How to sync two JBL speakers: a full guide

Today, in this article, I’ll show you how to pair JBL speakers together via a Bluetooth connection. It is possible to link almost 100 JBL speakers together (Only supported speakers with the JBL Connect+ capability.)

Bluetooth connection makes it considerably simpler for connecting multiple JBL speakers, and you can raise the audio volume by up to 100 times if you choose.

how to sync two jbl speakers

The basic condition to connect JBL speakers

Each JBL portable Bluetooth speaker needs to have the same communication protocol to be connected. Numerous models of speakers are from JBL, and each one offers a unique form of connecting.

In actuality, there is an improved version of every new model. But, it is not possible to upgrade the older model to the latest technology.

Remember that if you want to connect 100 speakers, they must all have the “JBL Connect+” feature rather than the “JBL Connect” feature because not all JBL speakers do. You may experience louder, stereo sound with more bass when you link at least two or multiple JBL speakers together.

There is no better method to connect multiple JBL speakers and have a good time at large outdoor gatherings.

Instead of creating a home audio system, you should get two JBL speakers or multiple speakers, even if you enjoy music and spend most of your time away from the house. The sound quality is identical to a home theater, even with just two connected JBL speakers together.

To connect multiple JBL speakers, utilize the “JBL Connect” app. If you want to avoid utilizing the “JBL Portable” app, it is straightforward to use Bluetooth to connect JBL speakers together.

If you are familiar with their technology, connecting with multiple speakers will be simpler for you. I have therefore listed here several JBL models together with their technology:

1. JBL ‘Connect’ technology

The following speakers from JBL have “Connect” technology:

  • Pulse 2
  • Flip 3
  • Clip 2
  • Charge 3

2. JBL ‘Connect+’ technology

This “Connect+” feature is included with these 5 JBL speakers:

  • Flip 4
  • Pulse 3
  • Xtreme 2
  • Boombox
  • Charge 4

3. ‘PartyBoost’ technology

The most recent JBL speakers with “PartyBoost” are as follows:

  • Flip 4 and Flip 5
  • Pulse 4 and Pulse 5
  • Boombox 2 and Boombox 3
  • JBL Xtreme 3
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How many JBL speakers can you connect together?

The model matters since there are two connecting options: JBL Connect and JBL Connect+.

The simplest option is “Connect,” which enables the simultaneous connection of two JBL speakers, while “Connect+” enables the simultaneous connection of up to one hundred speakers.

Steps to connect JBL speakers

Here are the methods for connecting multiple JBL speakers together:

1. Check the compatibility of JBL speakers

If they come in different models, you must make sure that they share the same connectivity technology. Look at the Connect button to find out if your speakers are compatible.

The “Connect” button has the appearance of an hourglass.

The following technique can be used to determine its type:

  • Your JBL speaker has a “PlayBoost” feature if the hourglass icon has round sides.
  • The straight-edged hourglass emblem represents the “JBL Connect” technology.
  • The “JBL Connect Plus” feature is indicated by straight edges with a plus sign.

2. Turn on all JBL speakers

Perhaps you’re attempting to link two or more JBL speakers. Thus, turn on all the JBL speakers to pair.

To turn on a JBL speaker, press and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds. A confirmation tone and a blue or white LEDindication will shine.

3. Connect JBL speakers together to source

After turning on all JBL speakers, connect Bluetooth to link them all to your phone or any other device, such as an iPad, computer, etc.

The same smartphone must be used to connect JBL speakers together. The number of speakers you can connect to your smartphone may be limited.

Your smartphone’s “Settings” menu should be accessed by tapping the “Bluetooth” option.

Activate Bluetooth, which will detect nearby gadgets before connecting to your speakers.

As soon as you hear a tone, release the “Bluetooth” button on your speaker by pressing and holding it.

Return to your smartphone, where a list of multiple connected JBL speakers will be displayed.

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4. Play music from the source

Play audio from the source, such as your computer or smartphone, after all, your JBL speakers are connected.

One of your JBL speakers will be the only one to play this audio.

You may play audio files that have been saved, as well as music from apps like Spotify and YouTube Music. To play the song over the speakers, turn up the phone’s volume.

5. Press the “Connect” button on playing JBL speaker

You must connect other JBL speakers as well because the audio is being played through one JBL speaker. The playing JBL speaker should have a “Connect” button on it.

6. Press the “Connect” button on other JBL speakers

In the final stage, press the “Connect” button, on all other JBL speakers to connect. Make sure the source is initially linked.

The work is complete. The audio from the same source is now being played simultaneously on each of your JBL speakers thanks to their connection.

press button

How to play connected JBL speakers in one mode?

The speakers that are attached can be used in either “Party” or “Stereo” mode, which will give you the stereo sound. The JBL app can change these settings and turn off or on the Party or Stereo mode.

You may download this app to your smartphone, and nearly all JBL speakers are compatible with it. The same models, nevertheless, are the only ones that can play in stereo.

How do you disconnect one speaker from many connected together?

When all the speakers are linked and playing simultaneously, there are two ways to unlink a speaker.

The “Connect” button can be pressed once more, or that speaker can be turned off.

By doing this, only that specific speaker will be disconnected; all other speakers will keep playing sounds.

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You can enjoy your larger parties by successfully connecting speakers. The fact that JBL speakers can pair with up to 100 additional speakers is a remarkable feature.

The JBL Bluetooth speakers all precisely coordinate with one another to produce a well-balanced sound. If you want to take the entertainment to the next level, connect multiple JBL speakers together.