How to mount soundbar on wall in easy steps:2023 guide

The possibilities are endless when you know how to mount a soundbar on the wall. The positioning of the furniture largely determines the final look of a room. Knowing where and how to position audio and visual gadgets such as TVs, soundbars, record players, and surround sound systems will put you more in control of your end interior design vision. Dream big; let’s do it. 

To achieve the best acoustic performance on your TV, you need the best soundbars – the cherry on top – the Mulberry purse on the arm – the perfect paint sample you found – you get the idea. In addition to streamlining your decor, sleek TV designs can often compromise sound quality. Your experience will be enhanced if you select the suitable soundbar as a natural add-on and position it correctly. Don’t forget to bring snacks as well. 


The wall-mounting of your soundbar is a very straightforward process. The soundbar wall mount looks like a little shelf for your speaker to rest on. Supporting your soundbar’s weight will require you to screw into wood studs or use drywall anchors. Some mounts only have adhesive options, while others include screws to secure the soundbar. The Soundbar Wall Mount is an excellent option if you are looking for an easy-to-install wall mount for your soundbar.

This mountable wall soundbar works with any soundbar and is depth-adjustable. JBL? Bose? Vizio? Yup. To position a Dolby Atmos speaker in front of the TV, you’ll need something with depth adjustments. Your new soundbar will have the best sound quality when you do that. If I turn up the Dolby Atmos system too loud, my wife complains that it knocks the decor off the wall. My bad.

You can hang the soundbar pretty quickly, but you’ll want to hide the distracting cables that connect the speaker to the TV and outlet. A cable channel and a few screws can be used to hide them on the wall.

 For those with a few extra doll hairs, we recommend purchasing an in-wall power unit explicitly designed for soundbars. All power and AV cables can be hidden behind the wall since the TV and soundbar have separate power modules. Despite the lawn chairs you use as furniture, your setup looks like a model home. The power module is rectangular and fits perfectly behind the soundbar.

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It is easy to upgrade your soundbar yourself. It’s just a matter of deciding whether you want it mounted on the TV or the wall, choosing a mount, and cracking a cold one. If you’re going to do cable management, I highly recommend it. 

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1. Mount your soundbar with an electric drill and bit

You will need to use drywall anchors appropriate for your soundbar’s wall-mounting solution. For wall anchors, a 1/8-inch or 3/16-inch bit is usually required.

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2. Choose the proper anchors for your walls

Wall anchors come in a variety of types. The first holds the screw in place, while the second expands when you insert a screw.

3. Make sure you measure correctly

Ensure the soundbar is centered below the TV for the best audio performance and a pleasing look. The brackets must be level, and once you have decided where to mount your soundbar, mark it with a pencil so that the drill knows where to begin.

 How to Determine if Your Soundbar Can Be Mounted

Many soundbars are not compatible with wall mounting. You should look for a soundbar that can be mounted on the wall if you are already certain you will mount it on the wall. In some cases, brackets are included with the product, but in others, you must purchase them separately. Soundbars that can be installed have screw-in areas.


By knowing how to mount a soundbar on wall, it becomes so easy for you to do it yourself. It is possible to mount soundbars on flat surfaces, but most people prefer to mount them on walls because of their attractive appearance. You’ll get the best sound quality wherever you sit, with a full motion TV and soundbar moving together. In addition, you need a quality sound bar, since a cheap one won’t do.

No matter how large your television and soundbar are, mounting a soundbar shouldn’t be difficult. You can mount soundbars with the right tools if you follow our guide. It’s easy to mount a soundbar on a wall, whether using Samsung, Sonos, Sony, or another option.

Frequently asked questions

How do you mount a soundbar to a TV on the wall?

It may be necessary to remove the TV mount (if needed) and eyeball the bracket placement, which will vary according to the TV mount. Mount the TV wall mount bracket and the soundbar bracket to the TV. Be sure the soundbar fits the brackets before you re-mount the TV. The soundbar should be attached to the bracket and tested.

Can I mount a soundbar on drywall?

A soundbar wall mount resembles a little shelf on which you can rest your speaker. Supporting the weight of your soundbar requires either screwing into a wood stud or using drywall anchors. Some mounts only have adhesive options, while most come with screws.

Can you mount a soundbar without studs?

This Hangman No Stud Sound Bar Hanger allows you to mount your sound bar perfectly level in minutes. Using our patented system, you can hang any sized soundbar in three easy steps with picture hanging nails and brackets. It also works with small rear speakers.

Is it OK to mount soundbar above TV?

It simply means placing the upward-firing speakers above your TV if your soundbar product has them. That’s how they’re supposed to be positioned. Upward-firing speakers will obstruct your vision if you place them at eye level. As intended, sound bounces off the ceiling when placed above the TV.

What is the best placement for a soundbar?

Soundbars should be placed above or below the TV at ear level. It’s not always possible, however. The sound quality of the soundbar can be improved if it is placed above or below the TV.

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