How to connect soundbar to Roku TV in easy steps:2023

You’ll want to connect a soundbar if you’re looking to enhance your Roku TV experience with some killer audio. How to connect a soundbar to Roku TV? It is as simple as plugging an HDMI ARC cable into the HDMI ARC port on the soundbar. The other end is connected to the HDMI ARC port on the TV. You can also connect your devices using an optical cable. Using a Bluetooth receiver, you can also output audio from your Roku TV to your soundbar. Here is a detailed explanation of these steps.

How to connect the soundbar Via HDMI ARC/eARC:

If your soundbar has an HDMI port labeled ARC or eARC, you can use it to connect your soundbar to your Roku TV. This connection allows the TV and soundbar to send audio and video signals back and forth, which enables features like volume control and lip sync.

To connect your soundbar to your Roku TV using HDMI ARC/eARC:

1. Check that your soundbar, TV, and Roku device are turned on.

2. If your soundbar has an HDMI port labeled ARC or eARC, connect one end of an HDMI cable to that port on the soundbar.

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to an HDMI port on your Roku TV. This can be any HDMI port except for the port labeled HDMI ARC/eARC.

4. If prompted, select the HDMI input on your TV that’s connected to the soundbar.

5. Change the Roku TV’s audio output.

The actual steps may vary depending on your TV model.

6. But here’s the usual way how to do it: 

Using your TV remote, press MENU. Then, select Settings>Audio>Audio Output>HDMI ARC/eARC.

7. Change the Vizio soundbar’s input source.

Press and hold the INPUT button on the device for a few seconds. Or until the LED lights started flashing. Just search for a box-with-a-line icon.

Doing this puts your device into “Auto Input Search.”

Alternatively, press “INPUT” on the soundbar remote to select the correct input source.

You can now use your Roku TV to play anything you want. 

Suppose your Vizio soundbar is playing audio; congratulations! Your HDMI ARC/eARC devices have been connected successfully.

For instructions on connecting your Vizio soundbar to your TV via HDMI, you may also watch this video:

 How to connect soundbar Via Optical cable:

Soundbars are one of the most popular ways to enhance your TV’s audio, and many of them can connect to you using an optical cable. If you have a soundbar with visual input, simply click an optical cable from the soundbar to the optical output on your TV.

If your TV doesn’t have an optical output, you can use an adapter to connect the optical cable to your TV’s HDMI port. Once you’ve connected the optical cable, you’ll need to set your soundbar to the correct input.

If you’re unsure how to do this, consult your soundbar’s manual.

 How to connect the soundbar Via Bluetooth:

If your soundbar has Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect it to your TV. Simply put your soundbar into pairing mode and select it on your TV’s Bluetooth menu.

Once connected, you’ll need to set your soundbar to the correct input. If you’re unsure how to do it, consult your soundbar menu.

To connect a soundbar to Roku TV via Bluetooth receiver

Vizio soundbars can’t be directly connected via Bluetooth to Roku TVs…

The Bluetooth receiver must be used. Using this device, you can connect Bluetooth-enabled devices without any problems.

Here’s how you can connect it:

Step 1: 

  Power up the Bluetooth receiver.

Make sure your battery-powered device is fully charged. Make sure it’s plugged in if it needs power.

Step 2: 

Roku TV should be plugged into the Bluetooth receiver.

Connect it to the AUX or RCA cable port, depending on your preference. The label should say “Audio Out”.

Step 3: 

Make sure your Vizio soundbar is enabled for Bluetooth.

The device will show a BLUETOOTH icon when you press it.

Step 4: 

Using the Bluetooth receiver, connect the Vizio soundbar.

There is a difference in the connecting process depending on the brand of your device. The manual for your product should be consulted.

Step 5: 

Now change the audio output of the Roku TV.

To change the TV’s settings, go to the TV’s menu. Once that is done, click on Audio>Audio Output>Bluetooth.

How To connect a soundbar to Roku TV via the Roku mobile app:

1. Download the Roku mobile app and launch it.

2. Select the “Settings” from the left sidebar menu.

3. Scroll down and select “Audio.”

4. Under “Audio Output,” select “Soundbar.”

5. Connect your soundbar to Roku TV via the HDMI or optical port (depending on which connection ports your soundbar and TV have).

6. Select “Done” to save your changes.

Try restarting both devices if you’re having trouble connecting your soundbar to Roku TV. You can also try resetting your soundbar to factory settings by pressing and holding the “reset” button for five seconds. For more troubleshooting tips, consult your soundbar’s user manual.

How to connect Bluetooth soundbar to Roku TV

If you’re looking to add some better sound quality to your Roku TV, one option is to connect a Bluetooth soundbar. Soundbars can be a great way to improve your TV’s audio without having too many extra wires or speakers. And since many soundbars now come with built-in Bluetooth, it’s easy to connect them to your Roku TV.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect a Bluetooth soundbar to your Roku TV:

1. Start by putting your soundbar into Bluetooth pairing mode. Consult your soundbar’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this, as it can vary between models.

2. Once your soundbar is in pairing mode, open the Settings menu on your Roku TV.

3. Go to the Network tab and select Wireless (Wi-Fi).

4. Select Scan for networks and choose your soundbar from the list of available devices.

5. Enter the password for your soundbar if prompted.

6. Once connected to your soundbar, go back to the Settings menu and select Sound.

7. Under Output, select your soundbar from the list of available devices.

8. That’s it! Your Roku TV should now be outputting sound to your soundbar. Enjoy!


If you want to know how to connect a soundbar to Roku TV, there are a few things you need to know. First, make sure that your soundbar is compatible with Roku TVs. Some soundbars are not, and you’ll need to check with the manufacturer to be sure. Once you’ve confirmed compatibility, follow the steps we mentioned above.

Frequently asked questions

Why won’t my soundbar work on my Roku TV?

Your Roku TV Ready soundbar also needs to have an input selected. Your soundbar won’t play TV sound when Bluetooth or an auxiliary input are chosen on your Roku TV. You must select the HDMI input if you want your soundbar to play TV sound.

Can you connect the Bluetooth soundbar to Roku TV?

Roku TV Wireless Soundbars or Roku Wireless Speakers must be connected to a standalone Roku TV to add Bluetooth capability.

How do I connect my Roku stick to my soundbar?

Roku sticks can be connected to TVs via HDMI cables. An optical cable can connect a Roku stick directly to an AVR or sound bar. Connect the cable to your receiver’s S/PDIF input.

How do I get sound from my Roku soundbar to my TV?

Try checking your television’s volume level and mute settings if your Roku player is connected directly to your TV without using an audio/video receiver (AVR). Mute the device and adjust the volume to an audible level.

Can you use any soundbar with a Roku TV?

It is possible to connect any soundbar to a Roku TV. You only need to make sure the soundbar and TV have compatible connections. HDMI ARC is the recommended connection option due to its ease of use and ability to support high-quality content.

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