Tremendous reviews of best home theatre receiver under 500

Would you like to spend winter vacations with your friends and family? 

Do you want to buy the best home theatre receiver that is affordable for you? 

Want to enjoy yourself with your family when snowfall is off the window? 

Or might be you are moving to a bigger house or rearranging furniture. 

Don’t worry! 

We are here to assist you, and our team will orient you for a review of the best home theatre receiver. 

Here, we will reveal the best home theatre receiver under 500. 

We have examined some of the most popular major brands, and in this mid-range price range, the feature sets, connectivity options, and performance in home cinema are pretty high. 

AV receiver buying guide :Best Home Theatre Receiver Under 500

If you have a 4K setup at home, you need to be looking for a receiver with a wealth of HDCP 2.2 compatible HDMI ports. If you want to get high-tech on your setup and invest in multi-room streaming, you need to think about which wireless speaker system is best for you – Chromecast, Heos, or even Yamaha MusicCast. Even if this isn’t something you’re interested in right now, it makes sense to make your setup future-proof. 

Dolby Atmos will be the killer app for many customers. This 3D audio system is now the gold standard for immersive audio. It may be available on the soundbars, but only the AV receiver offers actual Dolby Atmos audio overhead. Decide you want a seven or a nine-channel system. 

Here is all heavy lifting done by us and anxiously giving you av receiver buying guide. 

Which TV you should have

If you don’t have a TV, you live to buy one to build your home theatre. Or you do have a TV, and it is not a 4K HDR TV. Think about having a new one as it’s rare. Moreover, you prepare for the future because of all the integrated networking options. Now new smart televisions are much easier to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., to anything else, whether components, streaming audio, or video. 

Wired or wireless speaker 

You had no alternative but if you want a wireless speaker, you know have some excellent choices. 

Scene people are curious if they can get the same audio quality as a suitable old cable. Others are less interested and cannot wait until all those irritating cables cut down.

So what do you want? 

Most receivers have a single speaker on the left and a right speaker on the front and wireless surroundings.

Wireless is the most likely to be used with the all-in-one device but not all. 

Speakers required? 

It depends on that. Again, more is often better when it comes to music, and there are hundreds of variations of speakers that can produce the right home theatre sound. The five speakers included in the traditional home theatre: a middle speaker, a left and a right speaker, two left and right rear speakers, and of course a subwoofer. This is how a whole typical setup looks. Great!

Just below the TV, the centre focused. The right speaker goes to the right and the left to the left. (Although some in-wall centre speakers live above the TV). Behind the au viewing, the two recenters are mounted or installed at the rear of the space.  

Speaker Hub 

Would you like a dedicated central system? The centre focused help to explain the terminology. Or is it a good stereo? The most system would be all-in-one with dedicated centres. 

Price point 

Your budget will reduce your choices quickly. A primary receiver is the cheapest home theatre system. For movies, surround sound is better, but you don’t have this. You usually have more features, higher quality, and better sound quality for devices with a larger price tag. You only have to evaluate which price range to purchase for your home. 

Which size to get? 

Home theatres are in different shapes and sizes, and both bookshelves and standing versions provide this guide. Bibliography speakers are usually one foot high and are the perfect option if you put up a home theatre or a master bedroom in a living room. 

Standing speakers can be about three feet high.  

So, if you have a larger space like an open basement, a standing speaker would be preferred.  

Inbox contents 

Do check inbox stuff such as power cables, remote controls, batteries, etc., for AV receivers. If it does not come with your box, you may need to buy them separately. You must consider the thickness and quality of cables because it may affect your home theatre’s sound if it doesn’t up to the mark. Pursue materials made of gold or nickel, for instance. If you consider these things, you can purchase the right home theatre receiver for your home. You will need to analyze the brand selling the home theatre, models available, features, etc. 

Powerful receiver  

The amplifier produces the total power output in Watts. It’s crucial to ensure that the receiver is powerful enough to give the connected speakers efficient power to each channel for optimal efficiency. Another name used to define the speaker’s output is an amplifier. Several speakers have a 6 or 8 Ohms ranking. The amplifier and speakers are fitted correctly by the manufacturer in the case of a home theatre receiver. 

Audio support display 

Smart TVs are now everywhere, and the ease of TV built applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and many others poses a new challenge. What are the best ways to bring TV-borne audio into the receiver?  

Ten best home theatre receivers under 500 

We have already revealed your av receiver buying guide. We have done for you and are here to assist you with the ten best home receivers under $500. 

We have shared below the honest home theatre receiver review with you. 

1-Sony STR-DH790 7.2 Home theatre receiver 

Sony STR-DH790 7.2 Home theatre receiver 

sony str

Best overall

  • CINEMATIC SOUND AT HOME: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more with theater like sound in the comfort of your home.

Give a cinematic upgrade to DH 790 for your home entertainment system. Discover the surround sound in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support at home in movie theatres. As well as superior picture quality to match 4K HDR pass through. If you work with different combinations of speakers, our seamless auto-calibration technology will have all of them delivering the same high-quality sound.  


Brand: Sony 

Weight: 18.85 pounds 

Connections: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI 

Dimension LX W x H:17 x 11.75 x 5.25 inches 

Total HDMI ports: 

Colour: Black 

Power requirement: AC 120 V 60 Hz 

Number of AMO channels: 

The number of decidable channels: 5.1.2 Ch. 

High dynamic range: HDR 10, Dolby Vision compatible 

It does not matter how much room you have or what type of setup you are working with, and this unique device will give you stunning sound. This system has high-resolution audio compatibility.  

Reason to buy 

The STR-DH790 receiver makes to fit your existing home entertainment seamlessly with a thinner profile and packed with inputs and outputs, plugin and enjoy the movie theatre’s quality right from your couch. 

sony str
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Price is great
  • Setup is easy
  • The display to adjust thing is clunky on-screen.

2-Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver 

Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver 

denon avr

Best budget

  • 4K Ultra HD Audio and Video, Home Theater System, built-in Bluetooth and USB port, Compatible with HEOS Link for Wireless Music Streaming

5.1 channel surround sound for TV and movies along with your favourite music’s full sound. This budget-friendly receiver is fully compatible with the latest 4K TV set. You will get lots of music streaming options with built-in Bluetooth, which will let you control your system from your phone or tablet. 

The front panel features four Quick Select buttons that hold your favourite audio settings for each source. Swap between TV audio, Blu-ray, media players, and more – and the receiver changes the EQ settings to your media source preferences.  



Connections: Bluetooth 

Colour: Black 

Supported Internet Services: Pandora, TIDAL, Spotify 

Dimension L x W x H: 12.56 x 17.09 x 5.94 

Output Watts: 140 Watts 

Number of audio zones: One 

Receiver Type: Audio and A/V 

Weight: 16.8 pounds 

Number of channels: Five channels 

Total HDMI ports: Five ports 

From the front left and right, you get the sound output and the powered subwoofer. You can choose to adjust the speaker set from this receiver manually. 

Reason to buy 

For what you pay, the 540BT will give you a lot more features. It is excellent for movies and to listen to music; you place your receiver in the cavernous room and fill your space with sound. This fantastic is the best surrounding entry-level receiver in the market. 

  • Awesome sound
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Fast and simple set up
  • It only gives one output at a time, which is challenging to set up a gaming console.


3-Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel 

Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel 

rx yamaha

Best quality

  • HDMI with HDCP 2.3 and eARC (4 in / 1 out)
  • 4K/60, 4K/120AB, 8K/60B, HDMI 2.1 (via future update)
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, AirPlay 2, MusicPlay (iOS and Android) and Spotify Connect

If you want to experience the latest video processing and Dolby Digital Oaks, DTS-HD Master Audio, application control wireless streaming, and more, then get this advanced home theatre receiver. The frequency response fails when music translates to a digitally encrypted format such as MP3. The Yamaha Compressed Music Enhancer uses advanced digital signal processing using exclusive algorithms to regain what is misplaced, so music always sounds the way it should be.  

rx yamaha


Brand: YAMAHA 

Connections: WI-FI, Airplay, HDMI 

Weight: 19.5 pounds 

HDMI ports: Five 

Number of channels: Five 

Dimension L x W x H: 20 x 18 x 11 inches 

Output power rating: 80 Watts 

Support internet services: Qobuz, Pandora, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Napster, TIDAL, Dezer, Spotify 

Colour: Black 

Receiver type: A/V 

To avoid confusion, Yamaha has created a particular app to receive expert setup assistance for your receiver. 

No concerns, no doubt. Use this unique app to get professional setup support for your AV receiver and source devices. You can operate this receiver with the Music Cast application by using a smartphone or tablet. Discover the world of music with a built-in music streaming service. 

Reason to buy 

This system has powerful sound processing that restores compressed audio, making it sounds designed to hear. You can use your smartphone or tabletop for easy guidance installation, and it also works with Alexa and Google assistance. You can enjoy your surround sound without running speaker wires. 

  • Easy to connect
  • Advanced surround sound setup
  • Streamlined easy to use
  • GUI is not so good.

4-Onkyo TX-SR393 

Onkyo TX-SR393 

txx onkyo

  • 155 watts per Channel
  • Supports 4K/60p and HDR (HDR10, hlg, Dolby vision, BT.2020)
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: x playback
  • Dolby Atmos height virtualizer* and DTS virtual: x
  • Accueq with subwoofer EQ and accureflex

No matter how you are OK, its dynamic power is ready to thrill thanks to authentic high-current analogue amps backed by a thrilling custom transformer. When you are OK with any Dolby format, the Dolby Atmos height Virtualize enables a more interactive listening experience. 

tx onkyo


Brand: Onkyo 

Colour: Black 

Input: 3.5 mm audio, analogue audio, Coaxial digital audio, HDMI, Optical digital audio, RCA, USB type A 

Number of audio zones: One 

Watts: 155 Watt 

Surround sound supported: DTS: X, Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD 

Receiver type: A/V and audio 

High dynamic range: Dolby Vision, HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) 

Speaker connection type: RCA 

Additional accessories include; AM antenna, remote control, FM antenna, auto-calibration microphone.

Any audio playing on the monitor, tablet, or PC app can be transmitted to the receiver using Bluetooth wireless technology. 

When your computer has been matched with and remembered by the receiver, it will automatically start playing whenever an incoming Bluetooth audio stream is detected. This size is ideal for a small or medium-sized room. Onkyo 3o3 is a unique and outstanding model among the entry-level receivers, and the price is affordable.  

Reason to buy 

Onkyo 303 is a fast and effective solution to inaudible dialogue in movies and TV programs. Only hook up your speakers next to the numbered speaker terminals. Installation takes a moment, and entertainment is endless. 

  • Adjust the volume of each speaker
  • Amplified line-level output
  • Responsible remote
  • No front comprehensive channel support.

5-Yamaha RX-V 685 receivers 

Yamaha RX-V 685 receivers 


  • HDMI with HDCP 2.3 and eARC (7 in / 1 out)
  • 4K/60, 4K/120AB, 8K/60B, HDMI 2.1 (via future update)

Yamaha is an excellent option with a vast range according to function and performance level at an affordable price range. 

With these remarkable sound technologies, compatibility creates an extraordinary experience.

 They provide breathtakingly rich and realistic surround sound, placing and moving individual sounds, including objects moving overhead, to any virtual point in your room. Experience the overwhelming real motion and immersion right at home in videos.

yamaha rx


Brand: Yamaha 

Dimension of item(L x W x H): 14.88 x 17.13 x 7.73 inches 

Colour: Black 

Weight: 23.1 pounds 

Number of HDMI ports: Seven 

Total number of channels: Seven 

Internet service support: Qobuz, Pandora, Napster, Internet radio, Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL 

Connections: Bluetooth 

Adequate output power: 150 Watts 

Front AV input: USB/ mini jack 

The beneficiaries’ look is not much improved, but the remote is less cluttered and more user-friendly. The front panel splits into two sections. You will find headphone output, input selectors, tone control, straight buttons, USB port, program selector, 3.5 AUX input, and a large volume knob in the lower chamber. 

In the centre, there are four SCENE buttons.  

The top half is protected by what we presume to be transparent acrylic below the display: Ten small buttons and ten microphones jack, to the right, pure direct button. It comes with Alexa voice control integration. 

Reason to buy 

This setup has many features, and boldly explores entertainment possibilities for a state-of-the-art home theatre. It supports 4K ultra, two HDMI outputs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplay. You don’t need to run wire through walls. RX-V 685 is a complete package for you. 

  • Incredible system for home theatre
  • Easily speaker setup
  • Clear sound
  • Manual didn’t cover all necessary steps

6-Pyle PDA 5BU 

Pyle PDA 5BU 

pyle 5 bu

  • Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier Home Entertainment System w/AUX in, USB Port, 2 Karaoke Microphone Input, Remote

Pyla PDA is a professional integrated stereo receiver equipped with Bluetooth wireless music streaming. This impressive receiver works with the latest devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPods, laptops, and desktops hassle-free. You can send audio to multiple locations by selecting speaker switches. This function lets you handle and switch between two speakers connected to set up, distributing audio across two different locations. 

5bu pyle


Brand: Pyle 

Weight: 7.4 pounds 

Colour: Black 

Dimension of item (L x W x H) :9.85 x 19.02 x 2.17 inches

Output Wattage: 2oo Watts 

Connections: USB flash, SD memory card readers, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm AUX input jack, RCA audio input connectors 

Material: Metal, aluminium alloy panel 

Digital media file support: MP3, WAV 

Power cable length: 4.5 ft 

Input sensitivity: 200 mV 

Pyla 7BU is perfect for your home entertainment system that gives you 100W. It has Bluetooth, and a built-in VFD display and audio receiver rack mount come with everything you need. 

The unique kit features Pyle’s top-line amplifier, wireless remote control, interchangeable hardware mounts, and FM antenna.

  • Superb sound quality
  • Complete home theatre system
  • Low price
  • The remote control is not durable

7-Pyle PT696BT Home theatre receiver  

Pyle PT696BT Home theatre receiver  

pyle wireless

  • 200W Dual Channel Sound Audio Stereo Receiver w/RCA, USB, SD, MIC in, FM Radio, for Home Computer via RCA – PDA29BU.5

Pyle 696 is a fantastic receiver is featured with Hi-Fi home theatre surround sound and built-in Bluetooth. PT 696 is the learning curve to some features. 

Includes bass and triple change and a compact box with excellent bass output that enables full-scale stereo reproduction.

The speaker provides a sleek black finish to sit on your TV.

pyle pt


Brand: Pyle 

Connections: Bluetooth, USB 

Features: 5.2 channel receiver system 

Connection interface: two in, one out 

Dimension of item(L x W x H): 9.75 x 20.5 x 17 inches 

Output watt: 1 Watt 

Colour: Black 

Weight: 19.1 pounds 

Channels Number: two 

Power cable length: 3.5 ft 

This portable sound system comes with remote control for ease and variety of use. The front panel on this home theatre device includes an easy-to-read control centre and digital monitor. For enhanced protection, this Bluetooth receiver provides security measures to keep your system running correctly. 

Great for home entertainment, this Pyle PT696BT 5.2-Channel Home Theater Audio/Video Receiver has all you need to be the host with the most! 

Reason to buy 

Work well, considering the low price. Numbers on Remote are blurred.FM’s reception with the given indoor antenna is best mediocre, and I didn’t seem to find some essential local stations using the automatic function. CD sound quality is decent. Bose surround sound speakers are amazing. 

  • Able to control volume for each speaker 
  • Decent sound 
  • Bluetooth set up is easy. 
  • Remote control labels are hard to see.

8-Sony STR DH590 5.2 ch surround sound home theatre receiver 

Sony STR DH590 5.2 ch surround sound home theatre receiver 

strd sony

  • 7.2 Ch x 145W per channel (6ohms, 1kHz, 1ch THD 0.9%)

This receiver gives you cinematic sound at home: watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and more with theatre-like sound in the comforts of home. 

This receiver facilitates HDR signal delivery, and the AV receiver delivers crisp contrast ratios with vivid colours and enhanced detail with a resolution of 4K.

str dh


Brand: Sony 

Connection: Bluetooth, HDMI 

Dimension L x W x H: 11.75 x 7 x 5.25 inches 

Output: 725 Watts 

Weight: 18.3 pounds 

Analog Audio In: 4 

Number of channels: one 

Total HDMI ports: five 

Colour: black 

Speaker terminal type: Screw (Ni) for Front, Push for Center, and Surround 

Digital Theater Auto Tuning Technology dynamically changes the audio settings to give you excellent sound from every seat in the building. This home audio receiver is also compliant with Bluetooth technology, enabling you to download audio and video from any mobile screen. You can also connect several devices to the receiver via HDMI and coaxial inputs. Let movies and TV shows come alive with this home stereo receiver. 

Reason to buy 

It is effortless to use. Great product at a great price. Plug and play. The user interface of the app is essential and very easy to understand. Always like Sony products so far, and this is the best. 

  • Great input 
  • Good power 
  • Excellent video quality 
  • No Bass or Treble Control on Receiver

9-Pyle PD3000BT Home theater 

Pyle PD3000BT Home theatre 

pyle 9

  • D3000BT is just an upgraded version of the PD3000BA

Home Stereo receiver preamplifier is excellent for your Karaoke and home theatre sound systems. 

The advanced integrated AM, FM home stereo receiver is compatible with portable music listening w/Bluetooth. This receiver connects to iPhones, laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

The PYLE Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver Preamp has a front panel control centre W/digital LCD monitor that displays all the functions and inputs used. The remote control also includes the Remote Audio Change kit. 



Brand: Pyle 

Connections: Connects to TVs Soundbars Speaker Systems 

Input: (2) 1/4” Microphone Inputs 

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth Version: 5.0 

Accessories: Preamplifier Receiver, Remote Control, Detachable Rack MountBrackets, RCA Connection Cables, AM + FM Antennas, Power Cable 

Output: 3000 Watts 

Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.9” x 13.8” x 5.6” -(inches) 

Amplifier Receiver Type: 4-Channel 

Colour: Black 

Material: Sleek Brushed Aluminum and Metal Chassis Housing 

Reason to buy 

 Pyle PD3000BT is absolutely a good value for the price. 

This unit would be great to shut your kid up if they want some sound or for a club/lounge setting where pleasing acoustics would be mostly non-existent anyway. 

So far, it is a great option. 

  • It can easily pair with a phone
  • Great sound quality
  • Tons of power at a great price
  • Unfortunately, USB doesn’t work

10- Yamaha R-N303BL Home theatre receiver 

Yamaha R-N303BL Home theatre receiver 

yamaha rn6

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)

Yamaha is moving Hi-Fi tech ideas to grow into this modern-day network receiver with wireless networking and vinyl nostalgia with a phone input terminal. 

The R-N303 is the ultimate combination of technology and the timeless beauty of architecture. 

From your mobile, networked recording, downloading, or just TV—enjoy Hi-Fi quality, with excellent sound honesty on anything you hear. The R-N303 unlocks new realms of transparency. 

rn 303


Brand: Yamaha 

Colour: Black 

Connections: Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 

Internet Services: Pandora 


Weight: 15.9 lbs 

Dimension of item L x W x H: 13.38 x 17.18 x 5.5 inches 

Output Watts: 125 Watts 

Stand by power consumption: 0.1 Watts. 

Number of channels: two 

The R-N303 supports high-definition audio formats. Feel the very breath of your vocals, bask in the airy environment of the concert hall, and enjoy your favourite high-resolution recording. 

Reason to buy 

For a bit, if you don’t want to stick to an old-fashioned one, the rate at which features added would lead to purchasing any A/V receiver.

The sound is clear and powerful. The music cast application is free and full-featured.  

This unit is excellent for streaming services. 

It’s all features. You are unique. The more you’re living in it, the more you enjoy it.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excellent purchase
  • Airplay setup is easy.
  • Little tricky

Best home theater receiver under 500

  • Sony STR-DH790 7.2 Home theatre receiver


With 4K, HDR, HDMI, and HDCP appearing to have all worked out for the 4K era, it’s much safer to buy a receiver now without worrying that you’ll quickly see the future pass you through. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X seem entrenched as the two leading players in object-based surround sound—no surprise, given the lead both Dolby and DTS have generally had in surround sound technologies—so you should be safe there as well. One area that could change is high-resolution audio, just like many of the above models.
 Because all the above models still cannot be sponsored, even though they are adapting quickly.
Hopefully, an analysis of the home theatre receivers would direct you to pick the right receiver. HAVE FUN!