The Best audio settings for Vizio 5.1 soundbar: Optimize Your Home Entertainment Soundscape in 2023

Depending on the model, you can choose the best audio settings for Vizio 5.1 soundbars to process the sound. The Audio Settings for Vizio 2.1 Soundbar may not be the same. You can customize its 5.1 model to play different tracks.

At every price range, Vizio soundbars provide high-quality sound. Among the many soundbars available on the market, we will discuss the Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar. 

What are the Best audio Settings for Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar?

Choosing the best Vizio Soundbar settings depends on the type of sound you like. Some people like surround sound while watching movies, while others don’t.

You can use the same methods mentioned below to improve your sound quality. 

  • Latest Technology 

The use of technology and its benefits increase every day in our fast-paced world. Subwoofers and soundbars now support DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Digital, DTS TruVolume, and DTS TruSurround technologies, unlike in the past. 

If you have access to soundbars, be sure they have Dolby Atmos technologies that will benefit you.

  • Size of Soundbar

Many people, especially music lovers, want a sound that fills the room. If you also want it, make sure your Soundbar is larger. 

It will enhance the experience and enchantments of the sound. You can follow these settings if you already own a soundbar. 

  • Sound Equalization 

Sound equalization may be essential if you like listening to fast-paced music or watching movies. 

The Equalization process, also known as “EQ,” filters isolated frequencies. Additionally, you can alter them based on what kind of sound you prefer. 

Here are some helpful equalization tips. 

  • Bass: While watching a movie, too much or low bass can also disrupt the sound. When listening to music, you can increase or decrease the bass according to your preferences. It can also moderate Bass levels according to the type of music. 
  • Treble: Additionally, the treble contributes to the clarity of the sound. Furthermore, it is not recommended to have too much treble while watching a movie or listening to music. 

Input Method

The type of input determines a quality sound. The best Soundbar for TV requires a high-quality connection to your device, so we recommend HDMI cables for those who have invested in the best Soundbar for TV.

HDMI Arc can carry HD audio formats essential to delivering transparent audio. For fair input, you can also use AUX cables. 

Make sure the TV speakers are turned off.

Ensure that the TV speakers are simultaneously playing sound when you connect the Vizio soundbar to Samsung TV. 

A soundbar can process high-quality sound. According to your needs, you can adjust it to suit your room, hall, or place where you will use it. 

Turning on the TV speakers usually produces a loud sound when you increase the volume. 


We hope that you learn the best audio settings for the Vizio 5.1 soundbar. With an expensive soundbar, there are fewer settings you have to adjust if you want to improve sound quality. Make sure that the jacks on your wires are clean and firmly connected. 

Watching movies is recommended in surround mode since the sound fills the entire room even lowly. If you want clarity, you should reduce the bass and boost the treble. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best sound from my Vizio soundbar?

If your television has internal speakers, turn them off or mute them so your Soundbar’s high-quality sound can come through. Connect your TV to your Soundbar using HDMI (ARC) or other high-quality cables. Make sure your Soundbar is correctly programmed for your specific audio source by adjusting your equalizer settings, if possible.

Is it better to connect Soundbar with HDMI or Optical?

The main difference is that HDMI cables can pass higher resolution audio, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master audio, which are common on Blu-ray discs. … or you have everything set up, but you need to send the audio from your TV to your Soundbar. In this case, the optical cable will be perfect.

What is TruVolume on Vizio soundbar?

Several SRS Labs products, including the 55in XVT HDTV and the HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, have been integrated into Vizio products. With SRS TruVolume, you can eliminate annoying fluctuations in volume when watching television.

Is it better to connect Soundbar with HDMI or Optical?