REL T5x Vs T7x: Who Will Win the Battle of Subwoofers?

In the heavily saturated subwoofer market, the REL T5x and T7x stand out the most.

Yet, people have strong confusion when picking between these two subwoofers, because they’re both of tremendous value.

So, which one is the better option rel t5x vs t7x?

Although the T5X and T7X is two very efficient subwoofers, the T7X has better drivers and performance. It also consists of better build material. However, the T5X is cheaper than the T7X and it is also a lighter speaker in comparison. On the other hand, the T7X has a wider range of frequency and more wattage.

This much information will be necessary, but you’ll need to know more in order to make the correct choice. Hence, read the article till the very end!

REL T5x Vs T7x: a Brief Comparison

Before comparing the T5X and T7X in-depth, a small comparison will help you understand the bigger picture. The table below has all the differentiating factors listed, take a look-

Differentiating FactorsREL T5xREL T7x
Dimension11.8” x 12” x 12.3”14.0” x 12.6” x 14.3”
Frequency-6dB at 32 Hz-6dB at 30 Hz
Driver and RadiatorDown Firing, PassiveFront Firing, Sealed
Weight14.3 kg17.5 kg
Price 699$999$

Now that the briefing is done, let’s discuss more information. In the next segment, the factors are elaborated with essential and accurate information. Keep reading.

REL T5x Vs T7x: In-depth Comparison

Here’s the in-depth comparison of the REL T5X and T7X subwoofers. This information will greatly help you decide the best subwoofer for your needs.

REL T5x and T7x
Source: audiograde


The wattage defines the unit power of the subwoofers. The more the wattage, the stronger the subwoofer.

The wattage of the T5X is 125 watts. This subwoofer packs and can handle a lot of power. Yet, it’s lower than the T7X in comparison.

The T7X can handle 200-watt power. It’s louder and more capable than the T5x, almost double it! This can be beneficial, especially for the best home theatre systems out there.

Verdict: In terms of wattage, the T7X has a much higher wattage than the T5X.


The dimension is the size of a subwoofer unit. It contains the height, width, and length of a subwoofer. The height of the T5X subwoofer is 11.8 inches and the width is 12 inches. 

Also, the length of this subwoofer is 12.3 inches. This is a compact subwoofer overall.

On the other hand, the T7X has a height of 14 inches and a width of 12.6 inches. Its length is 14.3 inches. When compared to the T5X subwoofer, it is quite large.

Verdict: When it comes to dimension, the T5X is the smaller subwoofer and the T7X is the bigger one.


The T5X subwoofer can deliver bass frequencies down to 32 Hz. On the other hand, the T7X goes even lower at 30 Hz. Both frequencies are measured at -6dB. The T7X covers a wider range of frequencies than the T5X. 

The frequency of a subwoofer determines how rich the deep and low-register pitches will be. The wider the frequency range, the richer the sound.

Verdict: The T7X has a higher and wider range of frequency than the T5X.


The T7X subwoofer has a steel chassis and the dust cap is made of FibreAlloy inverted aluminum. This material is of very high quality and can last a long time. On the other hand, the T5X subwoofer also has a steel chassis. 

But it’s developed using a composite of aluminum and light paper. Although this material is good, the T7X has better material. The material of a subwoofer determines how rich the sound will be, and the overall build quality.

The material is also a big factor when it comes to acoustic panels. For instance, the material makes a huge difference when differentiating Acoustimac and GIK acoustic panels.

Verdict: The T7X has a better material quality when compared to the material quality if T5X.

Driver and Radiator:

The T5X subwoofer has two drivers, a 8” passive driver and a 10” active driver. The radiator of the T5X is a down-firing radiator. On the other hand, the T7X has a 10” passive driver and a 12” active driver. It consists of a radiator that’s front firing. 

The radiator of a subwoofer uses the trapped air in the enclosure to create sound.

Maintaining the drivers of a subwoofer should ba a top priority. Drivers are the reason why subwoofers can create low pitches. If your subwoofer only works at high volume, it might indicate a problem with the driver.

Verdict: Between the T5X and T7X, the T7X has better and bigger drivers.


The T5X subwoofer weighs 14.3 kg. It’s a hefty amount of weight, but it’s quite less when compared to the T7X subwoofer. The T7X subwoofer weighs 17.5 kg. It might be an issue if you’re planning to move the speaker a lot. 

The weight of the speaker determines the ease of movement and the overall capabilities.

You can minimize this hassle by setting up and placing the subwoofer in the correct place!

Verdict: In terms of weight, the T5X is a lighter option than the T7X subwoofer.

T5X subwoofer


The price of the T5X subwoofer is 699$. It is the cheaper option between the two subwoofers. On the other hand, the T7X subwoofer is priced at 999$. Although the T7X offers really great specs, it’s a far more expensive option.

Verdict: Between the T5X and the T7X, the T7X subwoofer is the expensive option.

REL T5x Vs T7x: Final Verdict

All this information may be overwhelming but don’t worry. Here’s a summed up version for you-

If you want a lightweight subwoofer that can support a small room, pick the T5X. It is the cheaper subwoofer between the T5X and T7X. Yet, it doesn’t have the power that T7X provides and it also has a reduced material quality.

On the other hand, the T7X has a higher frequency and wattage than the T5X. But it’s more expensive and a larger speaker than the T5X. It’s also the heavier subwoofer in comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Difference Between Rel T9x And Rel T9i?

The main difference of the T9X and the T9i is the footprint. Also, the T9X has a more powerful subwoofer components and amplifier. This is how the T9X is superior than the T9i for bringing a tremendous leap of performance. 

What Size Subwoofer Is Best?

The best subwoofer size depends on the size of your room. If your has a lot of space, you will require a mid to high range subwoofer that’s at least 10-12 inch. On the contrary, if your room is small, a entry level subwoofer with 8-10 inch drivers can do the trick.

Where Is REL Made?

REL is a manufacturer originated from the United Kingdom. REL has won many high-end awards and is in business for 25 years. They make subwoofers, home theater systems, speakers, etc.


You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, now you can pick the best option between rel t5x vs t7x

A pro tip for buying a subwoofer is to inspect the room size you’ll be placing the subwoofer. Big rooms require big subwoofer drivers while small room suffice for smaller drivers.

Best of luck and enjoy your subwoofer.