How to connect Bose soundbar to TV: know the best options 2023

With the Bose home audio systems, you can enjoy the quality sound for years to come. The soundbars, speakers, and techniques they produce always impress, especially for music and movies. 

Many people avoid installing soundbars during my years as an audio enthusiast. Many people think they are hard to connect to your TV, but that is not true. This guide will inform you how to connect bose soundbar to the TV. Creating excellent audio is easy, and it only takes a few steps!

We’ll learn how to attach a Bose soundbar to a TV, as well as the best way to connect a Bose soundbar to a TV. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided below. These are easy to understand even if you aren’t a techie. Take my word for it and just read on.

Determine where to place your soundbar guide 2023

Placement Suggestions:

Placement standard:

  1. With the speaker grille facing the room, arrange the speaker array in front of your TV.
  2. Be sure not to enclose the array and place it at the front edge of its shelf or surface. Sound quality is reduced if the speaker is set farther on a rack or in an enclosed space.
  3. TVs shouldn’t be placed on soundbars.

Plugin your Bose soundbar:

Must connect your product’s power cord to a mains outlet.

How to hook up Bose Soundbar to TV: Three ways to connect

Several ways are available to connect a Bose soundbar to a TV. If you want to establish the connection, you can use HDMI, optical cable, or Bluetooth. Using HDMI is the most recommended and standard method to make this connection.

  1. Using HDMI

HDMI is the most common method of hooking up a Bose soundbar to a tv. The TV must have HDMI ARC. These ports are only compatible with HDMI. Now all TVs have this specific port.

In the absence of an HDMI port on your TV, you must use the second method. Verify the HDMI port on the TV or in the TV user manual.

Here are the steps for connecting a Bose soundbar to a TV:

  • Turn off the Bose soundbar and the TV 
  • Prepare the HDMI cable
  • Plug the HDMI cable into the TV. There are no differences between HDMI and HDMI ARC.
  • Then connect the Bose soundbar to the other end of the HDMI cable 
  • Connect the cable properly
  • Turn on the soundbar and the TV
  • From the menu, select the audio setting for your TV
  • Could you change it to a Bose soundbar?
  • If the Bose soundbar does not connect to the TV, turn off the TV and soundbar
  • After 60 seconds, turn both of them on
  • As you are using an HDMI ARC, you will need to enable the ARC setting in the settings
  • If you still cannot hear the sound, you can also help the CEC. Different TVs use different terms. 
  1. Using Optical cable

You can also use Optical cables to connect the Bose soundbar to the TV. You can use an optical cable if the HDMI connection does not work and the soundbar does not connect with the TV. You will receive high-quality sound through this cable.

However, HDMI is viewed by some users as the best option, and optical cables do not provide as strong a connection as HDMI.

The first step is to ensure your TV has an optical cable port. If you know about the pier, you can watch it on TV. You can also check the optical cable port in the user manual.

To connect your Bose soundbar to your TV, follow these steps:

  • You will need a long optical cable to connect the soundbar to the TV
  • Connect the one end of the optical cable to the TV
  • Plug the other end into the Bose soundbar
  • Turn on the TV and the soundbar
  • Change the audio output setting on the TV to optical cable
  • Additionally, switch the Bose soundbar’s audio source to digital.

3. Using Bluetooth

It is not as efficient as HDMI and optical cables. Yet, you can still connect the Bose soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connectivity option is often not available on old TV models. However, a Bluetooth adapter is available. However, the adapter will also degrade the audio quality.

You can follow these steps to connect a Bose soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth:

  • Place the TV and the soundbar close to each other
  • Must turn both devices on
  • Set up the Bose soundbar with the remote control
  • Must hold down the soundbar’s Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode
  • You can access the Bluetooth menu through the TV’s settings
  • Find the Bose soundbar and pair it
  • After pairing both devices using Bluetooth, play music on the TV for testing


Voice control is available for TV and external cable using the Bose Smart Soundbar. Alexa can switch to your favorite channel when your TV is on. We hope that this guide helped you understand how to connect the Bose Soundbar to TV.

Many people abandon using a soundbar because it is difficult to connect it to the TV. You can easily connect it using a wireless or wired connection.

Connect via HDMI or optical cable. It is recommended to use an HDMI or optical cable for the best sound quality.

Alternatively, you can connect the soundbar and the TV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Frequently asked questions

Why won’t my Bose Soundbar connect to my TV?

You can reset the HDMI connection by resetting both devices and the cables between them. Unplug the source device, the Bose system, and the TV. … Disconnect and reseat both HDMI cables, making sure they are connected securely. Connect the TV, the Bose system, and the source device to the power.

Why is my soundbar not working with my TV?

On your audio device, turn on the TV. Try changing the TV audio output setting to PCM and see if the sound is outputting. … Reset your TV and audio device. The following guide provides instructions for resetting an Android TV or a Factory Data Reset.

Why is my Bose soundbar not pairing?

To search for nearby Bluetooth headphones and speakers, turn Bluetooth off and then back on the Bluetooth device. To find out whether your product is available, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and choose the option to search or scan for available products. After finding your product, please fix it.

How do I connect my Bose Soundbar 500 to my TV?

The Bose Soundbar 500 can be connected to your TV via the supplied HDMI cable. Use HDMI-ARC or HDMI-eARC if your TV supports those connections. A Bose Soundbar 500 can be connected to a TV using an optical cable if the TV does not have an HDMI connection.

Is my Bose soundbar Bluetooth?

Bose Solo 5 TV sound system improves the sound of your favorite TV programs with a single soundbar. You can easily mount the soundbar just about anywhere. You can also play your favorite music wirelessly through the speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.