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Today we are going to talk about how to turn on Sanyo soundbar without remote because, Nowadays, losing the remote is a common problem. Remotes are often lost, and the problem gets worse when the soundbar lacks physical keys.

It’s also difficult to turn on the Sanyo soundbar without the remote since it doesn’t have any physical keys.

Hence, we have compiled this guide to guide you through turning the Sanyo soundbar on without a remote.

Let’s check out the details without further delay.

Turning on Sanyo Soundbar Without the Remote

You can easily turn on your Sanyo soundbar without the original remote by following this guide. There are two ways to turn on the soundbar, which we will provide you with.

Depending on your needs, you can use any method.

IR Remote Control for Mobile Phones

Use the IR sensor on your mobile phone to turn on the Sanyo soundbar. You won’t have to purchase any additional devices this way.

IR sensors on your mobile phone are required for this method to work, which is the only disadvantage. As far as switching on your Sanyo soundbar goes, it’s a perfect alternative to physical remote control.

How to turn on Sanyo Soundbar with the phone’s IR:

  • Google Play Store users can download the Universal Remote app.
  • Open the remote control once the installation process has been completed.
  • Then choose “Soundbar” from the available list, and finally “Sanyo” from the brand selection.
  • A number of remotes will be offered to you before you settle on one.
  • Ensure that the remote you are using works with your model by trying all of them, and enabling the one that works.

Using the universal remote control

If your mobile phone does not have an IR sensor, you can use a universal remote instead of a physical remote. You can also use the universal remote with other gadgets besides the soundbar.

To use the Universal Remote with Sanyo Soundbar, follow these steps:

  • Get your Sanyo soundbar’s universal access code list here.
  • You can now test all the soundbar codes one by one.
  • Decide which soundbar model is compatible with yours.

Frequently asked questions

How do you turn on a Sanyo sound bar?

The Sanyo Sound Bar is turned on

With the remote control or from the soundbar control panel, you can turn on the soundbar. Your remote or soundbar should have a power button. It should light up once you press the button.

Is there a soundbar remote app?

From the Google Play Store, download the Samsung Audio Remote app to control the Soundbar with your smart device. Using the Audio Remote App, you can select input sources, choose songs, and control a few functions.

How do you program a universal remote to a Sanyo sound bar?

Comcast Remote Code Search

  1. Auxiliary is selected when the soundbar is turned on.
  2. Select the Setup key and press it. …
  3. After adding the 9913 code, wait for the Aux key to blink.
  4. While holding the remote in front of the Sanyo soundbar, select the Power key.
  5. When the soundbar turns off, hold down the Channel up key and select the Setup option.

How to hookup sonyo soundbar?

Is there a remote app for Sanyo TV?

Streaming is easy with Sanyo Roku TVTM. Sign up for free trials, subscribe, rent, or buy with a Roku account by connecting to your wireless network. You can find what you want to watch whenever you want with a user-friendly interface, a simple remote, and a convenient mobile app for your iOS or AndroidTM device.

Can you replace a sound bar remote?

Replacement remotes for Samsung soundbars can be purchased from the Samsung parts website if you lose yours. Find the correct remote by entering your soundbar’s model.


As there are no physical keys on the soundbar itself, controlling the Sanyo soundbar with a physical remote can be a complete headache.

Hence, we have compiled this guide, which provides two methods for controlling the Sanyo soundbar without a remote control.