How to make wired speakers wireless: a step-by-step guide

In recent years, the demand for most wireless speaker kits, which are practical and multifunctional has increased. And a completely logical question arises, how can I convert wired speakers wireless?

how to make wired speakers wireless

Operation of old speakers

Before proceeding to the study of the question, of how to make wired speakers wireless, it should be noted that it is not necessary to throw out the old speakers.

They can serve even more and provide an opportunity to save. You always have the option of configuring your old wired speaker to become wireless.

The device is more mobile, and you can use it anytime, anywhere. The main thing is that the signal is within the desired range. The most modern wireless technology is Bluetooth, which improves the operation of the speakers.

Be prepared for the fact that not all wired speakers can work remotely when connected to an amplifier. The amplifier is located between forms of better signals. In this case, the signals must be routed between RCA cables.


How wireless speakers work

To convert your wired speaker to a wireless speaker, you need a custom wireless speaker kit. It works based on an RF (Radio frequency) signal and helps to transfer audio signals from a source to other speakers.

There are several blocks – transmitting and receiving.

They provide a high-quality wireless signal.

The receiving unit receives signals and forwards them to the transmitting unit to all audio and echo devices that have been connected.

An additional amplifier needs to be connected to the system. It additionally provides good output power.

Wireless devices operate on signals that are similar to Wi-Fi. Therefore, when placing, it is necessary to take into account the range of their placement, as well as the presence of interference.

How to set up a set of wireless speakers?

Depending on the type of speaker and the selected wireless speaker kit, you can determine the complexity of the installation process.

The easiest way is to route the speaker wire to the front channel.

The rear speakers should be placed away from the amplifier.

Kit selection

First, you need to choose the right kit. In total, there are several options for the kit, including with and without an amplifier.

The first option involves the use of an additional amplifier to transmit a signal to the speakers.

By choosing a model with an amplifier, you get a guarantee that the sound will be rich and clear.

You can look at the types of outputs that are available on the transmitter and the intput channels on the receivers. If the output is RCA, then this is the best solution for wireless networks.

Some speakers do not have outputs. In this case, you need to make sure that there is a place for a wired input. You can also convert speakers to RCA speaker wire using a line adapter. Almost all subwoofers have an amplifier, which allows a direct connection.

Transmitter connection. Receiver connection

When you select the wireless kit, you need to pair the transmitter with the speakers. This ensures wireless operation.

First, you have to connect the transmitter to an amplifier or receiver that operates on radio frequency. This ensures that audio is transmitted wirelessly.

There are kits with different inputs, as well as RCA modules or 3.5 mm AUX inputs. Connect the speaker wires to the inputs on the receiver.

If the receiver has an RCA input, you need an identical speaker wire. This connects the transmitter and receiver channels. First, cables and adapters are connected, then you must check how good the signal is.

During setup, you have to connect the receiver. If you do it incorrectly, the functionality of the system will be broken.

After that, you need to make sure that the distribution of the audio signals is correct, and that the device can capture the signals and convert them to sound.

The connection technique depends on which speaker option you are using.

image 2

Using an additional amplifier

In the first case, a separate amplifier is required, which will provide high-quality power transfer to all elements of the system. To connect the receiver to the amplifier, it is better to use RCA cables.

After that, you can connect the rear speakers to the system with wires. This routes the signal to the speakers. Before that, it passes through the amplifier. Its main purpose is to transmit a signal before it reaches the speakers.

After starting a separate amplifier. This is the optimal solution for passive speakers. After all, they do not have a separate power source, as well as amplifiers inside.

You need to connect the amplifier’s AC adapter to a power source for the entire system to work.

Using a wireless receiver with an external amplifier

Receivers with built-in amplifiers are rarely used, especially when you need to convert a wired speaker to a wireless speaker.

If the system is supplemented with a special amplifier, then connecting the receiver is much easier.

If you do everything right, you can immediately enjoy listening to music.

The only negative is that the speaker’s power is low. Therefore, it is somewhat more difficult to perceive the sound.

image speakers

Using speakers with built-in amplifiers and testing

On market, you can find active speakers. The amplifier is already installed inside. To output sound, you need to plug the device into an outlet and sync it with the audio signal.

You do not need an additional amplifier. After all, you can stop only on a wired or RCA connection. After that, the rear speakers immediately work without wires. A power adapter must be required to connect to the wireless receiver and a power source.

It is very important to set up the finished system. This updates the old speakers and makes the wireless speaker. Testing is considered the last stage of work, and you can evaluate the effectiveness of existing speakers.

First, you need to make sure that the transmitter produces strong signals. It should detect various defects that may be present in the audio input. If fuzzy or static sounds are heard, you can make adjustments to make the sound clearer.

It is important during the testing process to make sure that all cables have been fixed correctly. Make sure that the wires do not hang down because you can cling to them, which can cause damage. Contact with a loose cable may cause electric shock.

With some transmitters, steered channels may be present. They need to be connected again so that the quality of work is better. Once the signal is properly distributed, you need to adjust the speaker levels. It is important to ensure that the wireless and wired speakers are set to the same level.

This prevents the speakers from working differently and blocking each other. Otherwise, the sound will be uneven. You can adjust the available levels on all amplifiers or receivers. It all depends on your setup.

If the sound that is produced meets your expectations, you can listen to stream music on your speakers wireless. If the quality has not yet reached the desired level, you can continue the wireless setup.

how to match speakers and amps l

Methods for converting ordinary speakers to wireless

You need to select additional devices and equipment based on what type of speakers you are using, as well as based on the desired purpose. Some conversion methods are simple and affordable. Others are costly. All methods will be discussed in more detail below.

Using a Bluetooth receiver

There is a wide range of Bluetooth receivers on the market that cost up to $25. Almost all of them are supplemented with RCA outputs or a 3.5 mm output. There are models in which outputs are combined. You need to make a connection to the analog outputs on the speaker.

If you decide to use the more expensive Bluetooth speakers that have been released recently, they are supplemented with digital outputs. Some Bluetooth speakers may support the aptX codec which provides low latency.

If you’re looking for inexpensive options, check out the Logitech Bluetooth receiver. If you want a modern established wireless audio system that has digital outputs, you can opt for the Avantree TC417 transmitting and receiving unit.

If you prefer more advanced brands, you can take the Harman Kardon Bluetooth receiver (BTA-10). However, remember that despite the high cost, the performance of the device is somewhat worse.


Application of Chromecast Audio

In this case, the wireless network is used as an alternative to Bluetooth. It is believed that this provides better sound quality. If you study this question a little, you understand why this is happening.

The speakers wireless are reliable when compared to Bluetooth. Therefore, the data is transferred faster and of higher quality. The design of Chromecast Audio is complemented by a short AUX cable that connects to the speaker. In the end, you need to download the dedicated Google Home app and set up your speakers.

After that, you can turn on the stream music on your phone. However, provided that the application supports Chromecast Audio. The first version of Google Home allows you to stream music from your phone’s memory.

However, these features have been removed in other versions.

In this case, try to choose applications that can support Chromecast Audio. If you are playing audio tracks from internal storage, it makes sense to use a Chromecast-enabled player. You can use the VLC player.

With Chromecast Audio, you can create a multi-room speaker system. If you use multiple wired speakers in different rooms, you need to purchase multiple Chromecast Audio dongles. They need to be connected to the speakers first.

After that, the speakers are grouped so that they create a single system. Management is carried out using Google Home. The minus of this method is that applications cannot be installed on computers.

If you are streaming music from a personal computer, you need to launch the Google Chrome browser. After that, you need to activate the Cast tab or the function of the same name. The best solution would be the Audio Cast application, which was not produced by Google.

The application allows you to transfer music from your computer’s memory. However, be prepared so that the sound quality is not high. If you play YouTube videos through Chromecast Audio, you may notice a delay.

chromecast audio

Wi-Fi Receiver Application

Yes, using Chromecast Audio would be a good option. However, you can use other high-quality receivers as well. They help you turn on music without wires, and get an excellent sound. This wireless receiver has advanced DACs inside, so they are versatile.

Such receivers provide the ability to connect multiple speakers to create a multi-room system. It is possible to integrate wired and wireless speaker kit into the system.

However, the possibilities depend on what type of receiver you are using.

If you use SONOS Connect, you can pair more than two wired speakers. In this case, you have the opportunity to integrate an additional wireless speaker kit. Other receiver models are equally in demand, including Bluesound Node 2, ARIES MINI, etc.

If your plans include not only broadcasting music, but also watching movies, and you want the sound to come from a wireless speaker kit, you need to look for more advanced device models. Be prepared for them to be more expensive. Select devices based on video and audio sources.

If your device supports the Bluetooth function, choose a wireless receiver with the same capabilities. Better if it supports aptX, aptX Low Latency, or aptX HD codec. Finding such devices is not difficult, because they are in the range of most manufacturers.



When it comes to the possibility of converting wired speakers to wireless speaker kits, you may face numerous questions. The answers about work for speakers wireless will be presented below.


As you can see, converting wired speakers to wireless is not difficult. Especially if you have technical skills. For work, you need to prepare special equipment and enjoy results with a wireless speaker kit. It is important to take into account all the nuances indicated in the instructions to get the desired result and good sound.

I hope that with my advice, now your wireless speaker system will work perfectly and high-quality sound will delight you and your loved ones. I will be glad to questions and comments with feedback.