Best center speakers for home theater: pros and cons

Quite often in homes, there is a home theater. To enhance the system, you can install advanced left and right speakers that give a better sound. More details about the best center channel speakers for home theater will be discussed in this article.

Без названияPolk Signature Elite ES35 Slim Center Channel Speaker – Hi-Res Audio Certified, Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible, 1″ Tweeter & (6) 3″ Woofers, Dual Power Port for Effortless Bass, Stunning BlackThe device is complemented by a high-quality acoustic array with balance. There are cascading crossovers. The tweeter has a size of 1 inch. Thanks to Power Port technology, about 75% of the sound is transmitted. Operating resistance is 4 and 8 ohms. There is an attractive design in black.
Без названия (1)Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker (Single, Black)Complemented with 4.5-inch drivers. Several emitters are operating at low frequencies. The frequency response range varies between 47 Hz and 30 kHz. There is a 1″ tweeter with an aluminum dome. Finished in glossy black.
Без названия (2)Klipsch R-25C Center Channel SpeakerThis is a very good option for realistic sound. There is a linear stroke made of aluminum, as well as a speaker tweeter. Of note are the 5.25-inch woofers, which have a copper core. The case is matte and black, made of polymer veneer.
Без названия (3)Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker – Black, 4 Bookshelf Speaker SystemThis is ideal for home theater. The system is supplemented by three loudspeakers with phase inverters. The system consists of speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers work at low frequencies and are 4 inches in size. The size of the super tweeters is 1 inch. Maximum power is 145 watts.
Без названия (4)Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Quad 5 1/4″ Center Channel SpeakerThe tweeter has a size of 1 inch and is complemented by a soft dome. This ensures clear sound at high frequencies. Helps to make dialogues more legible. The design of the model is classic and has a removable grille.
Без названия (5)Fluance Signature HiFi 2-Way Center Channel Speaker for Enhanced Dialogue and Vocals in Home Theater Surround Sound Systems – Natural Walnut (HFCW)High-quality materials were used in the production of the model. The tweeters are made of neodymium and help reproduce high frequencies. Some 5-inch speakers operate at mid-frequencies. There is a pointed dome. The body is made of high-quality wood, so the sound does not be distorted.
Без названия (6)Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker – BlackThe model is complemented by dual 5.25-inch woofers. They are made of cast copper. There is a tweeter made of aluminum, the size of which is 1 inch. Sensitivity about 95 dB. The operating frequency range is from 89 Hz to 21 kHz. Maximum power – 400 watts.
Без названия (7)ELAC Debut 2.0 C5.2 Center Speaker, BlackThis is a very convenient device that is compatible with various receivers and amplifiers. There are low-frequency speakers, 5.25 inches in size. They are made from aramid fiber. There is a 1″ soft dome tweeter. The operating frequency range is from 55 Hz to 35 kHz. The case is made of MDF and prevents vibrations.

Polk Signature Elite ES35 Slim Center Channel Speaker – Hi-Res Audio Certified, Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible, 1″ Tweeter & (6) 3″ Woofers, Dual Power Port for Effortless Bass, Stunning Black

This is one of the best center channel speakers for home theater. The design of the Polk audio center channel speaker is such that the music and movies you watch sound much better. There are modern and improved arrays inside the Polk audio center channel speaker, which are distinguished by increased dynamics and acoustics. The device provides a high-resolution sound.

best center speakers for home theater

There is a special grating that blocks diffraction. The case is made in a modern style, so you are satisfied with your purchase.

Of note is the state-of-the-art dual port technology. This allows you to smoothly broadcast the sound. At the same time, the quality of the sound increases because the base port expands.

This removes distortion in the voice and vibration so that the bass sounds spacious and deep.

There is a high-quality sensitivity and compatibility. The center channel speaker helps to reproduce clearer and more natural sounds. It does not matter whether the connection is made to the old or new device.

The good center channel speaker has high-resolution sounds. This is due to the presence of a tweeter, supplemented by a terylene dome. If the sound frequency response is at the level of 40 Hz, then the sound is clear and detailed. This provides a realistic sound.

  • clarity and realism of sounds;
  • dialogues are more detailed;
  • bass is rich and tight;
  • compactness due to the small width;
  • affordable cost.
  • that at low frequencies, there is a noticeably pronounced sound quality distortion. There may be a hum in some vocal ranges.

Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker (Single, Black)

Let’s see at other 7 best center channel. This is a fairly compact center channel speaker, the dimensions of which are only 10.5x5x5 inches. A small column is presented in the center; however, it is more improved. This is a good center channel speaker for those who are looking for a compact design that provides high-quality sound.


There are bass amplifiers inside the center channel speaker, which provide an improved bass tone. They compensate perfectly for the small size of the device. The main purpose of the amplifiers is to support dual speakers operating at a low frequency. This guarantees a tight and smooth sound.

Another thing to note is the dual sound system, so the audio tracks are more voluminous. This guarantees the reverberation of sounds, which is much better than even in powerful devices.

The tweeter is completed with an aluminum dome. It also helps to generate direct and reflected sound at high frequencies. Emitters are supplemented with two BDSS drivers. They are practically the same as the options that are used in ProMonitor devices.

This is a guarantee of loud and clear sound. Another thing to note is the high accuracy of the tone. Therefore, while watching movies, it seems to you that you are in a cinema.

  • creating a powerful sound that can be controlled;
  • compactness and ease of operation;
  • excellent quality of basses and reproducing dialogues;
  • the bass amplifiers, which guarantee a high-quality bass tone;
  • high-quality finishing;
  • lightness and small size.
  • the high cost of these center channel speakers should be noted, as well as the noticeable noise when low frequencies are reproduced;
  • the manufacturer does not declare the crossover frequency.

Klipsch R-25C Center Channel Speaker

If you prefer to watch movies that have low to medium sound effects, you can install these best center channel speakers. The construction is of excellent quality. You can place these best center channel speakers on a shelf near a TV or a projector. All this is thanks to the compactness of the device.


There is a linear input in the device. This improves system performance and helps reduce distortion in sounds. Therefore, songs and films are more realistic. The center channel makes the system versatile. You can enhance your home theater with Klipsch R-25C and make its sound high quality.

The woofers are made from a combination of ceramic and metal. They are covered with a removable grille. Such left and right speakers make the sound at mid-frequencies clearer and more accurate.

The bass is more responsive.

The column tweeter is made of titanium, and the speaker is made of a hybrid material. In combination, the components guarantee excellent sound quality at high or medium frequencies. They help to find a balance so that the sound is always of high quality.

There are high and light woofers that normalize low-frequency performance. Thanks to it, the cone collapses less, which reduces the likelihood of distortion. Woofers are better to combine with tractrix horns to enhance speaker performance.

  • improvement of the details of the dialogues, as well as realistic sound;
  • the high-quality terminals;
  • attractive design;
  • small power that allows for saving electricity;
  • high-quality assembly.
  • the high cost of the center channel speaker, as well as the inability to use it in large rooms.

Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker – Black, 4 Bookshelf Speaker System

Sony is one of the best on the market. It produces speakers ideal for home theater, which provide excellent and realistic sound. The model differs in its simplicity of design and excellent quality.


The case is made of wood and is a universal option for any interior. If necessary, you can pair the speakers with other similar devices.

The speaker operates at low frequencies. You may notice an excellent bass response. Inside the case, 3 speakers provide bass. As already mentioned, the body is made of wood. This provides improved vibration sounds.

The network isolates vibration, and the bass-reflex design reproduces perfectly the enhanced sound at low frequencies. Operates in the frequency response from 55 Hz to 25 kHz. Therefore, the music for films is of better quality.

The surround sound system operates on a resistance of 6 ohms. Thanks to this, the sound is clearer and more realistic. Thanks to modern technologies, the quality of balance, additional power, and minimization of bass distortion are improved.

The maximum operating power of the device is 145 watts. If other devices meet the same operating power level, then you can combine them. The weight of the structure is not more than 10 pounds. And the dimensions are 20x11x9 inches.

  • the possibility of several installation options;
  • natural sound vibrations;
  • high-quality bass;
  • affordable cost;
  • high-quality assembly.
  • a loud amplifier, as well as the inability to install it in small rooms.

Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Quad 5 1/4″ Center Channel Speaker

These are high-quality left and right speakers that are an excellent option for watching lyrical series. They have improved design, and excellent sound quality, as well as high-frequency response.


Inside there are 5 drivers, the size of which is ¼ inch. They increase the frequency of the reproduced sound. There are several secure installation options. There is a 1″ tweeter for better sound quality at high frequencies.

The speakers are made in a classic design and complemented by a removable grille. This further strengthens the cabinet to eliminate noise resonance. The surround speakers are specially designed so that the vocals are clear and intelligible. Thanks to the phase inverter, the bass is very tight.

Impedance readings are about 8 ohms. Therefore, you can complement the design with amplifiers and receivers. This is the best option for watching movies, as well as listening to music.

  • density and high quality of basses;
  • solid bass, which has the excellent quality, regardless of the volume level;
  • support for sound effects at new levels;
  • attractive design and reliable installation;
  • response at high frequencies.
  • this center channel speaker is the low purity of the high-frequency response. However, this is not the best option for music lovers.

Fluance Signature HiFi 2-Way Center Channel Speaker for Enhanced Dialogue and Vocals in Home Theater Surround Sound Systems – Natural Walnut (HFCW)

This is a fairly popular center channel speaker that helps you enjoy watching cinematic masterpieces. The center channel speaker has two bands and allows you not only to watch movies but also to listen to music.


The center channel speaker provides excellent surround sound quality. The company made sure that the product turned out to be of high quality. Experienced employees have been measuring and improving everything for a long time so that you can get an excellent product at an affordable cost. The center channel speaker improves the quality of the played video.

The center channel speaker works both at high and medium frequencies. The development of the center channel speaker was carried out so that you hear the dialogue in all the smallest details. The sound of the surround sound speakers is realistic. You can place the center channel speakers near the TV as well as the projection screen.

High-quality tweeters are provided inside the design. They generate high frequencies in a rapid cycle. Therefore, the operation is smooth and easy to control. This makes the sound more spacious and clear.

Natural sound is also provided at medium frequencies. Therefore, you can hear everything that was intended by the sound engineer. Rigid and lightweight fiberglass is used in the production of drivers.

It makes the surround sound clear and precise, no matter what volume you set.

  • natural sounding;
  • high-quality and bass accuracy;
  • affordable cost, despite the size of the speakers;
  • sound compression at high volumes;
  • well-protected mounts for installing drivers;
  • high-quality case design.
  • a strong power is noted when it is necessary to reproduce the accuracy of the mid-tones. Not the best option for compact rooms. If the mid-frequencies are at a high volume, you may notice a little noise.

Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker – Black

This is a very high-quality and popular brand that helps to play various audio tracks. An amplifier is used as the center channel, which helps to distribute the sound evenly. Therefore, you hear all the dialogue in the films more clearly.


Includes 5.25″ woofers. The best center channel speaker is inexpensive and anyone can afford it. You are delighted with the design of the speaker.

At the same time, its aesthetics should be noted, so it looks stylish in any room, regardless of the overall decor.

The maximum power of the device is 400 watts. Operates in the frequency response from 89 Hz to 21 kHz. Sensitivity is at the level of 95 dB. Speaker dimensions are 7.6 x 18.7 x 7.3 inches.

  • ensuring a clear dialogue sound;
  • affordable cost;
  • excellent design;
  • the ability to create a balanced sound.
  • many are not satisfied with the lack of power.

ELAC Debut 2.0 C5.2 Center Speaker, Black

This speaker system has a simple design. Thanks to the varied frequency response, you can reproduce different sounds. A speaker operating at low frequencies provides excellent bass quality.

Best center speakers for home theater: pros and cons

Thanks to special functions, the quality of the dialogue is improved. The surround sound system is very powerful. You can install it in both medium and large rooms. And then you may notice that the sound in this area is better. This device is the best option for those who like classic design and quality features.

Operates in the frequency range from 55 Hz to 35 kHz. The maximum power is about 120W. Sensitivity is at the level of 87 dB. The dimensions of the device are 21.5 x 7.09 x 8.6 inches.

  • excellent quality of the frequency response;
  • improves the quality of reproducible dialogues;
  • suitable for medium and large rooms.
  • a large size. Therefore, for small rooms, these center channel speakers are inappropriate.

Features of center channel speakers for home theater

The concept of most center channel speakers refers to an important component of the audio system installed at home. It takes over most of the work, so the sound quality is much better.

When you start playing a movie or TV series, most of the dialogue is centered on the screen. Thanks to a specially selected speaker, the sound is reproduced from different directions. Additionally, you can install other surround sound speakers.

jamo c9ii center channel speaker 1200c


The proposed options are a great alternative to your outdated device, and you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and programs in comfort. The speaker should be placed in the center of the audio system.

However, make sure that the speaker is at the level of your ears. This further improves the sound quality. If you place the speaker low, the sound is distorted, and it is harder for you to hear the dialogue.

Features of choosing speakers for home theater

When it comes to choosing speakers for your home theater, there are a lot of questions to ask. Before buying, there are many factors to consider, which will be discussed below.

Construction cost

As you know, most people pay attention to the cost of goods. Almost everyone tries to choose affordable devices. Most people think that a low price is an indication of poor quality. Things are somewhat different.

There is a wide range of products on the market that are of excellent quality and affordable. Therefore, before buying, you need to properly budget. The cost of the goods depends on the brand, as well as the seller.

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Sound quality

Choose devices that operate in a large frequency range. This guarantee excellent sound quality not only in the center but also on the sides. If you choose the right product, you can enjoy excellent sound quality, regardless of the complexity of the system.


Choose the size of the speaker that looks harmonious in the room. The center speaker must match the style of the other speakers that are on the sides. These guarantees surround sound.

Power rating

The power figures depend on the size of the speakers, as well as the quality of the entire system. Measurement is carried out in Ohms and decibels. The center speaker should draw the same amount of power as the other stereo speakers. Therefore, power requirements must be determined in advance.

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The higher the sensitivity of the device, the more volume, and quality the sound is. Noise has less static. However, sensitive devices consume more power.

Sensitivity helps determine loudness readings.

The indicator is determined in decibels. To determine the indicator, you should read the technical characteristics of each product. On average, sensitivity indicators are 88 dB. However, you can find models that have high or low sensitivity.

When choosing a speaker, you should not rely only on reviews or a sensitivity rating. However, the rating still greatly facilitates the task for you. Sensitivity performance also is affected by the size of the room or the required volume. Study everything beforehand so as not to make a mistake in the choice.

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There are different speaker options on the market, and you can choose the model that suits your purposes. This applies not only to listening to music and watching movies, but also games. However, it is better to look for options that combine excellent sound quality, power, attractive design, and sensitivity.


Considering that a home theater system has an extensive audio system, you need to check how the speaker goes with it. It’s pretty easy to check. It is enough to choose a column that is produced by the same company as the home theater.

This allows you to make sure that the components are compatible, and you do not have to return them to the store. It needs to be checked out. If you cannot determine the compatibility of the elements, you can contact the support team.

surround speakers 1


As you know, in the process of choosing a center channel speaker for home theater, you can encounter numerous questions. This can significantly confuse and make it difficult to purchase a product.

Do I need a center speaker for the home theater?

It is significant to have a central channel speaker if you plan to use a home theater system at home. Such a center channel speaker plays most of the audio tracks from a movie or series. If you don’t use it, you may miss important details and ruin your viewing experience.

Can I use any speaker as a center speaker?

Yes, you can use different speakers for the center channel. The only exception is the subwoofer. However, try to use speakers that have a horizontal cabinet design. Vertical and square models are not very appropriate.

Who makes the best center speaker?

It is impossible to say exactly which manufacturers are the most optimal and best. It all depends on your budget, desires, and home theater system. Almost all the companies that are described in this article are of excellent quality. And you will be satisfied with the operation.

What Hz is best for a center speaker?

It is essential to pay attention to how many Hz is the best option for the center channel. It is believed that it is better to look for models that operate in the frequency range from 80 to 100 Hz.

If you plan to use a large center, the frequency may vary from 60 to 80 Hz. If you are installing low-frequency tower speakers that are 4-6 inches in size, then the optimal frequency is 60 Hz.


As you can see, finding a central channel for a home theater is not difficult. The main thing is to decide in advance on the price and the desired characteristics. There is a wide range of models on sale, so you find the option that is appropriate for you.