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Often, there are general procedures for resetting your soundbar, but the instructions will vary slightly depending on the brand. If your soundbar isn’t connecting, one way to troubleshoot and resolve the issue is by resetting the system. So, how Denon soundbar dht s514 reset? We will explain in this article.

Soundbar Reset Steps

In general, you can reset a soundbar by holding down one or two buttons and waiting for the lights to blink. The buttons you press will vary according to the soundbar type. 

It is possible to fix your soundbar without performing a factory reset, but it’s a good last resort if all else fails. A factory reset will erase your previous settings and require that you input them again.

Resetting your soundbar is a good idea if your devices aren’t connecting, you’re hearing noises that aren’t explained, or you’re having other soundbar problems you can’t fix.

Here’s how soundbars can be reset.

How to fix the Bluetooth connection is not working

 DHT-S514’s Bluetooth LED will again blink rapidly when a Bluetooth fault occurs (the device moves out of range, or stops playing due to low battery or user input). The DHT-S514 will automatically reconnect and will resume playback once the Bluetooth source is within range.

 Note: You may need to press play again on some devices. Wireless range varies with the source; it is usually between 9 m and 12 m. In the event that the source moves out of range, the DHT-S514 will try to reconnect for 4 minutes; after that, you will have to reconnect again.

Ensure DHT-S514 is not paired with another Bluetooth device.

• Verify that the Bluetooth source device you wish to use is playing audio and is paired to the DHT-S514 and not another device.

• Some programs or “apps” on multifunction devices, such as tablets and smartphones, may not support Bluetooth audio broadcasts (consult the instructions for the program or app).

Take into account sources of interference, such as Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, and landline cordless telephones, which operate at 2.4 GHz

To identify a culprit, power down suspects one at a time.

 It is often possible to restore Bluetooth function by relocating an interfering device to another room, or even across the room.

  • It takes several seconds for the DHT-S514 to turn on

When there is no sound for five minutes, the DHT-S514 goes into standby mode. When audio is played for the first time, DHT-S514 takes a few seconds to start up.

Factory reset

  • Take the sound bar off the wall and unplug it.
  • Keep the Vol – (minus) button pressed.
  • Plug the power back in.
  • When the system has been reset, the standby button light blinks fast for several seconds.
  • Remote learning, Bluetooth pairing, and audio mode are cleared.

How do I reset my Denon soundbar?

Before you can use the unit, you must connect it to your home network using the “Settings” – “Add Device” feature in the HEOS App. press and hold buttons on the sound bar for 5 seconds.

How do I factory reset my Denon DHT s516h?

The HEOS speaker can be reset by pressing and holding the Connect and Bluetooth buttons for 5 seconds until the front LED flashes amber.

How do you pair a Denon sound bar?

Connecting to other Bluetooth devices

  1. The unit will be powered on when you press the button.
  2. Input source can be switched to “Bluetooth” by pressing.
  3. Connect your Bluetooth device to the Internet and activate the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Hold down the button.
  5. On the Bluetooth device’s screen, select “Denon Home Sound Bar 550” (Default).

How do I restore my sound bar to factory settings?

For more than five seconds, hold down the (power) and – (volume down) buttons on the Soundbar. The AC power cord should be unplugged. Press the (power) button once the AC power cord has been plugged back in.

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