Best passive soundbar: 2023 with Advanced music Quality

The best passive soundbar might afford additional customization and provide exceptional sound. However,  they will even be sophisticated to line up to assist you to buy one that causes the smallest amount of issues while still being fine quality.

Our team of consultants has tested your choices for the most effective passive soundbar have you ever been hearing plenty regarding passive soundbars of late, however you aren’t certain what they are?

You came to the proper place to urge your answer!

Here during this short shopping for guide, you’ll get introduced to the passive soundbar class and therefore the options that square measure the foremost common for them. 

You’ll be able to conjointly scan 7 in-depth reviews on the presently most well-liked models. I hope you’ll get pleasure from reading it!

List of top 6 passive soundbars

best Passive Soundbar reviews

1. VIZIO passive Soundbar for 36” TV

VIZIO passive Soundbar for 36” TV

vizio 366

Best overall

  • Surround Sound System for TV with Wireless Subwoofer, Channel Home Theater Home Audio, SB3621ns-H8

With its sleek, convenient design and incredible audio, the new Vizio 36″ 2.0 Sound Bar is the perfect addition to any 32″+ class TV. A powerful speaker set and two full-range speakers make your favorite shows sound phenomenal. It pairs up with your TV with Bluetooth.

vizio 36

 The purpose of VIZIO Sound Bars is to enhance your TV with a minimal integrated design that is crafted to complement your interior design. You can use it anywhere in your home without any additional furniture.

Vizio Sound Bars use DTS audio systems for the ultimate robust multiple-channel audio experience.

  • Flexible placement
  • Sleek and glossy design
  • Fits well with any TV
  • Easy setup
  • Needs a subwoofer

2. Creative Stage Air Portable and small

Creative Stage Air Portable


Best budget

  • Under-monitor sound bar for computer | designed to fit perfectly under your computer monitor, the low-profile speaker is powered by USB that goes into your monitor with a built-in USB hub for a clutter-free desktop set-up

Portable Soundbar

Creative Stage Air for your desktop is a compact and portable soundbar that perfectly complements your computer. It has been considered with functionality and simplicity of use in mind.  

Battery life

 There is no need for fuss with the Stage Air with its sleek, minimalist style. It comes with an impressive 6 hours of playtime!


Bluetooth and USB

The dual connectivity mode of the device lets you listen to high-quality Bluetooth wireless music or connect to an aux-in device via the docking connector.

With a USB mass storage device, it can serve as a standalone music player without needing to connect to a computer or other external device.

  • Convenience at your fingertips
  • Up to six hours of battery life
  • Deep loud and bold
  • Perfect fit anywhere
  • Bluetooth, USB,mp3
  • Portable
  • Too high sound volume

3.VIZIO passive Soundbar for TV, 2.1

VIZIO passive Soundbar for TV, 2.1

vizio tv

Best quality

  • Wireless subwoofer: experience room-shaking bass with the wireless subwoofer. Sound Pressure Level – 101dB

The VIZIO 29″ 2.1 Sound Bar System provides crystal clear sound at levels of up to 95 dB thanks to a 2 channel soundbar and subwoofer. Music can be streamed from your smartphone, tablet, or computer through Bluetooth.

 The Sound Bar features DTS TruVolume for a very smooth and consistent volume level and DTS TruSurround for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

vizio passive
Unboxing and setup

 You’ve got everything you need for a quick and easy setup — just plug the Sound Bar into your TV and subwoofer into the subwoofer, then sit back and relax. Subwoofer Weight- 6.28 pounds.

  • 28”soundbar
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Remote control
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Quick start guide
  • Audio cables
  • The bar size is too high


4. VIZIO SB3651-F6 36” 5.1

VIZIO SB3651-F6 36” 5.1

vizio 36

Vizio soundbar

  • Surround Sound System for TV with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth, Channel Home Theater Home Audio Sound Bar – SB3651-F6

True 5.1 listening

The included rear surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer enable you to listen to your favorite program in True 5.1 surround sound. 3-channel soundbar: This device will enhance the quality of your TV audio and deliver crystal clear dialogue.

It contains a wireless subwoofer 

The wireless subwoofer lets you experience intense bass that leaves you at the edge of your seat. Sound Pressure Level – 101dB.

DTS virtual present init

 Immersive sound experiences through virtual overhead audio.

Wi_fi streaming to improve the quality

You get superior sound quality when carrying your music over Wi-Fi, with no interruptions from phone calls or texts, compared to Bluetooth.

vizio f6 36
  • Base stand included
  • Creates accurate sound
  • Dynamic audio range
  • Wi_fi streaming
  • Wireless subwoofer embedded init
  • Surrounded speakers cannot produce the same sound

5. Yamaha passive YAS-109 Sound Bar

It’s easily set up is possible with optical or HDMI connections. Subwoofers designed for deep bass are built-in within the slim soundbar.

A clear voice will enhance the clarity of dialogue. Output power: 120W.

The best way to use Alexa for control of your soundbar is to use voice commands. Play music, listen to the news, set alarms and timers, talk to Alexa, ask questions, control smart home devices, and much more.

The software is designed to playback audio in a virtual 3D surround environment, supported by a variety of formats, including WAV (PCM only), FLAC, ALAC, MP3 / WMA / MPEG-4 AAC, and MP3.

yas 109
  • Easy to setup
  • Embedded Alexa for Voice control
  • Clear voice
  • Ideal for any super_thin Tv
  • Volume from tv output is very low

6.Bose Smart passive Soundbar 700

Bose Smart passive Soundbar 700

bose 700

Bose soundbar

  • Premium Bluetooth Soundbar with Alexa Voice Control Built-in, Black

In combination with Bose’s sophisticated design and outstanding sound, the Bose passive soundbar 700 enables you to take your entertainment to a new level.   

Custom-made drivers deliver crisp, spacious sound that is easily customized to suit your favorite genre, from car chases to house-rocking playlists.

You can control music and access smart home features via the built-in voice assistant, including the one built into Alexa or the Google assistant. You can connect wirelessly to your media player via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Apple Airplay.

Among the Bose family of products, the Soundbar 700 represents the combination of smart speakers and soundbars that cannot only be used in different parts of your house but also in other rooms.

To add more wow factor to your soundbar, you can at any time upgrade with the optional Bose Bass Module 700 and Bose Surround Speakers.

bose 700

The Bose soundbar Wall bracket can be used to hang the soundbar on the wall or to keep it on the TV stand.

  • Tv voice control
  • Compatible products
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to control with the music app and universal remote
  • Impressive base
  • Flexible placement
  • Alexa is the only way to make or take calls to Bose smart products with this soundbar.
  • It loses connection and needs to reconnect

best passive soundbar selection guide

How Does An passive Soundbar Work Differently?

They come with multiple speakers split up in channels. An active soundbar works much like a passive one. It is usually possible to mount the soundbar differently and sometimes it is a surround sound system. However, the main difference available is that the active soundbar includes the receiver and/or amplifier within.

Why Do We Need a Passive Soundbar?

Unlike a traditional speaker, a passive soundbar does not come made with integrated amplifiers and AV receivers.  

An external amplifier or AV receiver must be used to power a passive soundbar. It does not come included with a built-in amplifier or receiver. It is usually purchased separately.

Are There Any Good Passive Soundbars To Buy?

A good passive soundbar can be harder to find because there are many more active soundbars on the market. We recommend online shopping at big retailer, and consider active soundbars because one can find only passive soundbars by different brands.  

The prices on Amazon are also affordable and if you are lucky, occasionally there are even special offers and discounts available.

Complete Buying Guide for a passive soundbar

To distinguish between the best and worst passive soundbars, it’s important to look inside the cabinet. To find out which one is right for you, take a look at the channels and advanced technology before buying.

To help you find the top passive soundbars for your new home theater, here’s a checklist to follow. To find products that have an easy installation, great features, and affordable prices, make sure to consider these seven factors:

The size of the TV screen

You should also consider your TV screen size when choosing a soundbar. For a cleaner aesthetic, you ought to buy a soundbar the same width (or length) as your TV or a few inches shorter. A soundbar that protrudes outside the TV’s edge can look odd.

Quality of the sound

Do you have options for the sound modes in the system? Can the passive soundbar automatically tailor its performance to deliver the best possible sound while adjusting its sound to match the type of content you play? Your primary concern in speakers is the quality of the audio, not the look. If you don’t get better quality of audio, your passive soundbar will be no better than the factory TV speakers.

It is also designed to clarify speech so you don’t miss a word and think about what’s being said during conversations. Another example is the movie mode, which enhances the volume and the bass for better explosions. Many passive soundbars can perform automatically to ensure the highest quality sound despite being set to no sound modes.

Speakers with subwoofers

The best choice for those who want bigger bass is to buy a soundbar-subwoofer combo and position the bar near the TV and the sub on the couch. Subs are available both wirelessly and wired. Wireless subwoofers are ideal for cluttered environments and places where subwoofers cannot be positioned because they are wired.


Passive soundbars can also come with wired and wireless connectivity just as active soundbars do, but HDMI is recommended by the experts across our reviews, as it is stronger and can receive better signal quality. Active soundbars are often equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but passive ones can also have them.

 For TVs without HDMI, digital optical is the next best option as it can also decode high-quality audio, although without the return channel.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for users to stream content from external devices directly to the soundbar. Furthermore, users can also connect their soundbars to your television wirelessly for a more minimalistic approach.

How many channels do you need

The number of channels is the first factor in choosing a passive soundbar. The larger your room is, the more channels you will need. If you want true surround sound you should choose a five-channel soundbar since it will work best in a larger living room. However, a 3-channel soundbar is fine for an average-sized living room.

Placement of the soundbar

The placement of your soundbar is another crucial factor. If your TV is mounted on a wall, it can be hidden inside or above the TV, as you prefer. In this case, the height of the soundbar is important because if the TV is on a media console or table, it will not block the TV’s remote controls or screen. It might be necessary to go for a slim-profile soundbar if the TV stand is not too high.

Price of the soundbar

How much does a passive soundbar cost compared to an active soundbar? Perhaps a more cost-effective active soundbar won’t require an external amp to operate but may be harder to customize. Because we can easily boost the volume of soundbars with external amplifiers, passive soundbars typically deliver greater clarity than active ones. You can also check out budget home theater systems that will still perform just as well when you are an audiophile or cinephile.


Which passive soundbar is best in 2021?

Our expert discussed that Vizio soundbars are the best to choose from in 2021. The Vizio soundbar connects wirelessly to any TV and installs in minutes.

What is a custom passive soundbar?

TruAudio Custom Length Soundbars can enhance the sound of your flat-screen TV with high-quality audio and are cut precisely to fit the TV’s exact width. Carbon fiber or polypropylene drivers are available in both performance levels; they also have the thinnest profile among competitors.

What is a passive soundbar?

You can pair the passive soundbar with a different sound management system and speaker-amplifier combinations since it requires a connection to an external A/V receiver and amplifier.

Can you use a soundbar with the receiver?

The optical cable is an efficient way to connect the soundbar to the receiver. The digital optical out port on the receiver should connect to the optical in port on the soundbar.

Which is a better soundbar or home theater system?

The best surround-sound system for any home-theater enthusiast is one with 2.1, 5.1, or 5.1. 4 Atmos. These systems deliver exceptional audio for movies, TV shows, and music.

Best passive soundbar


As we reviewed above there are so many items available in the market and consumers get distracted to deciding on the best one so here we are to discuss the seven best passive soundbars with impressive qualities and beautiful designs. Nobody has time to search for items so we are here for you to help you to choose your attractive products. Check out the full article we wrote about the best soundbar for sale. The best soundbar for the money is discussed further in the best soundbar.