How to turn on Bose soundbar without remote? The Definitive Guide in 2023

 Today we will talk about how to turn on Bose soundbar without remote control. Bose soundbars come with a remote when you purchase them, but do not have a power button. Many Bose soundbar owners believe they can only control the soundbar with the remote. If the remote is not available, what will you do? As a result, many users become concerned because they do not know what to do.

Is there a situation where you’re stuck and don’t know what to do? No problem, you can still use the Bose soundbar without the remote. Is this even possible? Using the Bose soundbar without a remote control is explained in the following information.

How to turn on Bose solo five without remote

When you lose your remote, you have three options:

  • It is possible to use a universal remote control.
  • For Bose devices, you can also buy a replacement remote.
  • Configure your remote control for Bose speakers or soundbars

Can I use the Bose soundbar without a remote?

Controlling your gadgets with a remote is always convenient. Could prevent the device from a distance simply by being at a certain point.

Can control most Bose products with a remote control. If, however, the remote is unavailable and you wish to use the soundbar, you then worry about whether the Bose soundbar will work without a remote.

 Bose soundbar can use without a remote control easily.

Here are some different means to turn on Bose soundbar without remote?

You do not have to worry that you will have difficulty using the soundbar if you do not have a remote.

Can use alternative methods to operate the Bose soundbar without a remote. The following are ways you can use the Bose soundbar without a remote.

Auto wake

With this feature, your Bose products can be turned on automatically without using a remote control. The Bose soundbar will turn on immediately when it detects sound if the feature is enabled.

You must have enabled this feature while you still have access to the Bose remote control. Press the power button for five seconds on the remote control to turn it on.

When the LED light on the soundbar blinks amber, hold down the power button until you hear sound. Also, if the soundbar isn’t connected after twenty minutes, it will shut down automatically.

Bose Music app

You don’t need a remote to operate the soundbar when using the Bose Music app. Start by downloading the Bose Music app on your phone and updating your soundbar.

With this app, you can access a wide variety of music and other favorites. The Bose Music app lets you listen to your favorite songs on different apps, including Amazon, Spotify, internet radio, etc. You control your soundbar by tapping the app.

Bose Professional launches ControlSpace Remote App.

Can control Bose networked amplifiers and DSPs via a control panel allowing adjustment of volume, mute, source selection, and other parameters

For Android and iOS devices, Bose Professional has launched ControlSpace Remote, a new installer-configured mobile device app designed for wireless control by end-users.

There are both Google Play Store and Apple App Store that offer free downloads of this app. The installer can incorporate it into new or existing installations where networked Bose system electronics are used.

A ControlSpace Remote system consists of two components: Remote Builder, a PC software tool that allows installers to design, test, and deploy control panels to mobile devices, and Remote App, a mobile app that allows users to control their audio systems in a personalized and intuitive way.

In addition to adjusting volume, mute, and source selection, the app also offers straightforward control panels for Bose networked amplifiers and DSPs. To maximize system utilization, collections of control panels are displayed as logical groupings, which resemble specific zones in a facility.

Remote Builder is a simple PC software tool that leverages 12 pre-designed templates for installers to set up control panels quickly while still enabling personalization at the end user’s device. After the installer’s design is built, it is delivered to the client’s device. In a single setup, multiple designs and devices can be active simultaneously to meet the client’s requirements.

Bose has a long history and expertise in providing end-user remote controls in the consumer space. ControlSpace Remote enhances that simplicity and approachability to mobile rules so that any end-user can easily adjust even the most complex audio system. The integrator provides the end-user with a simple, unintimidating interface to control their system. That way, the customer is happy, and the more advanced settings won’t get messed up.”

What other type of remote can I use for the Bose soundbar?

Can use a different remote to control the Bose soundbar, as stated in this guide. You can also use the following remotes with your soundbar.


Nowadays, most new devices are equipped with this feature. You will use the soundbar without the Bose remote if the soundbar is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

Look for HDMI-CEC options on the TV and enable this feature. After this is done, can control Bose soundbar using the TV remote.

If another brand makes your TV, the CEC name might not appear. Brands may call it by different names, such as E-link, Fun-Link, INlink, etc. Refer to your TV’s manual for details.

The universal remote control

The soundbar is compatible with remotes that send IR commands. The universal remote programming instructions include a list of codes you can try.

If any of the codes provided there work for your Bose soundbar, you can try them all. A universal remote may not have the regulations necessary to control the Bose soundbar optimally.

You can teach your soundbar to respond to another remote.

Regardless of whether it is a universal remote or not, you can teach your soundbar the volume and mute commands from other remotes that send an infrared signal.

Using a remote that sends radio frequency commands will not work with the Bose soundbar. You can do this by holding the TV button on the Bose remote control until you see the Bluetooth light blinks three times. Press the volume up button after the light blinks three times.

Following this, you should press and hold the volume up button on the remote you wish to use to configure the soundbar.

Continue doing this until you hear a tone from the soundbar. The LED light on the soundbar will blink amber twice after learning the command.

The LED light on the soundbar would blink red twice if it did not learn the command. Unless the soundbar learns the power, repeat the process. You can use the volume down button when repeating the process.


A remote is not necessary for using the Bose soundbar. Several methods presented in this guide can answer your question about how to turn on bose soundbar without remote? Can use the bose soundbar for a long time without encountering any problems using these different methods.

Frequently asked questions

Can you turn on a Bose soundbar without the remote?

The remote control is not required to turn on or off your system. Turning auto-wake on or off will automatically enable your system to power on when sound is detected. After 20 minutes of inactivity, your system will power off automatically.

How can I use Bose without remote?

Remote control of your SoundTouch systems is made possible by the free SoundTouch app, which can use from your computer or mobile device. System settings include: exploring local and global Internet radio stations, setting and changing presets, streaming music, and viewing what’s playing.

Is there a power button on a Bose Soundbar?

Speakers and soundbars from Bose lack a power button for turning them on. Bose soundbars and speakers can only be powered by remote control. There may be several issues with your remote control, and once it stops working, you’re left with no way to turn on the speaker or soundbar.

Can I use my phone as a Bose remote?

In addition to ControlSpace Remote, Bose Professional has announced the launch of ControlSpace Remote, a new installer-configured app for smartphones and tablets.