Kef Lsx Blinking Orange: What Does It Mean And How To Fix It?

In the market of all-in-one speakers, the KEF LSX has surely made its name. It’s a really good quality speaker with a good build and it’s reliable.

Yet, there’s a recent problem the users are facing, where the KEF LSX’s LED light keeps blinking Orange. 

So, what should you do when you find the kef lsx blinking orange?

Firstly, this issue might arise because of master/slave configuration issues. In such cases, resetting the configuration can solve this. Secondly, the backdated firmware of the KEF LSX application may be the reason. Updating it to the latest version is the fix for this. Finally, internet connectivity issues can be causing the blinking. Reset the routers and factory reset the speakers in this case.

Along with this information, you’ll need proper guidance. Read the article till the end to fully solve this issue!

The KEF LSX are top-grade speakers which have many features. There’s also a LED light in the primary and secondary speakers that shows different statuses for the speakers.

When KEF LSX Blinks Orange

The connection and operational statuses can be determined by the LED colors and blinking patterns. The LED colors have Orange, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, etc. It’s quite similar to the Red light in Samsung’s soundbar.

Refer to the below table for the patterns and statuses for the Orange light in KEF LSX-

Blinking PatternStatus
Blinking Orange SlowlySpeakers are In Standby Mode and Waiting to Connect to the WiFi
Blinking Orange RapidlyThe Speakers Cannot Connect to the WiFi
Blinking White and OrangeThe LSX Speaker’s Ready to Connect to the WiFi Network

Now you have a brief idea of the meaning of the blinking lights. Let’s move on to diagnosing the issue. 

3 Reasons and Solutions behind a KEF LSX Blinking Orange

The reasons, symptoms, and solutions behind a KEF LSX speaker blinking orange are given in the table below- 

Master/Slave Configuration IssuesLack of Connection Between the Speaker UnitsReset Master/slave Settings
Backdated Firmware of KEF LSX Application Forgetting WiFi Networks
App Crashing
Upgrade LSX Firmware to the Latest Version
Internet Connectivity IssuesSpeaker Not Connecting to the Internet
WiFi Dropouts
Reset the Routers
Factory Reset the Speakers

The elaboration of the reasons, symptoms, and solutions are given in the next segment.

Reason 1: Master/Slave Configuration Issue

The KEF LSX speakers consist of one primary speaker and one secondary speaker. The primary speaker’s also known as the Master speaker while the secondary is known as the Slave speaker.

The Slave speaker is dependent on the Master speaker for audio. If the Master speaker isn’t working or the connection between these two speakers is off, it’ll create problems. There will be an error regarding the speaker configuration. 

Problems like these really mess up the audio experience of speakers. This can happen in soundbars and other audio devices as well. 

For good-quality audio, you’ll need good-quality audio devices as well. For instance, If you’ve got a home theatre, this soundbar buying guide can help you pick the best soundbar!


You can solve this issue by resetting the Master/Slave or the Primary/Secondary settings. Behind the primary and secondary speakers, there should be a P/S Pairing button (M).

Slave Configuration Issue

After configuring the KEF LSX speakers, press the P/S Pairing button on the secondary speaker. This will allow it to find the primary speaker and connect to it. If the connection keeps on failing, you can use the inter-speaker cable to connect them through the wire.

This should restore the Primary/Secondary configuration of the speakers and the LED should turn solid Orange.

Reason 2: Backdated Firmware

The KEF app is a solid software that allows full control of the KEF LSX, wirelessly. You can get hold of many functions and features with this app. However, the KEF LSX firmware has to be updated to the latest version for this app to work.

It can work with backdated firmware, but it can cause problems like the Orange light blinking. 

Also, the connected speakers might forget the network on their own. As a result, the authentication process of the internet is stopped and the connectivity is hindered.


To solve this issue, the KEF LSX has to be upgraded to the latest firmware version. The KEF website regularly rolls out firmware updates which bring many bug fixes and new features. Updating the firmware will enhance the performance of the speakers.

To update the LSX firmware, follow the steps below-

  • Start off by updating the KEF app to the latest version. If you’ve got an Android device, go to the play store and update it. Go to the App Store if you’re an Apple user.
  • Next, launch the app and head into the ‘Firmware Update’ section.
  • From there, check the updates. If there is a new version of firmware available, the display will show the version number.
  • Now, check a couple of things. Make sure your country/region is correct before installing the update.

    Also, the inter-speaker cables between the primary and secondary speakers should be connected as well.
  • Finally, you can start updating. While the firmware is updating via Wifi, keep the application in the foreground. Also, refrain from resetting or unplugging any of the speakers. The updates take around 20-30 minutes.

After the update is done, the Orange light should be solid. This means the connection is established properly.

Reason 3: Internet Connectivity Issues

In order to control the KEF LSM speaker wirelessly, an internet connection is mandatory. You can control the speakers via the KEF application. However, when the internet connection is problematic, the wireless functions don’t work correctly.

This mainly occurs when the speaker has trouble connecting to the WiFi. This is quite common for audio output devices. Speakers and soundbars from other brands such as Samsung and Sonos Move face problems connecting to WiFi.

Even if the KEF LSX speakers do connect to the internet, you might face WiFi dropouts. This will ultimately result in the internet connection being dropped.


To solve this issue, you can rely on two solutions. For the first solution, you will need to reset your routers. Here is how to soft reset the routers;

You can soft reset the routers by simply taking the power out and putting the power back in. Firstly, unplug the router’s power cable from the electric port. Then, plug in the power cable back in. 

Altering the power like this will reset the router. You can also do this via the power button. Press the power button once and wait for a few seconds, then press it again. This should successfully reset the router.

how to soft reset the routers

If the soft reset doesn’t fix the internet connectivity, factory reset your routers. Hard resetting routers fix a variety of issues starting from ping issues, connectivity issues, lagging, etc.

For the second solution, you will need to factory reset the KEF LSX speakers. To factory reset your KEF LSX speakers-

  1. First, make sure the speaker is powered on and the orange LED is blinking.
  2. Next, take a paper clip. Use the paper clip to hold the ‘reset’ button of your speakers. The ‘reset’ button is on the back of the primary speaker, marked with a triangle. Hold the ‘reset’ button for at least 5 seconds.

The LED should stop flashing. After the reset, the LED indicator will flash White and Orange.

  1. Finally, set up the speakers again by launching the KEF control application. Connect the speakers to the internet. If you’re confused in any way, just follow the in-app instructions and you’re good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is KEF LSX blinking Red?

The KEF LSX light blinks Red for a few reasons such as firmware process failure, system error, etc. Moreover, if your system is being updated, the Red light may flash. The patterns are different for each distinct reason.

Can you use KEF LSX without the app?

Yes, you can use the KEF LSX without any app. There are a few physical buttons on the speaker that helps to control the speaker wirelessly. Furthermore, you can use the physical remote to control the speakers.

What is the range of KEF LSX?

The range of the KEF LSX 49Hz to 49kHz. This frequency depends on the control settings of the speaker. The different built-in DACs inside the driver’s sample data are up to 192 kHz.

The Final Words

You’ve reached the end of this article. Now if you inspect your kef lsx blinking orange, you can diagnose and fix this issue. You can leave this issue after the professional if you choose not to fix it yourself. 

Contact KEF customer care support to get this issue fixed! Best of luck.