Playing Dolby Atmos on a Fire TV Stick-2023 guide

Playing Dolby atoms on a fire TV stick will explain in this post. Amazon’s latest Fire TV Stick version supports Dolby Atmos, which isn’t surprising. The popularity of home theaters is steadily increasing, and users seem to prefer enjoying cinematic effects at home. How can a Fire TV Stick play Dolby Atmos content?

Three Fire TV Stick models support Dolby Atmos audio: the Fire TV Stick 4K, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and the Fire TV Stick 4K. The Fire TV Stick Lite does not support Dolby Atmos sound. You must use a soundbar or receiver that supports Dolby Atmos to get Dolby Atmos audio.

You can enjoy the incredible sound provided by Dolby Atmos in your home with the Fire TV Stick set up for Dolby Atmos.

Make sure your equipment supports surround sound.

When setting up your Fire TV, navigate to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio/Video Diagnostics. Click Test Video once you have reached the Audio/Video Diagnostics screen to ensure your TV and sound equipment are compatible with Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Atmos system will say “yes” if configured to play surround sound.

You need to try the following steps, and then try Dolby Atmos again if it currently says “no.”.

Ensure the cables you are using are the correct ones

Soundbars are generally supplied with optical cables for connecting to your TV, but high-speed HDMI cables are required for connecting your TV to your surround sound system, including your soundbar. Dolby Atmos can’t work with your sound system through the optical cable output from your TV.

Sound Bar directly connects to Fire Stick.

It may be a problem with the sound output on your TV if your Fire TV Stick 4K cannot connect to your audio system. You can connect your soundbar to your TV via your ARC HDMI port by plugging your Amazon Firestick directly into your soundbar. One HDMI port on your soundbar should be labeled ARC, and you should use this port to connect the soundbar to your TV if it has multiple HDMI ports.

Should your soundbar not have two HDMI ports, proceed to the next step.

Connect your Fire Stick directly to the soundbar

A 4K HDMI Splitter is another option for connecting your Fire TV Stick 4K to your TV and soundbar. Using two HDMI cables, connect one HDMI cable from the splitter to the soundbar and another from the splitter to the TV; you can connect your Fire stick to this HDMI Splitter. This way, you can simultaneously feed your surround sound system and TV with the Fire TV Stick input.

Make sure your TV supports 4K

It may also be necessary to check whether your TV can support 4K resolution. Ultra High Definition, or UHD, is also used to describe 4K resolution. While 4K and UHD refer to TV screen resolution, these higher-resolution TVs also feature Dolby Atmos technology to enhance sound quality. On TV with a lower resolution, Dolby Atmos may not be supported by many streaming platforms.

Get in touch with your surround sound system’s technical support

You will need to consult your surround system’s user manual or contact technical support if you have tried the above options but cannot get Dolby Atmos connected to your TV. The manufacturer of your surround sound system will be best able to help you set it up.

Make sure your media supports Dolby Atmos.

Ensure that whatever you are watching or listening to supports Dolby Atmos if your Audio/Video Diagnostic check indicates Dolby Atmos is working.

Dolby Atmos is only available through Netflix’s Ultra HD subscription. You may not be able to watch every show or movie with Dolby Atmos, even if you have the right subscription. The description of shows with Dolby Atmos sound will include a Dolby Atmos icon.

The following streaming platforms support Dolby Atmos at the moment:

  • (On some plans) Netflix
  • Amazon Video
  • Disney+
  • (On some plans) HBO Max
  • Apple TV+

Activate the Dolby Atmos setting in your streaming app

Amazon Video, for example, requires you to adjust the sound settings once you have pulled up your media.

Watch a show or movie on Amazon Video in Ultra HD, select the menu on your remote and navigate to audio> Audio Output > Dolby Atmos while the show is playing. You will then hear Dolby Atmos sound in your show or movie.


Playing Dolby Atmos on a Fire TV Stick was explained in detail as long as your Fire TV surround sound setup supports Dolby Atmos and your media supports, The Dolby Atmos experience on the Fire TV Stick is pretty good. I was impressed with the level of detail and clarity the system provided, especially regarding sounds that seemed to come from above me. If you have a 4K television and are looking for an immersive audio experience, the Dolby Atmos-enabled Fire TV Stick is worth considering. Have you tried out this feature yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Frequently asked questions

How to pair a Bluetooth sound bar with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

How does Dolby Atmos work on Firestick?

Connect the soundbar or AV receiver to the HDMI port on your TV if it has an HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC port. Once you have connected the Fire TV Stick to the HDMI port, you can watch it on the TV. Your TV’s HDMI ARC port must support Dolby Atmos pass-through if you are using the ARC port.

Does Dolby Atmos work without HDMI ARC?

HDMI is a requirement for Dolby Atmos unless you’re happy with your television’s internal speakers. HDMI is the only way to get Dolby Atmos content to your AV receiver or soundbar, regardless of whether it comes from a Blu-ray disc, streaming box, or even a built-in TV app.

Is Fire stick 4K capable of Dolby Atmos?

Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon

Up to 4K Ultra HD video can be output at 60 frames per second. As well as HDR, it supports Dolby Vision. Aside from the standard 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby surround audio outputs and HDMI Audio pass-through, Dolby Atmos is also supported.

Does Netflix support Dolby Atmos on Firestick?

Now you can watch Netflix (and other apps) with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The Sonos Arc is an Atmos soundbar, so this is good news for you.

Does Fire Stick have Dolby sound?

If you connect your Fire Stick device to an HDMI port, it can play surround sound. Depending on the model, efficiency varies. A new Fire Stick version supports Dolby Digital 5.1/7.1 and Dolby Atmos, while the original Fire Stick supports 5.1 surround.