Best tower speakers under 500: pros and cons

Recently, the demand for affordable floor-standing speakers has increased. They have a louder sound and look stylish in the interior of the house. More details about the best floor-standing speakers under 500 will be discussed in this article.

Без названия (8)Rockville TM150B Black Home Theater System Tower Speakers 10″ Sub/Bluetooth/USBThis model is Bluetooth-capable and has a range of 150 feet.
In this case, interference is practically absent.
You can listen to the radio, or play tracks from the SD card.
Inside there are 10-inch subwoofers that provide excellent bass.
There are diffusers made of polypropylene, as well as a tight cap against shock and dust.
The maximum power is 1kW and the average power is 250W.
Без названияKlipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speakers, Black, PairThe technology has a patent and allows you to enjoy excellent dynamics and details.
The tweeter is made of aluminum, which reduces the likelihood of distortion.
Lightweight and rigid Kapton material was used in the production.
Speakers operate at low frequencies.
Без названия (1)Polk Signature Elite ES60 Tower Speaker -Hi-Res Audio Certified and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible,1″ Tweeter & Three 6.5″ Woofers, Power Port Technology for Effortless Bass, Contemporary, Walnut, SingleInside the design, there are cascade crossovers for 2.5 lanes.
Inside there is a 1″ terylene tweeter.
The speakers work at low frequencies and have a size of 6.5 inches.
You feel high-quality bass, the level of which is 3 dB.
Virtually no turbulence or distortion.
The sensitivity of the device is about 4 and 8 ohms.
Без названия (6)Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single) – BlackThe speakers are complemented by two speakers. They have an attractive black design.
Inside there is a 3.4-inch super tweeter, which provides the best sound.
The woofers are rated at 5.12 inches.
Therefore, the bass is detailed and deep.
The maximum output power is 145 watts.
Без названия (7)BIC America Venturi DV64 2-Way Tower Speaker, Black (Single)The device operates in the frequency response from 10 W to 200 W.
Inside, 6.5-inch woofers are installed, as well as passive-type emitters.
There is a 0.75″ tweeter. Sensitivity indicators at the level of 90 dB.
Без названия (4)Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker – Each (Black)The column is made in a stylish design and has two bands.
There is a phase inverter.
This is the ideal option to play high-quality audio tracks.
Inside there are aluminum cones that provide a fast bass response.
The trim is black and the column width is narrow.
There is a steel stand for the bass anchor.
Без названия (5)Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single) – Amazing Sound | Dolby and DTS SurroundThe speaker has a 1″ tweeter and a 6.5″ driver. 6.5″ bass drivers are provided for a balanced sound.
The device is suitable for small and medium rooms.
There are multiple speakers as well as a subwoofer. So you can control the sound quality.
Без названия (9)Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Black)This is a high-quality speaker system, made in a stylish black design.
Inside, there are triple 5-inch woofers, which are made of a mixture of aluminum and poly fiber.
Fastenings are made without seams.
The tweeter has a soft cup, and its size is 1 inch.

Rockville TM150B Black Home Theater System Tower Speakers 10″ Sub/Bluetooth/USB

This is the best tower speaker under 500, which is a full-fledged acoustic system and can be used for home theater. When it was created, almost all the wishes of customers were taken into account. The sound quality can compete with more expensive models.

best tower speakers under 500

You can connect it to any device, including a mobile phone or smartphone. Synchronization is carried out via Bluetooth. It is safe to say that this is one of the best floor-standing speakers at a low cost.

There are several inputs for connecting devices. A radio is built into the design, so you can listen to various radio stations in your free time. There is an 8-band equalizer that works both at low and high frequencies.

Therefore, you can customize the sound based on your preferences.

If necessary, you can connect a microphone input that controls the echo. This is a great solution not only for home theater but also for karaoke. The device is complemented by two 10-inch subwoofers. They provide quality bass.

  • availability of radio;
  • excellent bass quality;
  • good sound.
  • Bluetooth connection can be intermittent.

Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speakers, Black, Pair

This floor-standing speaker was made based on modern audio technologies. The square neck has been supplemented with a round neck, so the bass response is better. This has a positive effect on visualization and dynamics.


To make the sound clearer and more powerful, a line-in suspension is provided. There is a speaker, which is made of cast graphite and complemented by copper weaving. This minimally destroys the diffuser and creates distortion.

  • the high-quality sound signal;
  • the speakers operating at low frequencies;
  • linear suspensions;
  • the minimum amount of distortion.
  • the device is too heavy;
  • not-very attractive design.

Polk Signature Elite ES60 Tower Speaker -Hi-Res Audio Certified and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible,1″ Tweeter & Three 6.5″ Woofers, Power Port Technology for Effortless Bass, Contemporary, Walnut, Single

This tower loudspeaker has a high expansion. Inside there is a 1″ soft-dome tweeter as well as 3 x 6.5″ woofers. During assembly, a modern patented technology was used. This provides easy deep bass.

To reproduce sound, 2.5-way cascading crossovers are provided. It is also possible to fine-tune the drivers, which ensures a smooth frequency bass response. There is virtually no distortion. There is a high dispersion.

With these best floor-standing speakers, you can be sure that the sound quality while watching movies or listening to music is excellent. The bass level is at 3 dB. The music seems more realistic.

The setup of the Polk audio was carried out by experienced engineers who work with the world’s best recording studios. Each box has 2-floor-standing speakers. The outer part is made of walnut, so the speaker looks great on the shelf.

  • excellent sound quality;
  • attractive design;
  • versatility.
  • lack of a connecting cable.

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single) – Black

The floor-standing speaker has a durable housing, inside which are high-quality floor-standing speakers operating at high frequencies. It has woofers, which have amplification in the form of mica. This guarantees excellent quality of frequency response as well as bass.

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The best floor standing speakers under 500 work in all frequency bands, so the sound is balanced. Despite the low cost, there is Sony’s own High-Resolution Audio technology for quality sound. Many consider these floor-standing speakers not very convenient because there is no wireless connection.

This floor-standing speaker is enough to fill the whole room with sound. You can connect it to your home theater. The best floor standing speakers are arranged in 3 lanes, so the acoustics are clear, with better sound quality.

Inside there is a polyester tweeter as well as a 3.4″ super tweeter. The maximum power of the device is 145 watts. Operating frequency response from 50 Hz to 50 kHz. The speaker impedance is 6 ohms.

  • high-resolution audio technology;
  • woofers that have amplification in the form of mica;
  • the soft-dome tweeter, which provides the best sound.
  • the single floor standing speaker is very heavy;
  • lack of connectivity using Bluetooth.

BIC America Venturi DV64 2-Way Tower Speaker, Black (Single)

This is a very affordable option for a speaker system consisting of two speakers. Visually, these are ordinary columns. However, as soon as you turn on the sound, you realize that the sound quality is at a high level.

The construction is durable.

It has numerous functions that justify the money spent. A 0.75-inch speaker is installed inside, operating at high frequencies.

The sound system has 5 bands and is supplemented with video shielding. There are 6.5″ polypropylene woofers. The bass sounds much better because there is a passive-type double radiator. The body imitates natural wood, so it lasts a long time.

  • strength and low cost;
  • the maximum power is 200W.
  • there are practically no cons to this decent speaker.

Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker – Each (Black)

This speaker system can be used to complement your home theater. It has an ultra-modern design and is made based on modern technologies. The design is complemented by the noise reduction function and helps to make the sound output more natural.


There is a high-quality design, as well as a wide frequency range. This provides the best sound. In the manufacture of acoustics, high-quality materials were used, which has a positive effect on durability.

The sound system is complemented by the best floor-standing speakers in two bands, as well as a phase inverter. There are gold-plated connectors. There is a high-quality removable grille. Finished in high-gloss black, the speakers look great in any design.

  • attractive design and small width. Therefore, you can put the best floor-standing speakers under 500 next to flat TVs and there is no imbalance;
  • ease of surround sound setup;
  • the two bands of speakers, as well as a phase inverter;
  • excellent sounding at low frequencies.
  • at a frequency response below 200 Hz, there may be distortion. At high frequencies, the sound output will not be as clear.

Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single) – Amazing Sound | Dolby and DTS Surround

These are high-quality floor-standing speakers under 500 that look aesthetically pleasing in any interior. Polk Audio main color is black. Polk Audio has an excellent acoustics design and high structural strength. The sound will be excellent, regardless of the operating frequency.

However, if the frequency response and volume are set to maximum, the sound may sound a bit flat. This is a great option for listening to music and watching movies. Speaker setup is simple and DTS/Dolby support is available. This allows you to combine floorstanding speakers with other devices.

  • excellent build quality and affordable price;
  • high quality of work in the average range;
  • bass purity;
  • attractive and minimalistic design;
  • a guarantee from the producer for 5 years.
  • the design of Polk audio is made in one shade;
  • it is also not the best option for large rooms.

Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Black)

The surround sound system consists of two columns. The sound will be of high-quality thanks to modern Waveguide technology. It allows you to immerse yourself in the sound. You can fix the sound systems on the wall or the table.

There are several finishes available, including white, black, and walnut. However, the most versatile solution would be a black finish, which looks elegant and stylish on any interior.

  • attractive design and a wide range of finishes;
  • wave acoustics;
  • two columns.
  • the poor quality of the packaging;
  • the need to enhance the bass with a subwoofer.

Features of choosing a towering speakers

If you are looking for a practical, high-quality, and stylish device with dynamic sound, then you should consider several factors when choosing a speaker cabinet.


Type of floor-standing speakers

Different types of speakers differ in their work. Yes, they provide exceptional sound quality.

There are active and passive budget speakers. We will talk about them further.

Passive floor-standing speakers under 500

The main purpose of such structures is to transmit sound. They do not work independently. It requires an additional intensity targeting device to work properly.

You can use an amplifier or a collector.

Active floor-standing speakers under 500

This is a great solution if you are looking for a standalone device. You won’t need an amplifier, because these floor-standing speakers will sound great on their own.

You can use amplifiers only as you wish.

Floor speakers can be immediately connected to a phone, home theater, or TV. In this case, you need additional connections.

2-way speaker

These speaker options are unique. You can get the most out of them. They can be switched off frequencies, and work in combination with tweeters or subwoofers.

To improve the sound, choose floor-standing speakers that operate at low frequencies.

3-way speaker

Such devices are capable of working in three directions to improve sound quality. They work at low, medium, and high frequencies, because there is a connecting element that improves the sound. All structural elements can work in extreme conditions.

Speaker dimensions

It is extremely important to look at the size of most floor-standing speakers under 500.

The best floor modern models are characterized by high height and minimum width. However, they not always the size is identical. Choose the option that is appropriate for your situation.

If you plan to install the speaker in a small room, pay attention to compact designs. If there is enough space, you can afford larger models. You should also focus on the design solution of the room.

Sound quality

Most people pay attention to exactly what sound quality speakers provide. This is an important indicator if you are looking for a column that costs up to $500. Remember that affordable price is not always an indicator of poor sound quality.

It is possible to obtain a natural sound, complemented by deep bass. You can choose a model that resembles the quality of a home theater sound system. The sound quality must be good. Choose models that work at both minimum and maximum volumes.

Design and build quality

Considering that this article focuses on budget floor-standing speakers, this is not an indication that you need to forego attractive design and high build quality. It is extremely important to pay attention to what materials were used in the production of the structure.

Choose models in which the body is made of dense MDF. Durable structures made of solid wood or composite materials. If you opted for plastic cases, then make sure that the plastic is of high quality.

It is important to look at the shade of the device, the layer of textile on the outside, as well as the overall aesthetics. Remember that the speaker system should look stylish in the overall design of the room.

Frequency characteristics

This value determines how deep the sound is. This helps determine how the song will sound at low, high, and mid frequencies. This is a very important indicator for determining sound quality.

Try to pay attention to this parameter first, and then look at the design of the surround sound system.

Impedance. Volume and sensitivity

Almost all floor-standing speakers under 500 on the market have calibrated speakers and other elements. It doesn’t matter if you use passive or active speakers. Impedance is measured in ohms and is the resistance to electrical current. Optimum resistance values should be 4 ohms, 6 ohms, or 8 ohms.

It is extremely important to look at the volume and sensitivity of the speaker. Sensitivity refers to how sensitive the device is in terms of volume, as well as sound changes. You also have the option to adjust the sound volume.

Loudness is measured in decibels. Some floor-standing speakers under 500 have high-quality sound, both at low and high frequencies. However, they need extra volume. That is, you can constantly press the volume button because it does not be enough.

This is an extremely important parameter if you plan to install floor speakers in a large room. Pay attention to volume as well. If your volume is not enough, even high-quality bass and high notes are heard poorly.

Ability to connect and configure. Product Warranty

You also need to pay attention to how easy the device is to configure. If the floor-standing speakers under 500 are 2 or 3 lanes, then connecting them is not difficult. If you are using a passive speaker, an additional amplifier is required.

You can also find options that can be adjusted for sound intensity, sound depth, etc. This is a more versatile model, and it does not be difficult to find it.

It is important to see if the manufacturer provides a warranty for the product. If some companies that produce cheap floor speakers do not provide a guarantee at all, then other companies give it for 1-3 years.

Thanks to this, you can exchange the product if it does not suit you in terms of quality. If the speaker fails due to the fault of the manufacturer, you can also return the money, or return the device for free repair.

A guarantee is the best solution if you want to protect your money. After all, you can never be sure when a defect or breakdown occurs. Thanks to the guarantee, you are protected from unpleasant situations.

Power rating

Power is measured in watts. The indicator determines how much power the system spends before reaching the level of distortion. If the figure is 100 watts, then the maximum device can reach 200 watts.

Pay attention to peak power figures. This is the highest level of distortion in short bursts.


Today it is extremely important to look at how the device is connected. If you’re looking for a model under $500, wireless options are easy to find.

This allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time.

If you have home internet, however, it is of poor quality, so it is better to opt for a wired connection. Many people think that wired speakers perform better than wireless ones. However, it is not. You should also pay attention to how far the signal propagates.


Many buyers pay attention to the cost. Not always low cost means that the product is not of high quality. On average, the cost of the considered models is in the range of 200-500 dollars. And some of them can compete with expensive designs.

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When it comes to choosing inexpensive speakers that cost no more than $500, there are a lot of questions to ask.


As you can see, choosing stylish and affordable floor-standing speakers that cost up to $500 is not difficult. Many interesting and high-quality models help you enjoy high-quality and clear sound. The choice for buying floor standing speakers depends on your preferences.