Bose Solo Soundbar Series II: review and comparison

In our Bose Solo soundbar series II review we tried to cover all questions customers usually have about it: what it offers regarding sound quality and features, the cost of the device and its accessories, and how it compares to other devices on the market. Read today to learn more about this home entertainment system! that gives the best of what Bose can offer, featuring a refined design, a simple setup process, and a great remote at an affordable price point.

Bose Solo Series II Small Product Big Sound

Bose solo soundbar series ii


  • A compact soundbar that is easy to use. This soundbar fits most televisions with a height of just under 3 inches (7 cm). For wall mounting, a high-quality steel bracket is included. On the front, small LEDs indicate which features are active.

 We understand the difficulty of choosing a soundbar when so many options are available. We hope that this guide will help you make the right decision. 

Bose solo soundbar series ii overview: what’s inside?

  • What makes the Bose Solo unique?
  • Should you buy a Bose Solo?

Bose Solo is a home entertainment system that echoes the Amazon Echo and Google Home, two devices that can answer your questions, play music, and help with everyday tasks.

It is an affordable home entertainment system with some unique features that set it apart from other systems.

The Bose Solo is unique because it can connect to your phone and play music from your phone or tablet. This is great if you want to listen to music while working or cooking, but it can also be used as a standalone music player.

Additionally, the sound quality of the Bose Solo is excellent for its price point. So, should you buy a Bose Solo? If you are looking for an affordable system that has some great features, then the Bose Solo is a good option.

What we are going to explain in detail

  • Specification
  • Design 
  • Product Description
  • Accessories
  • Features
  • Connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • Pros and cons
  • Buying guide


Soundbar       It measures 2.8″ high, 21.6″ wide, and 3.4″ deep (3.7 lbs) 

The remote measures 4.1″ H x 1.6″ W x 0.5″ D (4.9 oz)

 The wall bracket (wall side) measures 1.6″ H x 5.1″ W x 0.2″ D (1.6 oz).
 Dimensions (bracket side): 1.5″ H x 6.7″ W x 0.6″ D (3.2 oz)
 Analog  (3.5 mm)
Additional details 
Bluetooth’s range: 30 ft (9 m)


In addition to the sleek design with matte-finish top and compact dimensions that make it one of the smallest soundbars on the market, the Bose Solo II is efficient and delivers excellent sound along with robust bass response. Compared to other long soundbars at a similar price range, the Base Solo Soundbar Series II Dimensions are 8,6 x 54,9 x 7.1 cm, making it more discreet than any other.

Since its top reaches about 7 cm, I do not doubt that this rich bass soundbar can fit comfortably in any place, whether in your living room or bedroom—all you have to do is put beneath the TV and leave it there.

It has two anchors that can be placed on the wall, so you can wall-mount the Bose Series II soundbar, even if you like it with wall-mounted speakers. Ideally, I would recommend using it with your smart TV. However, if you have more than 50 inches of a giant television, I recommend choosing a big soundbar since it will look tiny next to the larger device.

bose solo series ii

Product Description

The Bose Solo Soundbar Series II is a Bluetooth TV speaker that gives you clear sound from your TV and makes every word easier to understand with a use of Dialogue Mode. Two full-range speakers are mounted inside for expansive, spatial sound. In addition, Bose’s Solo Soundbar II delivers an imposing amount of bass for a soundbar of its size. The optical audio cable lets you quickly connect your soundbar to your TV.

Listen to what you want when you want, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to your soundbar and wirelessly stream music, podcasts, and more.

With a height of just under 7 centimeters (3″), this Bluetooth soundbar will fit under most TVs. Mounting the soundbar flush to the wall is made possible with a high-quality steel wall bracket which goes with soundbar. The front of the device displays small LED lights when certain features are available.

solo 2
The backside of the soundbar
solo 1
the front side of the soundbar


Replaced remote control for Bose solo
New control for Bose solo


Improved voice clarity

Bose Solo Soundbar Series II provides specially designed by Bose digital signal processing technology which converts sound so that you can easily understand every word without needing to adjust the volume. To use it turn on the Dialogue Mode on the remote included with the soundbar. Additionally, Dolby decoding provides a richer, more realistic listening experience. You’ll love it.

Easy Setup

Connecting the soundbar to the TV is as simple as plugging it into a port. You can set up and run it in less than five minutes. Sound will be transmitted directly to the soundbar by the TV.


Bose Solo 15 has three inputs: a coaxial digital port, a 3.5mm audio port and an optical digital port. Three inputs aren’t much, but optical cable is included, most of TVs have optical output and it provides highest sound quality. Bluetooth can be used for connecting to your phone, tablet and such other devices to listen to your playlists.

You’ll need to run sound through the TV and soundbar if you have a gaming console that works over HDMI.

Music – bluetooth soundbar

Bluetooth connection at the soundbar could be used to stream music and podcasts from any of your devices. You can pair your device to your soundbar by pressing the “Bluetooth” button on the remote and enjoy more loud and lifelike sound of your favorite tracks while cooking or cleaning the house.

Sound quality

If you are tired of faint sounds coming from your TV, this soundbar could be for you. The speaker inside the Bose Solo II soundbar produces a crisp and clear sound. Without a subwoofer, the two speakers behind the steel grill provide powerful bass, but Bose didn’t reveal the maximum output for this soundbar.

It works well with music & movies with high beats, but it isn’t heavy or overpowering. Dolby Decoding technology boosts the audio quality, making it more realistic and richer.

It has two speakers that deliver good sound, as I mentioned earlier.

Though it’s not nearly as powerful as the midrange smart TVs (20W), it makes a difference in the sound it delivers.


  • Elegant minimalistic design
  • Clear and rich sound – much better than you’ll get just using the TV
  • Compact size
  • Simple setup
  • For televisions with bases no wider than 24 inches, the soundbar can double as a TV stand.
  • Universal remote compatible
  • Price is on the lower side


  • There is no authentic surround sound
  • Bluetooth for TV connection is not available
  • The bass is not impressive and it could not be connected to separate bass module
  • There is no voice control

What else to take into consideration?

  • It has bluetooth, but it’s not for connecting to TV, rather for connecting other devices. You could connect your soundbar to TV but the connection could be not stable – you’d have to reconnect each time you turn on TV.
  • In this model the connection is only through optical cable, it does not have HDMI port. Optical cable as well as HDMI provides the best quality of audio so that you can take full advantage of your new soundbar.
  • It does not have a bass reflex speaker but if you turn the bass settings to the maximum it will compensate.
  • It’s not very loud, but the level of volume is sufficient for most users.

Which other Products Work Well with Bose Solo Soundbar

The Bose Solo is hard to beat if you’re looking for a great value in-home audio. It works well with various other products to get the most out of your entertainment experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Home theater systems: The Solo can be paired with a home theater system to provide fantastic sound.
  • Blu-ray players: The Solo works great with Blu-ray players, providing Clear sound and ample bass.
  • Apple products: The Solo also works well with Apple products, providing crisp sound and easy control.

How Does it Compare to Other Devices? top three similar items

The Bose Solo soundbar is an excellent budget-friendly option for home entertainment. Learn how it compares to similar soundbars.

Yamaha SR-B20A Sound bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Blutooth

Yamaha SR-B20A Sound bar dimensions: 7 x 38 x 5.2 inches

Bose Solo Soundbar series ii dimensions: 2.8 x 21.6 x 3.4 inches

Yamaha comparing to Bose Solo series ii


  • has HDMI connection besides optical and analogue ports
  • has built-in subwoofers, so the bass is more prominent
  • could be integrated with other subwoofers if the bass level is not enough for your taste


  • ARC issues – some customers experienced difficulties trying to connect to TV using HDMI
  • twice as big as Bose Solo Soundbar series ii, so not always possible to place it under TV
  • no hardware included to wall mount the unit

JBL Bar 2.0 – All-in-One Soundbar

JBL Bar 2.0 – All-in-One Soundbar Dimensions: 5.9H x 34W x 5D inches

Bose Solo Soundbar series ii dimensions: 2.8H x 21.6W x 3.4D inches

JBL comparing to Bose Solo series ii


  • significantly cheaper
  • HDMI connection available, HDMI cable included
  • when using HDMI cable you can use your TV remote to control volume


  • bass is quite heavy, which could be both pro and con depending on your preference
  • doesn’t come with optical cable
  • slightly bigger than Bose Solo Series ii

Sonos Ray Essential Soundbar

Sonos Ray Essential Soundbar dimensions: 2.79H x 22W x 3.74D inches

Bose Solo Soundbar series ii dimensions: 2.8H x 21.6W x 3.4D inches

Sonos Ray Essential Soundbar comparing to Bose Solo series ii
Bose Solo Soundbar Series II: review and comparison


  • has touch control
  • could be integrated with other Sonos subwoofers if the bass level is not enough for your taste
  • has midwoofers to provide enough playback of mid-range frequencies
  • you may adjust bass, treble and loudness trough app on your phone or tablet
  • could be synchronized with a TV remote
  • supports wi-fi mode


  • approximately 50% as expensive
  • doesn’t support bluetooth connection

  • Bose Solo Soundbar Series II Review


If you’re in the market for a home entertainment system, there is no doubt that Bose has some of the best products. From high-end sound systems to affordable options like the Solo, Bose has something for everyone.

In addition to its stellar product lineup, Bose offers some of the best customer services. If you have any issues with your Bose product, don’t hesitate to contact their team for help.
You won’t be disappointed!

The Bose solo enhances your TV’s sound by adding clarity and volume. Moreover, thanks to a clever arrangement of drivers, this soundbar does a decent job at delivering surround sound. It is small and could be easily placed under your TV. There is a clear dialogue and a worthy attempt at the base. And you’ll get all this without breaking a bank. 

So if you are looking for something simple to really upgrade from your TV speakers sound , but not aiming to achieve the best sound ever, or you want to buy a soundbar for a smaller area, I would highly recommend to consider this option.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Bose Solo Series II and Bose Solo 5?

They are very similar, the difference is basically is that Bose Solo 5 goes with a universal remote control and does not have wall mount and Bose Solo Series ii has simple remote and wall mount. Bose Solo Series ii is a newer model – was first available in 2021, while Bose Solo 5 was released in 2016.

Can you add a subwoofer to the Bose Solo soundbar Series II?

Could the Bose Solo II soundbar be upgraded to include a subwoofer? There is no support for external subwoofers on the Bose Solo soundbar series II.

Can you connect a subwoofer to a Bose Solo soundbar?

No, you cannot connect a subwoofer. If you want to be able to adjust the bass, it is possible on the Solo 15II TV sound system.

Does Bose Solo have HDMI?

No, you’ll need a coaxial or optical output for any device you want to connect since there is no HDMI port. Bluetooth is provided, but this does not support aptX, which is a shame.

Can I use my Bose speaker with my TV?

The speaker can be paired with the TV if it has Bluetooth. The speaker should have an aux input, and your TV should have analog audio or headphone output so that you can connect this way. You can convert the TV optical audio to analog by joining the DAC to the aux input.

Soundbar buying guide

Do you need a sound base or a soundbar?

You must first understand the difference. Soundbars are bars, usually long and thin.

A sound base works as a TV stand. It can go right in front of the TV or below if it’s wall-mounted. It’s just a matter of making sure your soundbar of choice can handle the weight of your TV.

In contrast to soundbars, sound bases come with their subwoofer. Additionally, their large cabinet amplifies the bass, removing the need for separate subwoofers.

Dimensions of the soundbar

Don’t compromise your décor by choosing a soundbar the same size as your TV. When paired with a giant TV set, a soundbar that is too short wouldn’t be the most attractive. It would help if you did the same when you have a long soundbar and a small TV. The soundbar requires to be in the range of 38 to 45 inches if the TV is 42 inches.

TV and other devices connections

It doesn’t hurt to ensure that your soundbar is compatible with your TV, even if most are. In the case of an HDMI-equipped TV, make sure the soundbar of your choice supports HDMI connections. You may also choose analog, digital optical, or coaxial inputs. As a reminder Bose soundbar connects only through optical cable.

 Wireless streaming and remote control

Don’t you wish you could control your entertainment just by sitting on your couch instead of walking to the front of the room every time? Soundbars have a remote control that you can use. Ensure that the soundbar you choose includes it. A soundbar that incorporates your TV’s remote would be great as well. By doing this, you would not have to deal with having multiple remote controls all over the place.

Bose soundbar has remote. Bear in mind that if you use your soundbar with your TV, you’ll have to use both TV remote and soundbar remote. If it sound annoying we recommend to order the universal remote.

Wireless streaming is another feature you may want in your soundbar. With a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar, you can enjoy music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The subwoofer

Subwoofers are not essential for all audiophiles, but most have them. It is because the bass is often exciting. Subwoofers come with soundbars, usually in a cubicle. Soundbars can come with built-in subwoofers, though not all are effective. If you love bass, you should consider this.


As much as you need the perfect soundbar for maximum entertainment, we cannot overlook that budget is critical. Do not buy anything that you cannot afford. The movie may not be enjoyable if you can’t pay your electricity bill. If your preferred model is expensive, I would advise that you save for a few months before actually going for them.

Before settling on one that will meet your needs, you must sift through thousands of products online. Luckily, there are fantastic guides on the best soundbar under 300, best soundbar under 200, best soundbar under 100, best soundbar under 400, and best soundbar under 500.

Bose solo soundbar series ii vs. solo 5

Our experts found that the Bose Solo is sufficient after trying the Solo 5 and Solo for all the basics. However, if you are looking for Bluetooth and a few other bells and whistles, the Solo 5 won’t disappoint you.

It is not to say that the Bose Solo isn’t a great soundbar. it can be positioned directly under your TV and will not block the remote control sensor on your TV set.

A compact traditional soundbar design such as the Bose Solo 5 is an excellent choice. Additionally, it has a few more features than the Bose Solo. These features include clear dialogue sound, a universal remote, auto sleep, wake modes, and, most importantly, Bluetooth technology.

Bose solo soundbar series ii vs Sonos beam

I could set up this Bose Solo easily on my flat-screen TV stand. The sound quality of the TV suddenly improved. There was good bass balance and clear voice quality. 

There is no Bluetooth device. It only supports small TVs.

On the other, a mature, polished sound and effective virtual Atmos performance are two things that The Beam Gen 2 can deliver.

It is capable of handling Dolby atoms effectively. It produces a warm, refined sound. There is smart streaming on this device. However, there are no additional ports, and it does not support DTS:X.

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