the subwoofer is reasonably priced and delivers decent bass. This soundbar is packed with some exciting and affordable features.

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Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review at a glance

Samsung Hw-T550 Soundbar


  • 3D SURROUND SOUND – The captivating experience of DTS Virtual: X turns your living room into a theater. Powerful 3D surround sound comes to life by recreating sound that makes you feel like you’re in the scene

This is what we plan to discuss in detail

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Product description
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • Pros and cons
  • Buying guide


Inputs1 x HDMI – Audio/Video1 x Optical TOSLINK – Audio
Outputs1 x HDMI – ARC/Audio/Video
USB PortsNone
Wireless Audio ProtocolsBluetooth
Audio DecodingDTS Virtual:X, Dolby Digital
HDMI ComplianceARC
Supported File FormatsAAC, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
Wall MountableYes, with Included Hardware
Dimensions33.9 x 2.2 x 3.4″ / 86.1 x 5.6 x 8.6 cm (Soundbar)(Subwoofer) 7.9 x 13.8 x 11.4 / 20.1 x 35.1 x 29 inches
Weight4.6 lb / 2.1 kg (Soundbar)11 lb / 5 kg (Subwoofer)
Package Weight21.37 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)36 x 18.1 x 10.7″


You can quickly push this sleek soundbar beneath your TV, thanks to its short height. Therefore, your living room will be aesthetically appealing without creating a fuss. With its minimalist design and elegant features, it is a great option.

With a broad design, it offers a lot of options. Because of its short height, you can place it just under your television, and it won’t cover it. Using suitable quality plastic, we made this bar that will easily stand the test of time. There is no need to add plastic to the soundbar because it takes away from its look and adds no value.

Controls find at the top of the bar, and a display is located on the front. Soundbars are easy to use, convenient, and hassle-free due to all of these factors.

55o s

Product description

GAMING SOUND Enhance your gaming experience by connecting your console or soundbar to the soundbar. To gain the advantage, optimize sound and provide clear directional sound.

Amazon-qualified suppliers have inspected, tested, and cleaned this pre-owned item.

A single look at the skin at arm’s length will reveal no cosmetic imperfections.

Product batteries will have a capacity greater than 80% of that of new products.

There is a possibility that accessories aren’t original, but they will be fully functional and compatible. Boxes may be generic.

If you are not satisfied with this product, you may return it or get a refund under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee program.


The best sound experience

Get powerful wireless bass and 3D surround sound for an enhanced audio experience. Immersive TV viewing is made possible by optimized sound.


It wraps you up in its sound

Immersive 3D audio

DTS: Virtual X’s immersive audio and video transform your living room into a cinema. This immersive 3D sound system recreates the sound to make you feel like you are right there in the scene.

Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features

Wireless features

  • Multi-connection Bluetooth

Two smart devices can connect simultaneously to allow seamless switching between them. Would you please use a compatible device?

Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features
  • HDMI

Audio is enhanced with HDMI connections. If connected to a TV, the Soundbar cannot access mobile services.

  • Bluetooth’s television connection

You can enjoy your favorite content and a tangle-free connection with Bluetooth technology. You can find out if your TV supports Bluetooth by checking it.

  •  Powerful base

Experience the rich bass from the wireless subwoofer while dancing to the music.

Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features
  • There is only one remote control

You only need one remote control. You can control several vital functions of your soundbar with the Samsung TV remote – including power, volume, and sound effects.

Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features

The Samsung HW-T550 Soundbar has four presets that can be chosen from. 

There are three options: Game, Smart, and DTS Virtual. Enhance dialog on-screen with Dynamic Range Compression.

  • Changing the game mode

The soundbar will boost your gaming experience when connected to your console. To gain an advantage, optimize sound while providing clear directional sound.

Samsung hw-t550 soundbar review: An ultimate guide with exciting features
  • Integrated wireless surround sound  

You can easily add wireless surround sound capability to your soundbar without having to worry about wiring.

  • Sound volume

 There are good stereo dynamics and a volume knob on this soundbar. Will hear the party you throw, even across a large space. Can achieve a maximum volume without audible compression.

  • The App

Due to its lack of Samsung app compatibility, this soundbar is disappointing compared to last year’s model. Using the remote is the only way to customize now.




Can connect the Soundbar to television in three ways. It allows you to do your work however you prefer. You can join a soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth, optical cable, or HDMI.

Connect the Power Sources of the Soundbar and subwoofer. After that, it is possible to turn on the central unit. Wireless subwoofers connect to bars. A perfect setup is when the only wired cable is the power cable.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect other devices to the soundbar. Also included are smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This soundbar also enables the simultaneous connection of two devices.

Sound quality

To connect your Soundbar to your television, you can use an HDMI cable. Can use the optical cable instead if you prefer. In any case, the sound will be excellent and similar regardless of what you choose.

When action sequences are played, the dialogue will be clear, and the Soundbar will improve the sound quality. 

Your attention will be captivated. A volume increase of 90 percent can achieve the maximum volume.

It will be evident to you that none of the parts are distorted at even these high levels. 

The subwoofer will deliver a strong bass tone to your television’s background score. 

A powerful sound is also present. It also makes whispers clearer, more distinct, and louder, one of its best features.

I enjoy listening to the music playing on the Samsung HW-T550 2.1ch soundbar. Sounds are consistent throughout. The sound output from this soundbar will not be explosive, however. As well as the 3D production, DTS recreates the sound.


  • Great quality and budget-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Great sound
  • Highly recommended
  • Powerful and deep bass
  • Elegant sleek design
  • Holding accessories
  • Easily controlled by remote
  • Powerful subwoofers
  • Powerful stripes and extensions
  • Care and cleaning kit


  • There is no app for this model
  • The device lacks Wi-Fi capabilities

Buying guide

Soundbars have exciting bass and audio clarity, which means you can enjoy your home entertainment without missing a word. Here are things to look for when purchasing one. 

 It would help if you thought about the following factors: 

  • What is your budget? 

We have selected the best cheap soundbars for your limited budget.

  •  TV size – how big is yours? 

We offer reviews of different kinds of soundbars so that you can choose the right one for your TV.

  •  What is the size of your room?

 The soundbar you choose should be able to adjust to a small, medium, or large room.

  •  What will become of the soundbar? 
  • Is it comfortable to watch TV with it? 
  • What kind of mounting is required? 
  • My TV has a soundbar, will it work? 

It is theoretically possible for any soundbar to be used with any TV, regardless of the manufacturer. Newer models, which use standard cable types, are especially susceptible to this.

 Make sure your soundbar can support one of those channels before buying it for an older TV. A wide soundbar can appear awkward (albeit it still works) if it’s wider than your TV.

Standardized cables used in modern models tend to have this problem.

  • Connections of high quality

 Soundbars should have one or more digital connectors — optical, coaxial, or HDMI. Compared to the cheaper equivalents, these allow for more features, including virtual surround sound and minimize interference. 

 HDMI ARC connections are available on the best soundbars. Furthermore, HDMI-CEC models will allow you to control the TV and soundbar with one remote. 

  • Stylish and functional design 

Considering that soundbars are placed next to your TV, they should have some style while not so intrusive that they become unwelcome. It becomes a distraction when they are around. In addition, the soundbar itself should include any buttons you might need to adjust or change the audio source conveniently and without having to contort your body into uncomfortable positions.

  • Access to wireless technology 

There is a Bluetooth connection on most soundbars (in addition to a wired connection). You can listen to your music without having to turn on your TV if you want this feature.

 Music can be streamed wirelessly from some soundbars across multiple rooms. Your music library will be accessible to you throughout your house if you connect speakers in a group. 

Music systems with multiple speakers and multiple rooms can be built using soundbars with Wi-Fi. To use this feature, you will need to have other speakers of the same brand in your home.

  • The voice assistant

 A lot of high-end models come equipped with voice control. Using your voice, you can control Amazon Alexa and Google Home, for example. 

These features are available on some soundbars, but others require additional hardware, like Amazon Echo or Google Nest devices.

  • The broad listening angle at high volume

 Almost every soundbar has a ‘sweet spot.’ There is one particular sitting position where the sound sounds best, and as you move away from that position, the sound quality deteriorates.

 In our soundbar reviews, you’ll want to pay attention to our ‘different angles and distances’ scores if you enjoy watching TV with friends or family members.

 The versatility of the table is evident, even if you are not seated in the center.

 Watts –or watts RMS — are used to measure the audio power. Including the subwoofers, this figure represents the combined energy output of all speakers on the soundbar. 

While more watts might lead to a more prosperous, louder, or broader sound, this does not always equate to quality, which matters the most. The best soundbar may not necessarily be the most powerful. It is also easy to confuse wattage with energy usage.

Frequently asked questions

Is Samsung T550 soundbar good?

An excellent entry-level soundbar from 2020, the Samsung HW-T550 is a perfect overall choice. The wireless subwoofer delivers deep and powerful bass with its 2.1 speaker configuration. I like the sound profile of this album – it has a nice balance, with a bit of extra bass kick.

What is Dolby Atmos, and do I need it?

Includes overhead effects in surround sound.

A sound effect overhead is not suitable for all content. Streaming movies and television programs are available on Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray. Dolby Atmos information can only be decoded by a compatible receiver/processor.

  • Why is the Samsung soundbar not working?

Trying resetting all devices will improve communication between Samsung soundbar and TV. The simplest way to diagnose your issue is to disconnect your soundbar and TV cables for three minutes. Remove the power cable from the TV and turn it off for two minutes to do a power reset.

  • How do I get my TV to recognize my soundbar?

Your TV and soundbar must be turned on for HDMI ARC to work.

To connect an HDMI cable to your TV, connect one end of the cable to the HDMI IN (ARC) port.

Your sound bar’s HDMI OUT port (TV-ARC) is the other end.

Then, you need to change your sound bar’s source to D.IN.

  • Can I use regular speakers for Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos can be played on any speaker so that you can benefit from pinpoint-precise surround sound delivery at home. Dolby’s speakers offer the best sound experience for the latest in immersive audio technology.

  • What is ARC HDMI on Samsung TV?

Using one HDMI cable, ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows TVs with ARC capabilities and compatible devices to send audio back and forth. An HDMI cable is all that is needed to output digital sound via the TV.

Samsung Hw-T550 Soundbar Review

  • Samsung Hw-T550 Soundbar


In the Samsung HW-t550 soundbar review, we have discussed its features, accessories, and buying GUID. The best option for home entertainment is an enhanced system. At an affordable price, this product offers excellent audio quality. Bass is its primary focus. Because of this, it is the right choice for any fast-paced action flick.
It would have been better if this soundbar had surround sound. Additionally, this soundbar may not appeal to audiophiles. While it serves as a soundbar, it will enhance your television’s audio from home comfort.